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541431 tn?1225897960 I went to my doctor and he said I may of had Lupus, Fibro, Rhuematoid Arthritis, Neuropathy, or 6 other things I can't pronounce. He did blood work, upped the dose on the Neurontin and my Darvocet at night (when it is worse) and called me when my labs came back. Said he wanted me to come in today. He told me he spoke to my Neurologist and my labs came back showing an official diagnosis of Neuropathy. He said it was caused by my other official diagnosis of Hypothyroidism.
Avatar f tn In a diabetic with thyroid disease, numbness in the hands would raise concern for another type of neuropathy: carpal tunnel syndrome. The median nerve can be injured anywhere along its course. If your symptoms are confined to just your hand, it may be the nerve was injured somewhere at the wrist. The carpal tunnel is the area in the wrist that the median nerve passes through.
Avatar m tn How common or uncommon is diabetic neuropathy in a persons side? How long does diabetic neuropathy on average last? Any other insights you may have would be greatly appreciated. I want to go into the appointments with as much information as I can.
Avatar n tn I am a 63 year old man and have been diagnosed type 2 diabetic for about 20 years, insulin dependent for last 5. Recently I moved to FL and changed primary physicians. I discovered that my blood sugar levels have not been as well controlled by my former doctor as they should have been. Now they are well controlled with combination of Novolin N and glucophage I also take accupril for hypertension daily. I have severe pain in my legs, numbness in my toes and feet and aching in my knees and hips.
Avatar f tn I also have had type 2 diabets diagnosed for 5 years. They did not do an EMG Study. How can I be sure it is diabetic neuropathy, and not pain from my spine? Would the treatment be different if the pain is from Spinal problems, then diabetic neuropaty? I am on 200mg of Lyrica, and Tramadol for pain. I need to increase the Lyrica, but side effects hinder me from doing so. I am a 61 year old female. I find it increasinly hard to work a full week, but am a widow and my sole support. Catch 22...
Avatar m tn Once it is determine that a neuropathy is the problem, the cause can be determine with also the history and the exam, the EMG-NCV, and blood work. Diabetic neuropathy is a very common cause, however there are multiple causes of neuropathy, such as inflammatory conditions, vascular conditions, infectious disorders, kidney disease, exposure to drugs or toxins, or other metabolic conditions. Finding the cause is important, in order to treat the problem, but many times the cause is not determined.
Avatar n tn I was wondering if anyone could tell me if what I have is diabetic neuropathy or a pinched nerve. About me: Im 33 Im male I am a diabete I also a bi-latteral amputtee( from a fire not from being a diabete ) Ive had c5 - c6 fused. My problem: The problem started on christmas with just my arms being warm but went away. About a week ago it started back up and now its all of my body. I have total body numbness, tingling, and or warming effect. It goes from legs to my head.
Avatar m tn I have had increasingly severe hip pain and weakness for several years while I do have moderate bone determination multiple MRI's show no pinched nerve yet the EMG my spine doctor ordered shows typical L4-L5 nerve neuropathy. The pain is intensifying. I don't know where or who to turn to for help. I am not diabetic. Looking for help for pain.
Avatar n tn I have had more frequently heavy pins and needled in my finger tips and they seem to have lost more sensation. My neurologist mentioned small fiber neuropathy as a possiblilty, but my emg was ok. This started a few years ago and seems to keep spreading all over my body and it is permanent. The only deep numbness is in my toes and ankles but I don't want it to get deep on the other areas of my body. Would autonomic testing help find out what it is?
Avatar n tn take long to develop - and be elusive with blood work? I'm not diabetic, potass and electro levels good. My meds do not have neuropathy as side effects either. Thanks! Pam.
Avatar n tn From what I understand from both my research and the neurologist I'm seeing, in approximately 40% of neuropathies the cause cannot be pinpointed or identified. Most searches will come up with diabetic neuropathy as diabetes seems to be the leading cause. Other primary causes are alcoholism and vitamin deficiency. I am still not convinced that I do not have one or more compressed nerves in my foot.
539156 tn?1281821956 ) It's VERY possible that you DO indeed have some diabetic neuropathy caused from years of having higher than normal blood sugar readings. Its a sneaky disease, just like high blood pressure. Silent robbers of life, if not treated properly. Just wanted to throw in my experiences and hope that some of this information helps.
