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1666434 tn?1325265950 I thought it might be helpful if we made a thread that shared some of your favorite diabetic safe recipes. This can just be something you make yourself all the time or a recipe you converted to be safe.
Avatar f tn I don't believe I have it, with my bs readings they seem within the norm non diabetic range... My lowest first thing in morning is 4.9 before breakfast.. Going upto 7.3 2hrs after eating breakfast... Confused!
Avatar f tn The end result of this is that I am now a diabetic. My A1c is 8.4. I just started metformin and I can't tolerate the medication. I will see my MD. I am having a terrible time with my diet. All my life I have eaten whatever i wanted and changing is AWFUL as I am sure all of you know. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated....
Avatar f tn I didn't mean to offend :-( I honestly thought cheese was cheese until a couple years ago. I didn't know that if it said "hydrogenated oil" it was pretty much worthless to a diabetic when trying to control sugar.
Avatar f tn I find that using Boost 4 day mixed with soy milk very vanilla is wonderful. I am diabetic so the boost for glucose control is excellent. I drink it slowly throughout the day. I can use the diabetic ice creme and add some for a treat once in a while. Also Rediwhip to top it off makes me feel like I am having something special. IF I over do the liquids I will get sick. Still take phengran and zofran daily.I am handling it better than I thought I could, it helps to talk to others.
Avatar f tn Even though you don't seem to be having immediate negative reactions, if you are pre-diabetic or diabetic going for long periods of time without eating is making your body work way too hard.
709686 tn?1277435759 Over the past few years I've had several blood tests done to see if I'm diabetic and each one comes back negative. My question is this. Is it possible to be diabetic when all tests come back negative? I seem to have all the symptoms and my grandfather died from diabetes at a very young age. HELP!
290018 tn?1240369468 Bakery Production The nutrient value of flours, cereals and baked goods is improved by Lysine-rich Sodium Caseinate. Texture workability is improved. In yeast-raised goods -- doughnuts, muffins, waffles, uniformity is insured. In deep-fried goods -- doughnuts, crullers, the excess absorption of fat is aided by the fat-blocking agent. Ice Cream Production Emulsifies and stabilizes milk shake/drink bases.
Avatar n tn i want to know which is the safest artificial sweetener a diabetic can have,aspartame,succrolose or something else?
Avatar n tn (It really is a shame that the official national Diabetes Associations throughout the world don't offer dynamic guidance beyond mere blanket recommendations suited to the general population, which supposedly address the concerns of both the diabetic-in-denial and the diabetic that takes things seriously) Thankyou.
649848 tn?1534637300 Well, personally, I wouldn't put a foot in that area for obvious reasons, but my husband has to check it out every time we go to the store. As it turns out, he found these really yummy, moist sponge cake muffins filled with cream cheese filling...
Avatar n tn Did you eat anything between the time that you had the symptoms and the blood tests were administered? I'm diabetic and I've had those symptoms with low blood sugar episodes. I have had three heart attacks, multiple blockages and more stents than I want to talk about, but your symptoms don't sound like anything I experienced, they sound like a blood sugar issue; keep in mind, I don't know anything. However, I'd ask about the blood sugar ratios.
1763618 tn?1315810967 Please do yourself a BIG BIG favor by making a lifestyle change now. Focus on a diabetic diet/nutrition plan, maintain normal body weight, and perform 30 minutes of daily physical exercise to help burn off that excess sugar. No amount of medicine will prevent the nasty side effects of diabetes. If lifestyle change is ignored, then amputation, at worse, is in your future.
Avatar f tn foods that i eat on a weekly basis consist of peanutbutter, wheat english muffins, plain popcorn, chick peas, plain oatmeal, vegetables, salads, cheese...i have a weakness for subways honey oat bread w/ shredded cheese and veggies(a veggie sub with cheese)...i also eat quinoa alot. some of the foods that i eat when i go out would be boneless honey bbq wings, if i eat at mcdonalds or burger king i get chicken nuggets...i do love diet soda and i have been trying to eliminate that all together.
18878484 tn?1469190037 ) I am not diabetic. I'm writing to ask about something that (accidentally) happened, and I'd like to know why, so I can use this for future health benefits/weight loss. Because I am only experienced in calories, you will understand why I need some help in figuring this out. Last night I totally gave up on counting cals.
Avatar f tn My health has improved significatnly. I also am diabetic, so that is a good thing for me to avoid anyways... I try to eat bread that is sprouted grain bread. I don't think it is entirely gluten free, but it is made out of the sprouted grains and is not processed (it's how they ate bread thousands of years ago). I did find out my daughter was allergic to eggs.
