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Avatar n tn I had severe headaches almost daily, fevers, pains that would shoot up and down the side of my head that would cause me to drool, stop speaking and ultimately pass out, stomach problems, diarrhea that lasted 4 years straight with no explanations why, sores all over my body, thyroid problems that would come and go, diabetes, pancreatic problems, lung disease, memory issues, balance issues, learning problems I never had previously, my whole attitude changed and was then diagnosed with a whole ran
Avatar n tn So far the only place we have been is to Green Cove Springs, Fl (next to Jacksonville) and it has a totally different humidity then NH and my pain is not as flared. We were talking about the Carolinas but weren't sure if that was a good place. Does anyone live there with fibro, and if so does it help it? I have met so many people who say they have fibro and I can't figure out why they don't have as much pain and that the meds can help them.
Avatar n tn I used to feel like my heart was coming out of my chest after taking a brisk walk for 20 minutes. In these last three months I am now able to run 3.5 miles in 30 minutes with no hesitation !!! I would recommend this to anyone who needs a little boost getting the weight loss started.
Avatar n tn I have also noticed that when I walk I will hear it in time with the steps I take. That kinda got me worried. It does sound like gas fizzing though, so maybe the stomach explination is a good theory.
Avatar n tn We capped off the drain where the toilet will eventually go back on. We sanded walls and tore up tile and the glue that was on the floor and walls. Now whenever you walk in the front door of the house, people remark that it smells like Exhaust fumes. Not gas, but exhaust. I smelled it, and strangers smell it too. I dont smell it anywhere else. We do not have any gas appliances. I dont feel light headed or have any symptoms, and I am a very SENSITIVE person.
Avatar n tn ) and that it would be his liver that took him most likely. He appears yellow already, is not in pain, and can’t walk because of the other tumors. I hope he passes the way she did… I pray so anyway.
Avatar n tn Everyone can eat salad, walk to their car and turn on their TVs without the remote. It's better than nothing! Ever since I could remember I've always had the same symptoms but some either increased or were never there before. Almost every single day when I wake up, I feel dizzy and sick to my stomach. Maybe it's normal because most people do feel dizzy when they wake up but it's the same feeling for me the entire day!
Avatar n tn Pain has been persistent and nagging, but manageable (able to walk miles at a time with little pain). No noticeable lumps, either... Any ideas?
Avatar n tn She went to a walk in clinic and got some advice how to kick percocets. For some reason the front desk person suggested methadone.?? As she was there a methadone user overheard her concerns and sold his methadone prescription to her. You can put the rest of it together from here.... It been two years now. I did find out that when she went to get medical advice they did stabilizer her at 100 mg a day. She says she is now down to 50mg a day and trying to ween 5mg at a time.
Avatar n tn exercise helps alot and staying busy...force urself to walk around the block or even down the drive way..read up in the health pages and hang tight...if i can help let me know..
Avatar n tn First I had the condition for about 3 months and have managed to miminize it to a point where it’s much less of a problem then it was when it started. Of course it could come back. 1. Facts – I’m 61 no high blood pressure, no diabetes, not overweight and never any serious sinus problems. 2. Clues: - I would get an attack at almost the same time every day. Mid afternoon at work and watching TV in the evening.