764549 tn?1234549054 My perepheral neuropathy is from an unknown cause,,I am not diabetic,alcoholic,haven't had chemo,I have had nerve root injections in my lower back, but my Doctors say that is not the cause,,I don't get those anymore,because the last one I got didn't help it hurt me..still they say that is a seperate problem,,I have and I also have nerve damage in my right arm but they say that is separate too.
Avatar f tn Of course, you can also have two different processes going on like Heather having MS affecting the CNS and diabetic neuropathy affecting the PNS. Think about Quix's post about why there's no MS below the thoracic spine--after that there is no white matter and the PNS starts (I'll see if I can find that one). If I'm way off base on this, someone please correct me. If the NCV (and EMG if they do that) is normal, you might see if you could get an SSEP (somatosensory evoked potential).
Avatar n tn first time user! Diabetic for 30 years and unfortunately whenever problems are not diagnosed..diabetic neuropathy always seems to get the blame! I am throwing this out under this heading ..hoping anyone with symptoms and hopefully solutions can make a suggestion. Recently had intense pain in upper left back, coming front side to below rib cage..running down left side over front of hip and over pubic bone. Intense painfor about a week..has subsided some..
Avatar m tn I believe I have Hypothyroid Neuropathy. PCP agrees I have neuropathy. My T3 levels are in and below of low normal and probably have been a long time. I can't get to see an endo for 1.5 months! Will bringing T3 to mid normal range help fix the neuropathy? How do I do this if my TSH is 0.1? Should reverse T3 be known? Do you see much hypothyroid neuropathy and does it go away after how long? This is something I never expected and has me very concerned?
Avatar f tn Could an EMG help determaine if you have Diabetic Neuropathy, if the sensory tests fail?
Avatar f tn In patients with generalized neuropathy (most common cause is diabetes, but there are many others) or a specific neuropathy of the autonomic nervous system (such as pure autonomic failure) the nerve supply to the gut can be disturbed. A gastric emptying study will be helpful in determining if you have slow transit (likely due to decreased nerve supply). If this is the case, then promotility agents such as reglan or erthyromicin.
564193 tn?1216328021 I don't know what type of Neuropathy I have but my doctor is ordering an EMG test. Maybe that will help you. Also there were lab test that helped to diagnose me.
Avatar f tn The I found a diabetic foot specialist and she had me get an EMG done and also had ABI's and toe pressures done. The EMG showed that I has a slightly higher level of neuropathy, but nothing too bad, so my foot doc is not too concerned about that, and the other tests turned out ok as well. She suggested that I try Anodyne Therapy treatments and to find an Anodyne Therapy Unit to use at home. What is your thoughts on using this type of treatments?
Avatar f tn I have had chronic tingling, burning, itching in hands, feet, arms, legs for about 2 1/2 months and have been tested for numerous things, normal EMG, thryoid (have Hashimoto's but controlled hypothyroid with meds) not diabetic. Also test for mixed essential cryoglobulin and also negative. Has anyone else exerpienced neurophathy with Hep C without liver damage? Is this just an extra-hepatic manifestation? Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn I finally went to the doctor, was sent here and there, now from an EMG it was shown I have nerve damage in my feet, legs, and also starting in both wrists, the left elbow, and the right one I had surgery on 2 yrs ago already) I'm not diabetic, and I don't have a specific injury causing this. I've been sent for lots of blood tests, even some repeats, and brain and neck MRI (back before they knew what was causing the balance problem), the EMG, and now a spinal tap.
Avatar n tn I have not been diagnosed with SFN yet, but my neuro feels that this is what I have. I m awaiting a EMG, then if that is normal I will have the testing done for SFN which includes autonomic testing and skin biopsy. The answer to your question is yes. I have the feelings everywhere, everyday. It all started 7 years ago in my face, then my head, legs, back, and now I am suffering from pain in my toes. I have had many MRIs of brain and spinal cord, normal. All my blood work has been normal.
Avatar n tn have you had an EMG and skin biopsy? The EMG shows large nerve involvement, the skin biopsy is necessary for small fiber. Hope you all get some answers!
1097091 tn?1266797063 Neuropathy usually refers to peripheral neuropathy, which shares some symptoms with MS, but is different because PN means a problem with the peripheral nervous system (outside the brain and spinal cord) and MS is a problem of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord). Sometime neuropathic pain, which is just a general neurological symptom caused by many things, is called neuropathy so that may be the source of your confusion.