Avatar f tn but then you take into account that I am diabetic....so not so much. Just dont do the Ex-Lax chocolate chip cookies..... Funny yes....but probably not a real good thing.
Avatar n tn I too have been bothered by frequent PVc's for years and have tried all of the usual "cures" without results. These included restricting caffiene, alcohol, avoiding stress, exercising and all the rest, taking beta blockers, all without results. Recently things have changed (I hope I'm not speaking too soon, but this REALLY is different). It started with a physical exam in which my blood glucose was 109.
1809109 tn?1331807377 It was way too dense and the muffins tasted way too much like bran muffins. They also didn't rise any or much. So, I would only make a recipe that only needs one egg replaced when using flax seed meal. And, make sure that the recipe doesn't depend on the eggs to have air beaten into the batter for some of the rising. Oh, by the way, the "shake 'n bake" recipe I shared worked great and didn't taste "beany" to me.
Avatar f tn Absolutely no tomatoes, corn, peas, or raw veggies. Same for fruit - canned or well cooked and peeled. I am also diabetic, so things like pasta, breads, rice and other "white" foods are out for me, but would probably be okay for you. I can almost always eat soups. When you make it just peel everything, cook everything well, and puree it when it's done. It seems to help fill me up and provides a good amount of nutrients.
Avatar f tn If he's not diabetic, milkshakes, healthy muffins, sweet rolls, cheesecake, and cranberry juice (high in calories). At this stage of the game being to thin is detremental to his health. I would probably be not to worried as you say he has a good appetite. The Tx regimen was fairly severe, and should settle down soon. So very happy he was able to finish Tx Take care ...
Avatar f tn To add to all this, I'm anemic, type 2 diabetic, hypertensive, and have fibromyalgia. I'm also a 7-year breast cancer survivor. Does anyone have any thoughts for me about any of this, or do you need any more info? Thanks for reading.
Avatar n tn I think I am just so used to snacking when I want to, it is more a matter of adjusting my habits than of true hunger. Now, if I could get my hubby to quit eating chocolate muffins in the morning for breakfast in front of me, it would be easier and more enjoyable to sit down to my english muffin and watery milk.
1406332 tn?1315966360 Here's whats working for me, I'm on a 2,500 calorie a day Type TWO Diabetic Diet. Before you roll your eyes, it's not bad at all. I mostly have cut out processed food, we rarely eat out, and have I increase my intake of whole grains. I have three well balanced meals and two healthy snacks each & I try to eat at the same time each day. My PCP felt that I would have greater success if the weight loss was slow and steady. I got thru the Holidays without gaining a pound.
393685 tn?1425816122 an entirely strick diet of no gluten 2. a low glycemic-index diet similiar to what diabetic patients do in their nutrition intake To make it clear on potential participators, this would NOT be an alternative to what your doctors are treating you with. This is not an elimination of medications but just a simple choice to eat simply and avoid some things in addition to what your treatment plan is.
249558 tn?1195540800 Mine began with a severe pain in the abdomen before and during the pregnancy, a continual decline during, and then delivering at 27 weeks and going into a diabetic coma. Here I was a diabetic, had pancreatitis, and gall stones. I had several 'small' strokes during the Dka and then continued to go downhill after being released from the hospital. I have since had abnormal brain and lung MRI's and abnormal Emg's. Was also discovered to have CEbv which is a chronic form of Epstein Barr or 'mono'.
Avatar f tn And they transplant the islet cells (the cells that produce glucose) from your pancreas to your liver so you won't become a type I diabetic. It doesn't happen overnight and sometimes doesn't work but I'd rather deal w/diabetes (as millions do every day) than that awful pain and nausea. I had to retire early from a job I had for 20 years and was bedridden within 3 years from that awful illness.
299260 tn?1304219705 I wish you to regulate your blood sugar with diet! No insulin, please Lord! As you know my DF is diabetic almost 20 years, he takes insulin 3 times per day. I will suggest to you to eat vegetables, yogurt, low calorie cow cheese, chicken, fish, I don't know word in English = the son of the cow - beef ???meet, fruits (but not all of them, no bananas but if you can't live without them you can eat half banana per day. No white bread/macaroni or any pasta, or pork meat.
Avatar n tn Never take the chance of getting high when you're somewhere without access to the right kinds of food and drink, just in case. If you have the added 'pleasure' of being a borderline diabetic and you don't know it, you could get into quite a state from just that one first high, if you're not careful.
Avatar n tn I am also type 2 diabetic, controlled with diet, exercise and meds. I am wondering if this new symptoms could possibly be related to an insulin rush. I have an appointment in a month with an endocrinologist, maybe she will have some insight. But it is nice to know that I am not alone.