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Avatar n tn keep exercising - that's going to be a really good thing to get into a routine. the gym should have personal trainers. if you can afford a session or two, try it...maybe that would give you some more ideas to add to your workout. google "diabetic diet." start eating like a diabetic needs to eat to control the disease. know what i mean? if you can follow that plan, it will help you a lot. don't get discouraged about the weight not coming off right away.
423875 tn?1203374142 If there is any one out there who has any answeres as to why Natalie has tummy aches, please help. I am out of ideas.
1666434 tn?1325265950 I thought it might be helpful if we made a thread that shared some of your favorite diabetic safe recipes. This can just be something you make yourself all the time or a recipe you converted to be safe.
Avatar f tn Im 24 yrs old and 175 lbs 5'1... Im scared to be a diabetic... When i was pregnant i developed a gestational diabetes... Need to lose weight so badly... Any one have a effective diet and no supplements? Thank you.
Avatar f tn Hypoglycemia~Subject:Hypoglycemic or diabetic symptoms in my 4 yr old daughter? After several work ups I am back.Spells do seem to be hypo.We now have a glucometer.The lowest so far was 35,the highest being 250 but very random/sporadic at best!Her endo saw a spell 5 mins after lab work was drawn on her.She fell out first time ever.BG *determined by lab results*at the time the blood was drawn was 66.Fell lower causing spell?
Avatar f tn For the last couple of weeks I haven't lost ANY weight and am getting a bit frustrated and disappointed. I was hoping to gather some ideas and suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong. My typical diet daily includes: 1 hard boiled egg and a couple slices of bacon for Breakfast, for Lunch I eat sliced oven roasted turkey breast (a few slices) & another hard boiled egg, and a couple slices of provolone cheese. I might also have a string cheese for an afternoon snack if I'm hungry.
Avatar n tn She said she had blood in her urine which we expected, but she also noted that she found ketones in her urine. This is strange because she had pasta for lunch, and mashed potatoes with dinner. She has gained 20 pounds in the last 3 months, but is extremely active being a competitive soccer player for many years. We have no insurance for the next month, so we are concerned about what to do in the mean time.
Avatar f tn They had me diet controlled for awhile with 30g of carbs allowed at breakfast 60g for lunch and 60g for dinner and a snack after each blood check that was no more than 30g. They should send you to a dietician who will give you a sample meal plan to give you ideas about what you can have for each meal.
Avatar m tn I have been type 1 diabetic for 11 years now and I currently take Lantus at night and in the morning along with Humalog during the day to control my readings. I have always been a pudgy kid and I weighed 235lbs junior year in High School. However, I began to diet and exercise and dropped down to around 210lbs by my senior year. When I entered college, I actually dropped all the way down to 170lbs from diet and exercise. I would run 7 miles MWF and do the elliptical for 50 minutes on TTH.
Avatar n tn Does anyone have quick food or snack ideas for traveling?
Avatar m tn I also have high anxiety, but I have always had that, it's nothing new. If anyone has any ideas or any questions to help formulate ideas, please let me know.
939577 tn?1319639899 Eating 60 grams of fat a day is awful for me, first off I don't think I ever ate that much fat in my life (on a daily basis) and second I am hypothyroid so it will be almost impossible to take off once the Vertex drug stops. Does anyone have ideas on what types of fat to use, I try to go with those that do not include sugar but it is so boring, I need new ideas. What do y'all eat for your fat before pill meals, and also, do you only eat those meals or more throughout the day/night?
Avatar n tn But I went to my doctors yesterday and they gave me a sheet (from 1993 might I add) that tells me to eat carbs for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It also says that cheese falls under the meat catogery not dairy. Example breakfast is 2 starchs, 1 fat, 1 fruit, and 1 milk. Which comes out to be 1 bagel, 1 tsp butter, 1 peach and a yogurt all which seem to have a high carb and sugar content.
Avatar f tn Are you diabetic or have you been checked for diabetis? They have the test called hemoglobin A1C. A fasting blood sugar can help too. How is your blood pressure? You could have a type of vertigo.Does the vertigo come on with movement or does the room spin or what are you feeling? If your other meds allow it try taking pseudofed or benedryl a couple of days and see if that helps.
Avatar n tn since 1991 after some extreme stress situations. Two weeks ago at lunch my heart started skipping violently. . .continued thru lunch but then settled down. At dinner, same thing. . .heart skipping violently (could actually feel it with my hand on my lower chest). Then I started shaking (what I would call convulsing). . .jaw was tight, shaking all over. My blood sugar was 152, BP 152/96, pulse 104. Hubby called ambulance, went to ER, they told me I was ok-go home. Last night. . .
