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Avatar f tn I see an endocrinologist for Graves Disease with hyperthyroidism and he sees a lot of diabetic patients with gastroparesis. He says that Reglan has a lot of side effects and has held off on the script. My gastroenterologist says reglan is the only drug for gastroparesis and gave me a script for it. I have been reluctant to take them though. I have not felt well for a very long time also.
Avatar f tn I know for a fact that I feel better on a low sugar, low carb diet, which is why I am sort of confused now because the traditional gastroparesis diet says to NOT eat the fats and proteins that I believe I feel better on. So I'm not sure if I should still go low carb/low sugar and limit my consumption of certain things like red meat but still eat some eggs and stick to chicken breast for meats, doing so in all smaller portions, or what I should be doing.
Avatar f tn I have had my appendix removed also. I am not diabetic, and have no thyroid conditons that would cause gastroparesis. It is unknown why I have it. I am in constant pain(lower abdominal) and have acutally lost jobs due to being ill. I need help and some answers. If you have any answers or treatments that may work, please, I am begging someone to help me.
Avatar f tn Two weeks ago I was diagnosed with severe gastroparesis. They are trying to figure out the cause. Is dysmotility in the GI tract a definite symptoms of an autonomic dyfunction? I am scared I have some major neurological problem that is causing this. I have carpal tunnel in both wrists but other than that I don't experience any other neuro symptoms. I was reading about amyloidosis causing neuropathy and I got so freaking out thinking I could have that.
Avatar n tn Hi I'm a 40 year old who has just been diagnosed this year with idiopathic gastroparesis, after 5 years of gradually worsening GERD. In Feb. this year I had a nissan fundalplication for the GERD. After that I had a bloating problem. The doctors finally diagnosed gastroparesis after several stomach emptying studies. The last one showed that after 4 hours I still had 42% of the meal in my stomach. I have tried propulsid, but it causes me to have too many arrhythmias.
Avatar n tn I was so fascinated by the number of people who suffer with gastroparesis. I have diabetic gastroparesis. I have been diabetic for 34 years and developed this disorder 6 years ago. I had surgery on my hands and developed a complication called neuropathy. There are a couple of kinds. One is where you can't feel anything, like in your feet(that is why there are so many foot and leg amputations.) Some diabetics can't feel if they have a soar.
Avatar f tn I just got out of the hospital 2 days ago and was told i had gastroparesis and had to go on a diet they did the stomaic test and said my stomic didnt empty all the way, I dont get sick everyday,I do get bloted if i eat very much i dont have a lot of stomaic pain but i have be on pain kellers for 2 years for my back will my stomaic get worse
Avatar n tn Anyway, as you probably know, gastroparesis is quite common with diabetes, especially type 1. If you haven't already done so, just type in diabetic gastroparesis and you will come up with thousands of articles. But if your blood sugar levels have been well controlled I don't know how likely it would be that you would have it. Both the nausea and bloating are prominent symptoms of gastroparesis. The feeling hungry isn't, but that could be due to something else.
1238753 tn?1271179783 A total of 11 months of doctors and testing revealed a big, fat NOTHING gastrologically speaking. Then I spotted the word Gastroparesis somewhere around here on Saturday, and was prompted by the prefix [gastro] to investigate further 'cause you never know. I found a nice, neat list of my stomach symptoms listed under that very same word on a site called GIcare.com They also had a diet plan posted here: http://www.gicare.com/diets/Gastroparesis.aspx in case anyone else is interested.
Avatar n tn I have gastroparesis - paralyzed stomach - and it is difficult to digest fiber foods. I cannot eat fresh fruits and vegetables - especially salads - so how can I diet and lose weight?
Avatar n tn The doctor in question is a Gastroenterologist and I started seeing him due to stomach problems. I have been told that I have Gastritis, Peptic Ulcer, Gastroparesis (I am also diabetic).....but never a true diagnosis as of yet. These problems have been occurring off and on for the past 4 years. I have had 2 endoscopies, a colonoscopy, MRI's, CAT scans and they have not found anything.
Avatar m tn I am a non smoker, not overweight, not diabetic and have no chronic history of heartburn, but in the past, I have been unable to take large doses (800mg) of ibuprofen without having strong reflux problems at night time. Other than that, reflux was infrequent and sporadic. However, I do like my coffee as well as my spicy and fatty foods. About four weeks ago, I started having mild heartburn symptoms at night, that were generally relieved by Zantac.
Avatar n tn I too have gastroparesis and am not a diabetic. I also have no known cause for it, which is becoming more and more common for young people. Gastroparesis can come in several degrees of severity. I don't know how bad yours is, but mine is helped tremendously by a steady prescription of prilosec and an occassional pepto-bismo dose. I also eat at constant intervals. Every time my stomach starts to burn (which is on regular hourly intervals), I try to eat something small.
Avatar f tn I just wanted to share a few things that I found help me deal with gastroparesis (I was diagnosed in July 2011) I was greatly helped by finding a few posts where people shared what they could eat and what they did, which gave me direction for where to start and what to try. I have learned that it is different for everyone--you just have to figure out what works for you.
