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Avatar m tn I am a thin guy who was diagnosed as Type II diabetic 6 years ago, and I've done ok, and am ok, BUT I have found it truly difficult to get info out of my docs as well as to find ANY information about thin/not overweight folks who have Type II on the Web, other than decades old actuary (insurance) tables that state that I should already be headed downward... but I'm not...
233616 tn?1312790796 It caused you to be borderline diabetic, so what if someone is already insulin dependent Diabetic? I do not believe that your Insurance Company will pay for a unapproved FDA medicine. If it does, tell me the name of your Insurance Co. and I will get it. I have Cirrhosis, HepC, Chronic Pancreatitis, Portal Hypertension, Splenogaly, Inflammatory and Toxic Neuropathy, Peripheral Vascular Disease, Enlarged heart. Do you believe that I would benefit from this Steroid?