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Avatar f tn For Type 2 diabetes the key is a combination of exercise, controlling carb intake and oral meds or insulin if recommended by your doctor. If you are newly diagnosed diabetic or pre diabetic, please talk with your doctor or better yet a diabetic educator to figure what combination of things will work for you. Get a test meter and test your blood sugar to see how different foods affect you.
Avatar n tn But now we are seeing a whole new generation of kids who are growing up with glucometers and pumps and new insulins that very closely match digestion times of foods, and I suspect that we will see fewer complications in your generation than in mine as a result. Stay tuned and read about it in another 15 years or so!
Avatar f tn I am 60 years old. My family history: Nobody is diabetic. I am having hypoThyroidism problem. I am over weight by 15 kgs. I am taking thyronorm 50 mg. Fasting I checked in 2-3 occasions it is100, 110. H1 Ac 6.1 . I wanted to know whether I am Diabetic or not.
Avatar m tn I have been pre-diabetic for almost 1.5-2 years now. I have had tingling sensation all over the body, Numbness in feet and slight neurotic pain in the legs below knees. And I have been having these bumps on my penis and pubic region for the same amount of time. I have been negative for STDs. And recenly the tingling, itching is mostly in the groin area. My vision seems to be blurred since yesterday. My fasting sugars right now range between 104 -118.
Avatar f tn I have been a diabetic now for 6 months, after going into a Diabetic Coma and DKA (my sugar was over 700 and I quit breathing) on July 31, 2015. Sugar was 70 in Dec 2014 and elevated in March. My question is this: I live alone, have no children by choice, family is out of state, and I am at a loss for what I can eat. I just figured out that my body likes weenies and beans. But I need some more help as to what to cook.
Avatar n tn Yes to everything that JHG has posted. Also, it's not uncommon that we diabetics feel hungry when our blood sugars are not yet under control. Until we get our blood sugars back into more normal ranges, our cells are, literally, starving. The weight loss you hubby has experienced is the result of his cells having been starving for a while. Probably you were given blood test meter & strips so your hubby can begin to recognize patterns of how he feels relative to his blood sugar.
3252948 tn?1359927442 Well my first ever A1c test was 6.9 and I was told that I was a diabetic. The next time it was 7.3 and I did the test at home and it is now 6.4; I have had to change my diet drastically to get my A1c down to 6.4; watch my carbs, no junk foods, no soda and I now rarely eat red meat. Been eating lots of fish, salads and some fruit and nuts, but it has been tough getting used to this new diet plan, and I will have to do this for the rest of my life if I want to stay off of meds.
Avatar m tn This is the time he needs to take control and reel back his compulsive food urges by not eating or drinking sugary foods, eating foods high in carbohydrates, or eating junk foods. All of this is contributing to his current high levels and defeats the oral medication. He may need to go on short term insulin to get his levels lower. I suggest a referral to an Endocrinologist, a doctor who specializes in diabetes care and prevention. An endo is much more knowledgeable than a primary or ER doctor.
Avatar m tn My 70-year-old father had a stroke and has been on a feeding tube since Jan 31st because of aspiration issues eating through the mouth. The tube feeds him Resource Diabetic Vanilla flavour, a liquid formula food product (http://www.nestlehealthscience.ca/en/products/Pages/Resource-Diabetic.aspx). Last Tuesday evening they switched him to a clear IV feeding bag after he pulled out his nose feeding tube which had been giving him the Resource product.
1975145 tn?1419913236 Can any one list some foods that will help keep diabetes away ? I have been told I am pre diabetic and my numbers seems to keep climbing. I do not think the food I eat now is that bad and I don't eat much at all really and usually only 2 times a day. I will eat anything but fish. Please if you would be so kind as to list some foods to and not to eat would be most appreciated.
1689038 tn?1354742764 these tests were at least 8-9 months apart) so question, since i had that odd sugar spike, does that mean i've jumped ships and have diabeties now?
Avatar f tn My parents both 61 years old are pre-diabetic and diabetes runs in my family. I got the results yesterday and I wanted to post them here to get advice on if I am pre-diabetic or not. I am kind of freaking out because I Googled the ranges and I am getting all different types of answers!!! Below are the results. Any comments would be great! Thanks Bl-glyco hb - A1c - 5.4 Est.
Avatar f tn Hello~ I am looking for food ideas for GERD. I was told to advoid, caffeine,fried foods, dairy, tomato sauce, certain veggies and fruits, spicy foods.........I can never figure out what to eat because everything has acid in it any suggestions...!
