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Avatar n tn My 58 year old husband has noticed that his feet tingle, feel hot, and tight(like he's wearing tight socks). Is this diabetic peripheral neurapathy? He has no other symptoms...excessive thirst, excessive unrinating, etc. He has a doctor's appointment next Tuesday but I want a few answers now. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn Derm MD said not a ''skin'' issue but thinks it is a circulation issue. I am not diabetic although it is quite present in my maternal line, including one sister. I had Graves' Disease and have been on Levothyroxine for about 15 years and labs are always right on. I inject B12 monthly. Any thoughts on what is going on here?
Avatar m tn I have been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy related to my type 2 diabetes. My blood sugar level is tested by my physician each month and the levels range from 108 to 140 after a 12 hour fast. rather I have no pain but extreme numbness in my feet. Typical conditions are: * Driving a car requires extreme caution. * Climbing a ladder is "impossible". * I must look down to see whether I'm wearing socks. (Putting them on requires sitting on a bed.) * Putting on shorts is difficult.
Avatar f tn I have peripheral nephropathy. Burning feet, fidgety feet, numb feet ... all in one. I am using Lyrica 450mg morning anf 450mg night. I built up to this over 7 years, starting with 75mg just at night. I am on the verge of having to pop some extra Lyrica . I have had a battery of tests with no proper diagnosis other than that the fine hair cell nerves are getting irritated by sugar in the cells around them.
Avatar f tn I thought that the brain and spine send messages to the peripheral nerves. That they can't be separated out, they are inter-related. So how can I have a peripheral neuropathy and not also have a central nervous system issue? (as in MS causing nerve issues) I hope I don't sound too dense; I admit your reply will have to be on a 5th grade level. Thanks!
Avatar n tn It wasn't only isolated in my legs, but my arms, shoulders, and stomach (abs). I've read in many places that Diabetic Peripheral Neropathy usually develops over a (Not a long period of time) but definitely not in the 6 mo.s that I've been experiencing these symptoms. I haven't been to a doctor in a long time, and I don't wanna be diagnosed with Diabetes (Although I know it's inevitable that I will be diagnosed and that I already have diabetes.
Avatar f tn I am a 40 year old female diagnosed a year ago with sensory-motor peripheral nueropathy, just had a second nerve conduction study done. It showed some improvement mainly in the sensory nerves. The motor nerve conduction velocity of the peroneal nerve did not change on the left side, it is still 33 msec it is suppose to be 43msec or higher, my right peroneal nerve did not have a response on the first test a year ago, current test showed the same response as my left at 33msec.
Avatar f tn Walking is becoming hard to do because of the pain and when my breathing gets heavy, my upper back stings between my shoulder blades. My great great grand mother, and my mom all have had or have peripheral neuropathy but it is due to diabeties. I am not diabetic. I do not get the tingling feeling or the burning sensation. It simply hurts and is stiff. I am also having urinary retention. Does this sound like peripheral neuropathy or do you have any other suggestions as to what it may be?
Avatar n tn I accepted my oncologist's recommendation of 6 sessions of chemo with a standard dose of taxol/carboplatin (three hours/1 hour). However, after the fourth chemo session, the very mild peripheral neuropathy that had thus far developed took a quantum leap forward.
Avatar n tn Hope you can help. Diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy in feet 4 years ago. Had MRI, spinal tap and all blood tests - no cause could be found. Now progressing up legs to hips and in hands. My question is whether heavy alcohol consumptions years before could be causing the problem now. I drank quite heavily during a period of severe marital problems but dont drink at all now. Am only 46 years young. Also I live in London and wonder if coming to the States for treatment would be of benefit.
1770925 tn?1365622122 I am not a diabetic, but but doctors treat me as am, to the exclusion of treating my problems. It was my 5th neurologist that solved my problem. That was 14 years ago, now I find no help for recovery.. No real pain, but enough to wake me up every 2 hours night.
Avatar f tn I've been reading about dysautonomia and wondering about POTS or some form of diabetic neuropathy as I've been a diabetic for awhile and have also had difficulty urinating (frequent and feel unable to void fully) over the past 2-3 years. I have an appt in a couple weeks and hope my primary will write for the atenolol cause I feel so much better on it. Would appreciate any feedback.
Avatar f tn With diabetes, are you saying you have diabetes? How is your kidney function? Diabetic peripheral neuropathy is something a doctors visit is a MUST. Put your feet UP (higher) and cut way down on salt -- but really, with all the reasons why you could have pitting peripheral edema AND your diabetes, you need a doctor to get involved. ESPECALLY if you say you have chest pain. I actually think an ER or Urgent Care would be prudent. Let us know how you are doing!
Avatar n tn I am not a diabetic. I also have kidney disease. 2.5 Creatinine II have peripheral neuropathy. I was tested and found I have quite a bit of nerve damage in my feet and bottom legs. I had 9 treatments of electrical pads on my feet and laegs. It did not hurt. I now have bad pain in my knees. It is not the normal neuro pain. I wonder if this caused the pain in my knees anyway. I am 74 and not in greatest health but I still want to kick my heels once in a while. I am a Mom of 6..
