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Avatar m tn A glass of wine won't hurt you. Hopefully if you are pre-diabetes (that is the correct term, there is no such thing as borderline) you are also cutting your carbs, getting exercise and losing weight if needed to slow the progression of your diabetes.
Avatar n tn Is it safe to continue to enjoy my red wine before bed time while I am on Bystolic 5 mg?
Avatar n tn I have been able to consume wine without any problem - usually a glass with meals, have done for years, never over-doing it.....in the last couple of months though, I suffer from a severe pressure headache over the left eye after only a couple of mouthfuls of wine. It doesn't make any difference if it is red/white. There is plenty of info out there on allergies to suplites/preservatives etc and for people that have always had wine headache.
Avatar n tn I also have fairly low HDL, so my doc told me to drink glass of wine. I was wondering what would be a better choice to take every night i cant sleep? drinking glass of wine or taking klonopin. a nurse practitioner prescribed me klonopin since she thought i had anxiety problems, which i dont think i have... but i'm just afraid taking both of them (not together of course), might lead to further problems... and wanted to know which one is better? thanks!
Avatar m tn The effect of modest wine consumption on NAFLD has not been studied and the recommendation of wine for patients at risk for both diseases is controversial. Despite the potential for liver injury, wine has been shown to ameliorate metabolic risk factors common to NAFLD and CHD. Therefore the aim of this study is to test the hypothesis that modest wine consumption is associated with decreased prevalence of NAFLD.
Avatar m tn Nowadays, I rarely drink. when I do, I have 1-3 glasses of wine and they affect me. I get dry mouth and urinate frequently at night. I do not have diabetes according to my labs (A1C and BG). Additionally, I have dry, red allergy eyes. I believe the eye issue is caused by my allergies, although I have read about Sojrens syndrome (I am male, and have no other symptoms aside from dry eyes and mouth). I was wondering if an of this rings a bell for the med help community or its doctors?
Avatar n tn With moderate consumption of red wine, ethanol can improve the effects of phenolic compounds. However, alcohol-free red wine appears to be a very good alternative to red wine.
Avatar f tn Did a bad thing today - went to a wine tasting luncheon and had some - sort of a swan song because i begin tx in two weeks. Haven't had a drink since diagnosis in July, and won't again until.... when? I know everybody asks this question, but many them are drinkers - I don't mean alcholics, but like people from Chicago or England or Russia, who drink on a daily basis. Anyway, I am not a drinker.
Avatar f tn I have diabetes for 10 years and recently got diagnosed with Hypertension. I am not overweight and i got these genetically. Can you please suggest how to lead a healthy long life with these two deadly diseases.
Avatar n tn i would suggest that you callyour octor to get checked out. Knowing the warning signs for type 1 diabetes (juvenile diabetes) could save a child's life.
Avatar f tn Hello, Statin drugs are known to have a side effect of raising blood sugars / inducing diabetes. They also have many other side effects. If you do take them, please make sure you also take a CoQ10 supplement, as they deplete your body's CoQ10 (which is critical for cardiac health). It would be better if you can manage your cholesterol though dietary measures.
Avatar n tn He was in the intensive care unit for 4-5 days. He has had type 1 diabetes since he was 4. My questions is: what is a safe amount of alcohol for him to consume without risk of these complications again?
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Avatar n tn I am not a pysican but the mom of a type one diabetic. Knowing the warning signs for type 1 diabetes (juvenile diabetes) could save a life.
Avatar n tn Had to go on beta blockers as precaution. Can't determine specific food triggers other than wine which I've stopped drinking as it intensified the symptoms. Only 1 glass with dinner would rev up my entire nervous system. SO uncomfortable. Don't drink any other type of alcohol. I've had a fasting glucose test (normal) but wondered why I would get a fasting glucose when I feel best in the AM before eating/between meals. As soon as I eat something, my body, metabolism, nervous system etc.