Avatar n tn By chance (cuz I loved my morning coffee), I had a day when I had only coffee and no breakfast -- high bg before lunch. I tried just water and no coffee -- predictable bg before lunch. A few experiments with & withotu caffeine & the results were irrefutable for me. Caffeine is a stimulant and it stimulated hormone production that required more insulin.
Avatar n tn I'm diabetic Dont know if that has anything to do with my 'stinging' finger. I have a picture of pseudo gout showing a sharp crystal . MY middle finger sometimes stings from hnad to tip At one time a blister formed near the end which is a symptom of pseudo gout depositing some kind of calcium crystal ???????? My GP called ir arthritis 3 years ago but to date there is no joint swelling etc.
Avatar m tn Its so bad that it is hurting her at work because after lunch she gets fogy and can not focus on what she is trying to do. As an accountant this is her busy time of year she works 12 hours 5 days a week and 8 on Saterday. Does anyone have any idea. She has gone to see the Doctor and had blood taken. Well he got back to us. Her Vitamin D was a little low and her White Blood count was up a little. He thinks it was due to a cold. So she is going back next week for more tests.
6726276 tn?1421130268 When we took her in she weighed nearly 19#. Hildiekatt is 18# and is quite rotund, also diabetic (which condition is well controlled). She could stand to shed a few. Chesapeake is 20# and is very round (I have to wash her hind end about once a week to help keep her clean). She could stand to loose about 5 - 6. HOWEVER, as a veterinarian friend of mine once told me, cats withstand being overweight better than any other specie with which she's worked.
Avatar f tn I was terrified to eat anything because I was afraid of how it would affect my baby. Once I met with a diabetic expert and a dietician I felt more then 100% better. She explained it with more detail and explained how it affects myself and my baby. She also helped me with a meal plan, a grocery list, and gave me tons of recipes. What matters is the total carbohydrates! I kept looking at the sugar... which is important too!
Avatar n tn He said when I'm not stressing out and testing, I am likely in normal level. I did test spur of the moment one day after lunch. I ate a box of fries and a cheesesteak, and 1 hour and 45 minutes later, I had a reading of 99. My Dr. Suggested I stop stressing and testing or I will cause issues. He said just test my fasting every 3-6 months. And if I wanna check postprandial, try with a coke again. Does this sound normal? Can freaking out and stressing cause a post meal spike in a nondiabetic?
Avatar f tn It would be either a general Diabetes facility (with more Type 2's than 1's) or a weight loss facility that had a nurse or diabetic educator on staff that could monitor you and adjust the regimen to your requirements. The latter is the most likely. I unfortunately don't know of such a place. I would start your search by asking your doctor or endo. A diabetic educator or nutritionist might be even more likely to know.Then I might call the ADA.
535822 tn?1443980380 For your blood sugar buy Gaia Herbs Cinnamon Bark -- 60 Capsules and try Hibiscus tea 3 cups per day can lower your systolic by as much as 7 points Marg, when I get home I'll send you the link for the company that I buy the tea from. I make a large pitcher of the tea and drink it cold it's very tart so not as bad cold than hot.
Avatar f tn Since you mentioned being hypoglycemic at age 22 where you classified as type 1 or type 2 diabetic? Have you been on insulin for the past 11 years or ever been?
Avatar n tn I realise that i will have it for life and wish to live happy and healthy for as long as possible. Do you have any suggestions or ideas on how i can change my ways and get my control back? I eat pretty healthy now and exercise alot but my levels seem to be all over the place still. I am on 25units of novorapid before breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea and 45units of lantus before i go to bed.
Avatar n tn Hi TomKal, Like you, I've been diabetic a long time. I admire your lifelong commitment to regular exercise. It's an aspect of my treatment I can't say I've been good at. Seems that you're raising two important issues: (1) the harrowing commute and the impact on your BG (for many DMers, stresses causes highs, not lows -- but some do experience lows from it) and (2) the loss of your regular bicycle exercise commute.
1328782 tn?1275081537 So until I get my monitor, what are some good Breakfast lunch and dinner Ideas, so I can start right away?
269786 tn?1243797307 200mcg 2-3 times a day is recommended. If you happen to be a non-insulin dependent diabetic zinc might also help, but if you're on insulin the zinc is already in insulin. Type 2 diabetics tend to be low in zinc and can have sugar craving due to this, however, I am not positive how that might affect the non diabetic population yet.
Avatar f tn Hashimotos Thyroid/arthritis in both knees/hypertention/borderline diabetic/degenerative disc disease in lumbar sacral area, with a herinated disc. I usually don't.eat breakfast and very little for lunch. Most of my calories are consumed in afternoon until early evening. I usually don't eat after dark. I am considering lap band or bypass surgery. But need to try to lose weight on my own first. Any ideas or diets would be greatly appreciated!!! Oh yeah, I'm addicted to.Diet Coke!!