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Avatar n tn We do not have type 2 diabetes as does 90% of the diabetic population. Type 2 is typically associated with diet and weight issues, though it also has a genetic component that is part of the cause. The effects of diabetes on the body, however, are about the same for type 1 and type 2 if good control is not maintained. The diet concerns, eating healthy foods in reasonable quantities, are the same. My answers: 1. 42 years 2. Some years yes, others no 3.
798555 tn?1292791151 Doc just says good exercise and diet. I do that! 1)What is a simple recommended diet to keep blood sugar low? I eat vary basic, would like to keep this as simple as possible. My diet is pretty much poultry for meat / protein, veggies , fruit. The only sugar I intake is in granola bars. I stopped eating potatoes last year. No white rice, only brown or American wild rice.
Avatar n tn Congratulations on your lifestyle change and also ridding yourself of your hypertension and pre-diabetes conditions. You should be proud of yourself and feeling a lot healthier too. Maintaining a good diet along with moderate exercise will keep these conditions under the radar. Keep it up! As far as insurance companies policies, presently you do not have hypertension nor are you a diabetic.
568322 tn?1370169040 And third, there are other causes of insulin resistance, such as obesity and specifically mid-waist girth. I'm not saying someone pre-diabetic resistant should keep drinking coffee, but perhaps a change in their diet and weight might make even a bigger difference.
398849 tn?1210139572 You would be suprised at the amount of cats that I have to give diabetic injections one or sometimes twice a day but we know this is caused by diet and can be controlled by diet. Five years ago I was only seeing one cat on medication out of a 100 now I always have feline house guest of which about 20% would be on medication. With regards to the thyriodism I can't help but think it is coming from our food chain.
Avatar n tn No, mice are not given itty bitty questionares asking them if they're diabetic....LOL Scientists don't go searching for diabetic mice....instead, they take a group of mice and MAKE THEM diabetic by feeding them a toxic substance called ALLOXAN. Alloxan poisons and kills the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas and that makes the mice diabetic. Alloxan is produced in the body from caffeine. The damage done to the pancreas by Alloxan from caffeine is cumulative.
Avatar f tn so last week i went to the local shrink my GP referred me to and she didn't think i was depressed, based on a questionnaire of how i felt the past 7 days... my score was good because i was feeling ok that week..she didn't want to hear about how i felt Jan through April.. or all of last year…she said i have an adjustment disorder.basically telling me to get used to it....would not prescribe an antidepressant, and does not do ADHD evaluation ..i really hate doctors.
479244 tn?1271567259 There are too many variables that can influence whether somebody will become a diabetic or not besides having Hep C. Like....genetics, obesity/diet, yo-yo dieting, amount of exercise, use of meds (like steroids) that can increase the risk of diabetes, smoking (which can cause insulin resistance), previous exposure to toxins (like agent orange), HIV co-infection, lypodystrophy (fat atrophy and re-distribution), having other infections, use of supplements that decrease insulin resistance....
Avatar n tn just to make a teachers job easier. Do you think the parents of a diabetic child should refuse insulin for the above reason? If a child requires medication, it is because something is "missing" or something needs "help". Just as a child with an illness might require an antibiotic to fight the bacterium; so a child with a mental health disorder might require some type of medication to help a "disordered" mind.
Avatar m tn What is your reaction to HONEY and to High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), which is used as sweetener in several commercial foods (yoghurts, chocolates, drinks, any packaged food...)? ------------------------------------------------- Anyone, who have problems with fruits, invited to answer to above questionaire.
3169079 tn?1344514594 i seem to still be going downhill and have been to docs and have had test and all but my grastro doc tell me i am aneamic and some levels are a little off but she says in her opinion my cirohisis can cause all my problems but doesnt believe it is and sends me on my way. so i went to see my diabetic doc and she sees how sick i look and the weight loos and not happy about it and is going to do a few test of her own and thinks i need to see a freind of hers that is a liver speciallist.
Avatar n tn we were just discussing the same thing at work yesterday. the study stated that "the increased risk revealed in the study was 'modest' and unlikely to raise the risk of heart disease significantly". adding that "cutting down on coffee is less likely to help people protect their heart health than other measures such as taking regular exercise and eating a healthy, balanced diet". coffee in moderation, which in their study is 4-5 cups daily is safe for the general population.
Avatar m tn The study included drinkers and iv drug users and I'm sorry you cannot completely accept what people from this group say about how much they drink or drug on a questionnaire. I should know, I lied or made myself look better on tons of medical questionnaires. Another food for thought on the subject, how often has the medical community tried to find damning evidence on marijuana, only to have their little studies blown out of the water by larger ones? There is a long history here.
Avatar m tn They've handed us the sunblock, trading one ill for another. B-12 depends partly on your diet (plant sources of B-12 are very limited). Pernicious anemia, the inability to absorb B-12 through the gut, is an autoimmune disease. If you have PA, you have to inject B-12 or use a sublingual or nasal spray (the latter two rarely used in the U.S.). I believe your B-12 is on the low side (barely), but not low enough to signal PA. A supplement would probably work just fine.