Avatar n tn My son is 14 and has just been diagnosed type 1 diabetic. At a recent hospital visit we were informed he also has celiacs disease. I am worried sick of what the hospital will discover next and the impact diet and lifestyle changes will have on him. My questions are 1. He had appendicitis at the age of 3. This took the hospital over a week to diagnose and to operate on him. He was clearly graveley ill and his recovery was long and traumatic.
Avatar m tn I am a 42 year old male. I had my blood test checked before the New Year. The results came back yesterday with diabetes, blood sugar was 7.5 mmMol/L. My doctor gave me description for Metformin HCL 500, once a day. I took one this morning. I am working out intensively and be on strict diet. My question is when the blood sugar is going down. May I stop taking medication and focusing on exercise and diet only? Thank you very much in advance.
1536914 tn?1302705194 Until you get a handle on it, you might want to stick with foods with less of a carbohydrate load. Plus, did you happen to have any alcohol with the meal? This can cause problems. Question 2: The 70 mg/dl to 120 mg/dl range is correct for fasting. Anything under 70 mg/dl would be considered low. But, keep in mind you have been running a high blood sugar for a while. The A1c of 7.7 means you were averaging around 200 mg/dl.
Avatar n tn So many new man made chemicals in our foods during my lifetime, in the last half of the 20th century. I believe we will find that our migration from "natural foods" to man made "edible alternatives" will eventually be implicated in many human diseases and disorders. Unfortunately, I haven't found a cardiologist who is interested in "triggers" that the client might discover.
Avatar f tn I just lost my dog to insulin overdose Sept22. Took my dog to VET for a curve stay. Bg was 584 when admitted, and she was prescribed 35 cc 2times a day.hindsight the records show no facts to base these doses on nothing that says 35 cc 1 time a day would benefit her kkk st alone 70.
Avatar n tn Does it itch? Has she started any new medication recently? An allergic rash is due to the pathological reaction that takes place on your skin due to misdirected immune response of your body. When an irritant comes into contact with your body, your immune system sends chemicals, including histamine, to fight it. The sudden spike in histamine levels can cause an outbreak of rash in the upper layers of the skin.
Avatar f tn with phentermine and B-12 shots every 2 wks. Does anyone know if it's safe for a diabetic person to take phentermine. His doctor prescribed him "Alli" to lose weight, but he didn't even bother to buy them. I just get scared that one day he might get a heart attack. He just doesn't take care of himself, he sometimes gets upset with Mom, when she tries to tell him, not to eat certain foods because they're bad for him.
Avatar f tn I was recently diagnosed with a pheumonia (NEW MONIA) and celiac. I already can't eat to much sodium, and have to watch my carb intake. please help me with my eating.
Avatar n tn I am not a physician, but a mom of a diabetic. When my daughter has fluctuating numbers we check her blood sugars more often, I then fax her numbers to her endocrinologist to have him adjust her numbers. She has been diagnosed for over 6 years and we still have to adjust her numbers. I can tell you that it is an on going thing that will happen; the foods you eat can also affect your numbers.
Avatar m tn ] Postprandial, 2-3 hrs after a meal. Compare against preprandial results. This will tell how the foods you ate affected your blood sugars. Avoid those that do.
Avatar f tn I will instruct clients to feed 3/4 of their regular food with 1/4 of the new for about a week or so, then 1/2 and 1/2 for a week, then 1/4 regular food to 3/4 new food for a week then all new. This way,in the early transition, your kitty will primarily be receiving their regular diet so you can administer the insulin that is needed. There are other dietary options to consider in the diabetic feline patient. Purina, Hill's and Royal Canin make a food that can be used in diabetes.
1666434 tn?1325265950 There are so many recipes out there and resources that it can get a little confusing when you are trying out new ones. I thought it might be helpful if we made a thread that shared some of your favorite diabetic safe recipes. This can just be something you make yourself all the time or a recipe you converted to be safe.
Avatar n tn Hi I am new here and i hope i am not breaking any rules but my question ia about what effects smoking pot (marijuana) will have on my son (20yrs old) who is diabetic. I am not 100% sure that he is doing this but am sure he has tried it at least once and i want to be able to give him all the correct information about the dangers he is putting himself in before i speak with him about this.
649848 tn?1534637300 We want this to be your best, most successful year yet; therefore, the title for our challenge is NEW YEAR; NEW YOU. We will run this challenge until approximately mid March. Signing up is as easy as posting your current weight and your goal on this thread. If you desire to do so, you are welcome to post your ideas/plans for reaching your goal.
535822 tn?1443980380 Many people find the labels and terms used by psychologists and psychiatrists confusing, to say the least, and often not particularly helpful in finding the root cause of their depression. Eating the correct foods may help to counter depression in certain cases. Depression often, but not always, is linked to low blood pressure, low blood sugar, low thyroid functions and/or low adrenal gland function.