Avatar n tn dont have much energy and my neck,temples and ears hurt off and on..I am on a diet of no veggies cept for soft, and very little fat. I am not diabetic so far althought I have been boderline for along time. I am an ex nurse so like to know what is going on and how best to read my body. I want to go to a dr associated with UPenn somewhere where gastro paresis is a speciality.
Avatar n tn I have been helped a lot by joining an online support group for gastroparesis through Yahoo. Also, diet is important in treating gastroparesis. Low fat, low fiber. Those are hard for the stomach to digest. Let me know if you need more info.
Avatar n tn SS provided some good general info and Larry has the precious insight from living with the problem. I found a couple of websites on Google (I entered gastroparesis diet) that support what they both are saying and offer additional support & encouragement. http://www.g-pact.org/diet.htm and http://www.gicare.com/pated/edtgs08.htm I hope that these help you, too.
Avatar m tn I have gastroparesis too, but I have non-diabetic gastroparesis so it is a little different for me. Is he on any medications to manage the gastroparesis (reglan, domperidone, erithromycin, etc.)? Is he eating a low-fiber, low-fat diet and eating multiple small meals every day? Is the problem that he can't get enough calories in because of nausea/vomitting or that he seems to be getting enough calories but he is still losing weight?
Avatar n tn Does anyone on this board have gastroparesis? If so, what are your symptoms and what were your gastric emptying scan results (mild, moderate, severe/percentage emptied after two hours)? Also, do you have any other condition that it is considered part of/sometimes seen with, such as diabetes, scleraderma, multiple sclerosis, etc.? Anyone that has gastroparesis dxd with other autonomic dysfunction? Also, what kind of diet are you on and does it help alleviate symptoms? Thanks.
Avatar n tn I have been a diabetic since age 6 and am now 30. I am so nauseated all the time, I have to force even toast down to keep it from coming right back up. I have bad stomach pains too. My blood sugars are under control. I've tried nexium and other pills, nothing helps, not even reglan or phenergan. Does anyone have any other suggestions?
365571 tn?1219601346 ) And I get tired of typing so much! Here it goes.... Gastroparesis basically means that my stomach is paralyzed. Its classified as "sever delayed gastric emptying". I basically live my life nauseated, vomitting, and in pain. Gastroparesis is usually associated with people who have diabeties, but mine is idiopathic (the theory is it MAY have been caused by my first pregnancy with my son).
Avatar n tn My doctor recently diagnosed this as gastroparesis but could not explain why it is happening. I am not a diabetic and do not have any other of the common causes, except for prior stomach surgery for pyloric stenosis 38 years ago as an infant. I have simultaneously had an increase in episodes that were only very sporadic before where my pulse rate and heart rate suddenly quicken or suddenly slow down, in both cases resulting in feelings of dizzyness, chills, sweating and faintness.
Avatar m tn Managing with exercise, biofeedback, meditation, and a low-fat diet. All pancreatic and liver functions were tested, everything look OK. Non-diabetic. Nothing odd in my immune system function. Late 20's, but no signs of demyelinating disease. Officially, it's idiopathic gastroparesis. Unofficially, a viral cause is suspected since symptomatic onset came after a bout with a prolonged flu. Recommendation was to remove the gallbladder as this might help my gastric emptying.
Avatar n tn I've been diabetic for 17 years. I'm 31 now. I also have hypothyroidism, gastroparesis, Acid Reflux, and neuropathy, along with depression. I take many medications. For around four years I've dealt with gastroparesis. I took Reglan, Zelnorm, and Erythromycin. This past November I had a bad case of what seemed to be the stomache flu. Weeks had passed and no improvement.
Avatar n tn I had symptoms not entirely dissimilar to what you're experiencing, and gastroparesis was suspected at one point. The test is a pretty simple one so I'm not sure why your doctor hasn't ordered it. Like you, I was absolutely convinced my stomach wasn't emptying right. It was a conclusion I came to before I'd ever even heard of gastroparesis. Even though I had suspected it, the doctor is the one who brought it up...not me. Anyway, eventually I had a gastric emptying study done and passed it.
Avatar f tn hello celiac diaease i will say you should go on a gluten free diet i've had celiac diaease all my life back i n 96 it was confrimed after louseing 75 lbs. i want on the diet for 3 years now i am some what stable i still don't absorb muct fat but my weight i stable at 135 lbs i had to stop my sugar med because i was starting to get low sugal readings with the min dose .
Avatar n tn After a bunch of testing, I was diagnosed with diabetic gastroparesis. I appeared to have delayed gastric emptying. Doctors believed that I was developing signs of diabetic neuropathy and my Vagus Nerve, which controls digestive function, was the culprit.
Avatar f tn Yes, permanent liquid diets are doable, and many people with gastroparesis carry them on for months. Try taking a slow walk around your house and see if that helps your stomach digest a little bit. You can also try sucking on a ginger candy or drinking some ginger tea, if you are feeling nauseous. I too have gastroparesis and am currently fed 100% through a J tube. Let me know if you have any questions!
Avatar n tn I have a two questions 1) Is it possible acid reflux was an under diagnosis? She seems to have a lot of the symptoms for Gastroparesis, she had blood and urine work done and everything looked good, so I was told. 2) Does anyone else have a problem with their child getting sick soooo often, is it possible that she has a weaker immune system that goes beyond the "immune deficiency" from being a diabetic? I feel like everytime we get over an illness here comes another one.