Avatar m tn It's designed specifically for diabetic peripheral neuropathy and designed to help heal the damage, rather than just mask the pain (which is what Lyrica does). Just wanted to add that into the mix as you look for a solution that works well for you.
1283391 tn?1271521588 so I am very confused about what is going on with me.. The doctor I am seeing now says it's all Diabetic Neuropathy but why would it be all over me neuropathy is usually in the hands and feet not your head...I am hoping and praying that a doctor will respond to this or maybe someone who is suffering like I am..I need some answers....
Avatar n tn Possibilities that may need to be considered are DVT, POVD (Peripheral Occlusive Vascular Disease), infections, inflammations, arthritis, degenerations, neuropathic complication, sympathetic dystrophy etc; though with the description it sounds more like a vascular issue superimposed with infection. Such issues can be relentless at times and may take a long time to heal. At this stage it would be difficult to comment further without knowing the relevant clinical details.
Avatar n tn I am usually between 110 and 125 so I realize I'm pre-diabetic. But my GP says there is no way this is caused by diabetis. They've tested me for B12 and that was good also. I'm going back in to the doctor in a few weeks and he's gonna test me for Lyme Disease and a few other things. Any suggestions from anyone out there?? I've also had a problem with my hands cramping, but have no idea if that's at all releated.
Avatar n tn My 86 yr-old father broke his hip several years ago, and as a consequence of the impeded blood flow, lost the use of one of his legs from the knee down. That along with peripheral artery disease and other serious health problems has left him bedridden. He has now developed gangrene in that foot. Because of his poor overall health, age and low quality of life he has chosen to not have it amputated, and intends to allow the gangrene to kill him.
Avatar m tn For the past week I have been experiencing peripheral neuropathy-like symptoms. I now have constant 'tingling' and occasional sharp aches and pains in my left foot and fingers. I have intermittent loss of sensation in my calf, thigh, and hand - all on my left side. I haven't spoken to my doc's office yet, in hopes that things would improve over the course of the week. The opposite has occured - and the symptoms are now more constant and pronounced.
Avatar n tn I am seeing an intermittant flash of white light in my left peripheral vision that looks like a moving circle or C. I can see it with my eye open or closed and it seems to be worse at times. Sometimes I don't notice it, but if I am in a dark ambient environment, I can sometimes see it flash every few seconds. Sometimes I don't notice it at all. I am 47 y.o. and it just started a few months ago. Any ideas?
Avatar m tn Hi, The symptoms of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy are- Tingling, Numbness (severe or long-term numbness that may become permanent), Burning (especially in the evening) and Pain. Since you have none of these symptoms, it doesn’t seem to be Diabetic Neuropathy. The stiffness and leg cramps could be due to side effects of medications. Please take care of your feet to prevent Peripheral neuropathy.
Avatar n tn Although I have received outstanding medical care and have maintained very good BG level, I am having neurological problems. I am scheduled to have an EMG in a week. The neurologist said I have significant nerve damage. My fine motor skills in my feet and hands have gotten considerably worse over the past year. When I was taken off of insulin and put on glucophage and micronase 2.5 years ago, I experienced significant loss of muscle coordination for approximately three months.
Avatar n tn Does anyone have any advice on a lens choice for cataract surgery in a patient whose medical history is complicated? I am a long-time type 1 diabetic with severe retinopathy. There is no functional vision in my right eye (peripheral vision, limited to "counting fingers" only), vitrectomies in both eyes, and laser surgery and panretinal photocoagulation in the left eye.
Avatar n tn : Is it possible to have peripheral neuropathy with no pain? Syptoms include numbness in feet and legs (both sides, numbness covers more of left leg than right, began in shins and has spread from toes to knees); some loss of muscle control; jerking of feet and legs while asleep; occasional falls. Have had many MRIs. Testing points to problem somewhere between tailbone and neck. : : If this is peripheral neuropathy where do I go from here?
9129326 tn?1401853571 I've been diagnosed with diabetic peripheral neuropathy,pernicious anemia,Graves disease and until recently I'd been treated with fentanyl patches,morphine sulfate(breakthrough),diazepam.Now,the VA pain doctor refuses to believe me.14+ y I've taken the same medicine,without asking for increase ,yet,because the pain doctor doesn't care for me,(personal mutual disdain) all my medicine is being terminated.I've had an EMG verification of peripheral neuropathy.
Avatar n tn In this syndrome there is ulnar nerve entrapment which causes tingling numbness in the little and ring finger. Other causes can be diabetic peripheral neuropathy or peripheral neuropathy due to vitamin B12 deficiency. Please get your self evaluated by a neurologist. Take care!
Avatar n tn 51 year old male insulin dependant for 30 years no evidence of kidney disease, retinopathy, or peripheral vascular disease 10% ejection fraction on echocardiogram suggested centers for acceptance to transplant list? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dear Dave It sounds like you have no end organ damage from diabetes.
Avatar n tn MS typically presents asymmetrically. Not just diabetic neuropathy, but any form of peripheral neuropathy.