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Avatar n tn Cinnabon, I like the multiple meals per day approach, too and find that eating a modest amount more times a day keeps me from ever feeling completely famished. I was intrigued by the protein shake and wanted to know how many gms of "sugar alcohols" are in it. With the Atkins craze these days, I've seen a lot of products that are very low carbo ... until I read the fine print ... and discover that there may be 15 or more grams of sugar alcohols.
649848 tn?1534637300 I did opt for some of the better choices on the menu, and only ate about 1/2 of what was served to me. I am trying to be very careful of portion sizes, particularly, when I eat out. Most restaurants serve WAY larger portions than most of us need, and they make it way too easy to "super size".
649848 tn?1534637300 The hospital said I need to watch my carbs, for breakfast they said to eat 2 to 3 net carbs, lunch 3 to 4 net carbs, and dinner is 4 to 5 net carbs. each net carb is around 15 carbs. so if it has 30 carbs in it, that means its 2 net carbs. I hope that makes sense. anyway. in doing this i have lost 20 lbs. So i am here for support.
649848 tn?1534637300 Once again, we've come to the "weigh in day"....... this is the time when we discuss our week - what went wrong, what went right, plans for the coming week, or just whatever you want to talk about. I didn't do real great this week; I went up by a pound (from 148.4 to 149.4), but I'm okay with that because I "splurged" on both Friday and Saturday.
1130586 tn?1316269892 My mother, who is borderline diabetic, took the treatment when I did (I think she did it just to help support me), and her next dr. visit the doctor was amazed at her lab reports, saying there was a great deal of improvement, and that she wouldn't be classified diabetic by those results. Anyway, I don't regret doing it. I don't think it hurt any. It may have helped a little, but now, in retrospect, I don't think it could really do much in getting rid of this disease.
Avatar n tn for two years, and from the beginning, he hasn't lost ANY weight! And his doctor had him taking 1000mg AM, and PM. He is diabetic. I think you changing what you're eating, the amount you eat, and walking more often is the reasons why you loose weight! And also, it is VERY, VERY unhealthy to loose 19LBS in 1 week! If that's what is happening you should eat more Cal's! I've never meet a doctor who would be OK with ANYONE losing that much so fast!
Avatar f tn But from reading the letters on the net, I can tell you that you are not alone. There are many out there like you. Your unfortunate experience with your doctor reminds me of the time I took my teen-aged daughter to a neurologist because she had severe migraines that lasted three weeks. She was a good student and had a part time job, but needed help. He told her she was lucky she didn't live in China, because if she stayed away, somebody else would just take her job away from her.
Avatar f tn My doctor wants to put me on the hcg diet as I am diabetic and 40 pouns. My biggest problem is that I am a vegetarian and the fish, veal, chicken, etc. is nt a possibility for me. Are any of you out there a vegetarian. Can anyone give me some help.
902019 tn?1249865014 I try to go easy on food quantities most of the time, but only the rare pain/attack is hours later if I do indulge and the pain would start just under ribcage slightly to R side, crescendo into a scary tightening/squeezing affair, let up, then maybe build again, residual tenderness rest of day. (A gentle reminder re future menu choices..) I also have GERD, likely related, and am on Nexium which works great.
Avatar n tn All in all, I decided that if I'm spending the money on this product and am seeing results then I should try to stick to the suggested menu and just use very educated choices if I want to substitute. Look for the website and they give you sample menus for the day and exercise programs to follow. Also go to fit tv and do some looking around. I'm sure you'll find that educating yourself will really motivate you.
Avatar f tn Was reading all with interest, putting my two cents in. I'm a diabetic, so steroids are a particular pain. I've had a major breakout. I also have fibromyalgia. Several years ago when I was first diagnoesed with fibro, my internest told me fibro is similar to lupus in that you can get "offshoot diseases". I was lucky enough to get cold urticaria.
256349 tn?1189759437 That would be so good and helpful! My e-mail is nickscreek at bellsouth dot net fax is 704-732-6993 Which ever way you want to send is fine. Thanks again!!
Avatar n tn Jan I ordered from drugdelivery . ca I ordered my supplies from researchsupply . net. I ordered my hcg on 5/10 from the european pharm choice and received it in Phx on 5/23. It is definitly worth it to pay for the discreet and priority shipping.
Avatar n tn She should have considered any more weight could kill me. I'm also diabetic, another health problem. I'm so depressed to know that the surgery was optional. I never would have had it done knowing that this was the price I'd pay for it. Much regret.
251922 tn?1193786078 getting out of the 40's has been real slow going but if I can nudge my way into the 130' by end of next week I'll be happy!! Can't wait to have my first real meal in 2 months . . . . I'm planning the menu every night in my dreams . . . but what's a great meal with out a great bottle of red wine????? (not a great meal) . . . M, you're doing great, keep stead fast!! Bigeasy: I too gained 5 lbs after loading and lost it in the first day or two of shots . . . . ain't it cool!! Good Luck!!
Avatar n tn I would like to start the hcg shots soon. I live in NJ and I can't find a clinic in this state. There are a couple of questions I have. 1. On what website can I buy the hcg from? 2. Are most people following a 500 or 800 vlcd? 3. Are dieters washing their hair? Please answer "yes". 4. What are some of the menu options? I've read the Simeon's manuscript already.
Avatar n tn I am very prone to bacterial and fungal infections, and it has to to with my body chemistry/ph(prediabetic/hypoglycemic). My mother who is Type 2 Diabetic, experinced these tears along with yeast infections and athletes foot infections all through her 30's and 40's until her diabetes was diagnosed and she got her levels under control.
Avatar n tn Been on it for 4 months. Feel at times like I was in accident.Have researched on the net, and still find it difficult to believe that this can cause this much suffering. Anyone familiar with anything like this?
Avatar n tn but it will induce a breathing challenge because the Pancreas will not allow it. NO, I am not Diabetic... thank God... however, my body is not willing to take on anymore toxins... SUGAR being the GREATEST destroyer of all time. Remember breathing requires energy... and if the lung is not getting enough energy source their will be challenges to breath! I'm not a doctor but I am able to deduce what could be happening! Just try it out guys and let me know.
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Avatar n tn Along with the injections I was eating very much like a diabetic. Low fat, low carb and minimal sugars. While I was taking the B12 I was losing 15 - 25 lbs a month. I decided to continue eating the same and stop getting B12 injections and my weight loss slowed considerably and my energy levels decreased. I have been told there is no medical reason why B12 helps weight loss but for me it really worked well and I am about to go back on it again.
Avatar n tn it was pretty scary, which is why before i went back to sleep, i had to check on the net and make sure it was nothing TOO serious where i possibly would not wake back up... (i was initially sleeping when i felt some form of an unusual contraction... like i needed to go to the rest room immediately... then came the hard stool, which took concentration to release... thought i was finished...
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