Avatar n tn Since then I have lost the weight, most of this was due to an unchosen low calorie diet, and exercise. Exercise is still a huge part of my lifestyle as is proper nutrition, in fact I currently am a fitness consultant for a gym. I am worried because of its effect on my liver, and the risk of diabetes, because my family tends to develop diabetes as they get older. Besides that I also take supplements that I am not sure how they are interacting in my body, especially my liver.
Avatar n tn My Brother has Cirrohsis due to Hep C and is also a Diabetic. He has been hospitalized for the last month due to ammonia and fluid build up in his system which caused him to be in a unconscious-like state. It took him several days to come around from this state but he is now conscious although it seems to have affected his memory and he is very weak. He is currently on Lactulose 5 times a day and he does have some kidney problems although I don't know how severe.
Avatar n tn and its usually when I don't watch and am very bad with my diet (go off the wagon) when I get this and its usually seperated by 6 months or more. But thats me. If you try any of the stuff I have done then I would love to know if any of it helps you but I am no doctor and am not prescribing anything, making any claims and taking no responsibility for any result. Good luck!
Avatar n tn Then just try to give a very health balanced diet. If you wanted to try gluten free or casein free diet you could do that sometime in the future to see if you notice any improvements.
Avatar n tn There is something in my body chemistry that apparently changed since this was not an issue a few years back- it's not a matter of anything external like lotions or the soap I use. Not diabetic- I do have acid reflux and coincidentally I think the issue may have been around about the same amount of time as the acid reflux although I don't believe that could be it or everyone with acid reflux would atract insects- but I could be wrong.
Avatar m tn You might have the exact same numbers (lab results) as someone else, but might respond to half as much medication as that other person. This is like being diabetic...you take your meds...you monitor your blood levels...you adjust your meds until you feel good. My best advice to you would be to forget OTC remedies.
Avatar n tn After much research on my own, I decided that it was my piriformis muscle and began therapy that included stretching all of the leg and glute muscles, added calcium, potassium, and magnesium supplements to my diet, and took epsom salt baths for weeks. Finally one day at work, after about one month of little relief, I experienced another sharp pain (after sitting at my desk in one position for hours working).
Avatar n tn I think marrital problems,2 surgeries in 1 year,stress caused this relapse,maybey self pity.Anyway..are diabetic bad people because they use needles? I could be your best friend at work and you wouldnt even know me! Even if i was using. I guess instead of writing all this I could have just said:LOVE PEOPLE FOR WHO THEY ARE, NOT HOW THEY DELIVER/DELIVERED THEIR DRUGS TO THEIR BLOODSTREAM!..........I wish you all well in your progress to success....
Avatar n tn I could go all day and not even think about eating, I make myself eat now and try to have a decent diet. My joint pain has slowly gotten worst and I have a bad back from a previous accident. I haven't worked in quite a while but I am alive which may not have been the outcome if I didn't do the treatment so what's the answer? I would like some bona fide information about the long term effects, certainly there are enough people out there who could start a campaign to find out how to do this.
Avatar n tn I have lost over 30 lbs without changing anything in my diet over the last 5 months. I am now eating high fat to keep from losing more. I get dizzy several times a day. I get bad fatigue & irritability. I have also had several lipomas pop up out of nowhere near my joints shoulder, knee, neck clavicle area, & hips. I was having pains in my liver area and night sweats but they seem to have faded. (none in 2 weeks) I have seen 2 different doctors and they have no idea.
Avatar n tn The reaction can tell them all kinds of different things. They gave me a diet plan for migraines which seems to help and I don't need medication. They told me try it for 4-6 weeks and if it doesn't work they will prescribe me migraine medicine. I hope this helps. If you want a copy of my diet plan to try or any more information, I would be more than happy to give it to you.
Avatar f tn Moreover, both she and I are gluten intolerant. So, when we eliminated gluten from our diet, we both saw a significant decrease in these cystic lesions. Before going gluten free, I used to have five to seven of them on my face at a time, and usually all the time. Now I only get one or two every so often. They got worse around my period. When I mentioned this and other symptoms to my doctor, including giving her my research I did, she agreed it was the cystic acne.
551343 tn?1506834118 BUT, it is not a miracle cure and you still must take responsibility for implementing other supportive measures like supplements, diet and exercise. People say what is MS like, what is limbo? Well, read my blog because it is no holds barred. http://supo-uk.spaces.live.com/?
Avatar n tn Because I do not consume animal products and did not know whether the sort of vitamin-B12 pill I was taking worked for me, I thought it could be neurological symptoms of a deficiency, although unlikely just after 3 years with that diet. Had a blood test done, blood was perfect all in all, while B12 on the low end, but still considered "normal". What's also interesting is that I have a sensitivity to some chemicals I have not certainly identified, but it's not an allergy.