Diabetic friendly holiday desserts

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Avatar n tn for two years, and from the beginning, he hasn't lost ANY weight! And his doctor had him taking 1000mg AM, and PM. He is diabetic. I think you changing what you're eating, the amount you eat, and walking more often is the reasons why you loose weight! And also, it is VERY, VERY unhealthy to loose 19LBS in 1 week! If that's what is happening you should eat more Cal's! I've never meet a doctor who would be OK with ANYONE losing that much so fast!
Avatar f tn Until, one day, my group of neighborhood friends all decided to fly to the Virgin Islands together on a holiday. The prospect of this shared experience was so exciting to me that the anticipation of that experience outweighed the fear of flying. All those folks knew about my problem and cheered me on when I said, "count me in." The plane trip -the entire experience- was great. I was also in therapy at the time, and the trip became a subject of discussion.