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Avatar f tn Hypoglycemia~Subject:Hypoglycemic or diabetic symptoms in my 4 yr old daughter? After several work ups I am back.Spells do seem to be hypo.We now have a glucometer.The lowest so far was 35,the highest being 250 but very random/sporadic at best!Her endo saw a spell 5 mins after lab work was drawn on her.She fell out first time ever.BG *determined by lab results*at the time the blood was drawn was 66.Fell lower causing spell?
251922 tn?1193786078 getting out of the 40's has been real slow going but if I can nudge my way into the 130' by end of next week I'll be happy!! Can't wait to have my first real meal in 2 months . . . . I'm planning the menu every night in my dreams . . . but what's a great meal with out a great bottle of red wine????? (not a great meal) . . . M, you're doing great, keep stead fast!! Bigeasy: I too gained 5 lbs after loading and lost it in the first day or two of shots . . . . ain't it cool!! Good Luck!!
Avatar n tn If you go to the cdc website you can click under the vaccine maker of the shot you got and it will be in there. It is listed as temporarily so it should go away as explained by the nurse. Everybody is different so they can't give you a time. Thank you to all that have posted doctor info and the tests results it really helps.