Avatar n tn He seems to crave all types of liquor and wine. Are there any guildlines for drinking with diabetes? It is my understanding that it should not be done at all. Since we cannot be with him what can I do to make him understand the seriousness of drinking/diabetes. He is already on an ace-inhibitor for some kidney problems. My second question would be what type of damage does alchoal do to type 1 diabetes? I am very concerned about him. He has also gained a lot of weight at college.
Avatar n tn i am diabetic done angeoplqst on 11th may 2010 is it advisible to take red wine This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/868162'>Effects of alcohol on angioplasty patients</a>.
Avatar n tn Ok ive had diabetes for 5 years this coming week and i am 15 years old. Diabetes has deffinently changed the way that i go out with friends and i relieze that i cant do all the things that they do to have fun, like drink alcohol. I know that alcohol and diabetes doesnt mix but im curious to know if marijuana has any other side effects on a person with diabetes or if it is still the same as a non diabetic.
Avatar f tn November 1, 2013 Spring Valley, NY USA Contact: Editorial Department: ***@**** Free copies of Walgreens Diabetes & You magazine are now available in all stores. November is American Diabetes Month, and free copies of the award-winning Walgreens Diabetes & You magazine are now available at over 8,000 Walgreens locations across the country, as well as online at walgreensdiabetes.com.
1549468 tn?1345472336 I just found out the other day that I am a borderline diabetic. Something the old PCP didn't bother to let me know about. Just one of many things, actually. I am so glad I found a new PCP that I like. Yesterday I woke up feeling very weak and dizzy, which I feel was caused from not having a snack before bed tha night before...guess I won't do that again. This morning I had my oldest daughter, Alainna, get me some mandarin oranges before I even got out of bed.
Avatar f tn Because people with diabetes are twice as likely to have heart disease as people without diabetes, it’s important to keep track of your risk factors for heart disease. You can do this in several ways: See your health care provider regularly, keep your A1C and blood glucose levels within your target range, get your blood pressure checked at each provider visit, and have your lipid (fat) levels, which includes LDL, HDL and triglycerides, checked at least once a year.
Avatar m tn Hello, I just turned 60 and very recently diagnosed with diabetes. Not sure yet whether it's 1 or 2. Seems to follow the line of 2 for right now. This past week I have been extremely weak and shaky. Almost as if my nerves are jumping. I did have one day where my level hit 304 in the AM but now stay way under 190. In fact, right now my level is 98 and I'm still incredibly weak. Do you have any idea as to what can be causing this?
Avatar n tn In the begining, alcohol provoked mild hypoglycemias, which I prevented by eating before alcohol consumption (2 or 3 beers - I am not a heavy drinker). But in the last year, when I drink beer or wine, I have mild hypoglycemias in the next 2 hours, and hyperglycemias and insulin resistance for the next 2 days! I even started having the dawn fenomenon much more frequently than before.
Avatar n tn I would suggest that you take your son to an endocrinologist and have him tested for type one diabetes. Below are the signs for type one diabetes. The honey moon is when the body is still producing insulin, but not a lot - usually when you are in the honeymoon phase you are on insulin just small doses. My daughter was able to control her blood sugars for about2 weeks after she was diagnosed, before she went on insulin.
Avatar f tn the absence of beer/wine in my diet these 2+ weeks, or the absence of starches in my diet. Any thoughts as I continue to monitor the situation?
Avatar f tn I am already depressed and freaked out as to be in isolation and feel like a freak....
15298662 tn?1439720697 When you have a drink of glucose (if you have this test), if you start to drink like a fish and can't quench your thirst, you will know that you have pre diabetes or diabetes. Do you ever feel very thirsty when you have had sweets or cakes? Another sign is skin infections like thrush and itchy skin and also cuts that take longer to heal. No doubt you mum will know.
Avatar n tn What jobs am I no longer eligible for seeing as I have Type 1 Diabetes? 5. There is no one in either side of my family that has had type 1 diabetes. Normally I would just think that someone had it and no one knew, but my uncle is a Geneologist (Spelling haha) and has made meticulous records of my family and still nothing. How could I have gotten this?