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Avatar n tn How can I really become a serious diabetic? I smoke marijuana, because for me, it combines with my meditation and yoga..on a very spiritual level. I do not abuse it. Right now, I'm trying to avoid the urge of eating a lot after I take my smoke. I dont smoke cigarettes, and my alcohol intake is only Merlot(red wine). I am a runner 4 times for the week..and Im at my ideal body weight....130lbs for 173cm tall.
Avatar n tn Thank you for sharing your experience. I'm a 36 year old man who was already overweight when I quit smoking and gained another 60 pounds. I'm now 110 pounds overweight frankly afraid for my life. I wrangled some HCG out of an overseas pharmacy supply, my shipment was seized by the FDA once coming thru customs but I finally got it. I have needles and I'm just waiting for the sterile water to mix the drug before I start.