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647391 tn?1275020233 While some say the A1c max is 6%, some labs have the max at 7%. In either case, being educated on diabetes prevention and control is good knowledge.
Avatar f tn Hi Doctor, my mom is a type 2 diabetes patient. she takes 500 mg x 2 glucophage. since diabetes is linked to other diseases as well, what general tests or physical examinations should she have them done. what special precautions she shud take in her diet like taking high fibre diet is good for her. i have told her to take fish oil by pulse (1000 mg) thrice a week. is that good for her.
Avatar n tn Serve yourself measured portions, and when you are done, don't linger around the table. Get up and busy yourself with washing the dishes or other activity for at least 15-30 minutes before deciding if you want another helping. Decide whether you are "mouth" hungry or "stomach" hungry. Don't eat when you are simply looking for something to chew on out of boredom or a sudden craving. Eat when you are truly hungry.
Avatar m tn I have type 2 diabetes and my eye site seems to be getting worse I am becoming very near sited My doctor keeps telling me my eye site will get better but they seem to get worse I am taking my meds but not mesuring my sugar so I don't know what my sugar count is as I type.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am so sorry I missed your question, it did not come up in que when you write the most recent question. Type 2 diabetes can develop into a type of Type 1 later on IF the pancreas is not able to keep producing enough insulin. This is not definite and only happens to certain individuals. Complications related to diabetes are mainly from high glucoses and not the medications taken. All medications can have side effects ofcourse, herbals, teas etc included.
Avatar m tn I had all the blood tests before they confirmed diabetes and 2weeks ago they said they wanted a urine sample which came back high they nurse said so I had to repeat it. Had a call to go see doctor tomorrow as they said they next sample was abnormal. what do they mean and what should I expect when I see doctor tomorrow. Also my skin is so itchy should I tell him.
Avatar f tn "that's better Mike, it is controllable by diet and exercise then" Unfortunately, that's not the case. Some people with Diabetes Type 2 need oral medications and others need insulin. (Type 2 diabetes means they don't produce enough insulin. Type 1 means they don't produce ANY insulin.
873325 tn?1295465496 Yes, I'm sure it was a blood test, but if it was just a random blood sugar it is pretty meaningless. The ones that determine diagnosis are either fasting (diabetes is 126 and over) and more commonly these days A1C which is an average of blood sugars for a period of about two months. (diabetes is over 6.5). Ask your doctor what type of tests he did or is going to do now. I hope she doesn't have diabetes, but if she does, there is a lot to learn.
Avatar n tn When it happened to myself my blood sugar went to an amount slightly over 300, I took the appropriate amount of insulin and drank nearly 2 gallons of water in 2 1/2 hours which obviously resulted in frequent visits to the bathroom but it did help to clear the keytones from my system. After about 5 hrs of being in that condition I began to recover and was able to return to feeling more secure about my health.
1079902 tn?1256055503 Sustained effort from your side will help you fight Diabetes and follow up with your endocrinologist for medication and Insulin if it is required presently. Go for regular eye and kidney checkups. At this time do not worry about diabetic coma and it is possible from your side to fight diabetes and avoid complications. Take care!
Avatar n tn And are these patients your father sees Type 2 diabetics? Type 1 diabetes is when the pancreas does not produce insulin. Type 2 diabetes is most often diagnosed in people who are overweight, do not exercise and have a history of neglecting the needs of their bodies. Therefore Type 2 diabetics still produce insulin but their bodies do not use the insulin sufficiently or I could say properly. Anyway, why don't you try talking to your parents, maybe there was some miscommunication.
Avatar m tn Hi, the tendency towards diabetes (type 2) is not curable, but the expression of that diabetes can be managed / cured by lifestyle (weigh loss, low carb eating, exercise), as long as you consider that you will be 'cured' only as long as you follow that lifestyle. Further diabetes is not a simple disease and some people will develop it regardless of how good their diet and lifestyle is (not that one shouldn't continue with that lifestyle), and may need medications as well.
Avatar f tn I think the opinion I should be concerned about is the diabetic nurse and my OBGYN. The 2 heart scans came back normal so far baby seems healthy. I've had contractions since Sunday nothing steady but I've been informed to keep an eye out and if I get 4 in an hour or less I've got to go to L&D. Wishing you ladies the best of luck I'm 32 weeks but baby is measuring at 34 weeks or so overall. My due date is August 9th so we'll see how far I get. Thanks again.
Avatar m tn You should have the test on an empty stomach after not eating overnight. Adults with type 2 diabetes should have this test every year. People with high cholesterol may have this test more often. See also: Diabetes - preventing heart attack and stroke Kidney Tests Once a year, you should have a urine test. It looks for a protein called "albumin." Because the test looks for small amounts of albumin, it is sometimes called a test for microalbuminuria.
Dog I should add that he started oral meds and I purchased a meter and supplies to keep an eye on it.
Avatar n tn we use the distance from the front of the eye to the retina, and information about the topograghy of the cornea to determine the perscription. The refractions (taken earlier) have very little to do with the new lens selection. IS THIS CORRECT, OR SHOULD THEY HAVE USED TO OLDER REFRACTION THAT WAS TAKEN WHEN I COULD STILL SEE WELL? MY SECOND QUESTION regards the recommendation for which lens to implant.
798555 tn?1292791151 Prediabetes is usually seen as a precursor to type 2 type diabetes, which is not the autoimmune type. Type 2 diabetes, was known as adult onset type, has a strong genetic component and is often associated with insulin resistance. This forces the pancreas to work harder and eventually it can't produce enough insulin. Type 1 is autoimmune type. This happens when the insulin producing cells of the pancreas are attacked by antibodies which destroy them.
619640 tn?1221399056 Hi my father is 53 and he is suffering from type 2 diabetes. He is having diabetes from more than 10 years. From past few months he is having eye aches , slight swelling under the eyes and eyes have become slightly red. Some times the pain is very high. Please suggest what to do in this case? Is this a very serious problem? What are the remedies and what should be avoided?
Avatar f tn If there was a way and I don't think there is they would be giving people an immunization shot for that since in this country diabetes is such a problem for children. I work in a school and its scary how many kids have type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Todays kids are so hooked on video games that they don't get out and exercise like they did years ago. Many of our children are over weight do to the inactivity and fast food and junk food they eat. Type 1 is still a complete mystery .
Avatar n tn I would like to know what folks think on this forum with regards to my treatment options, Should I go on medication for Diabetes or just treat the low T and control the diabetes with diet alone? I am only 38 and have very active life/marriage. What does the future look for me ? How long can I go on like this and will be recover the low T or will be on meds permanently? Thanks.
11478709 tn?1526754875 so basically what is happening with me is that I have become very wick in front of a physical tension like to work extra hours or to drive more than 2 hours cause my eye will be concentrated on the road or to walk little more than few miles.. so problem with stamina I would say.. can somebody on the planet if there is some explain to me what can this be that is happening with me?
1073484 tn?1257162512 But to prevent complications from ever developing to a person with type 1 diabetes especially if the disease manifest early during childhood is i think a shot to the moon. Realistically,we can only hope to delay the onset of the myriad complications first of which is, eye problems, most notably retinopathy. Some people manage it for decades, and some only years. I just hope we can manage this condition long enough for my daughter to live a fuller, and normal life ahead.
Avatar m tn //tinyurl.com/5uprfd . Some of the complications of smoking on diabetes include retinopathy (eye disease), heart disease, stroke, vascular disease, kidney disease, nerve damage, and foot problems. Lest not forget smoking causes cancer of the mouth, throat, bladder, lungs, and MANY others. What more do you need to convince you to stop puffing?
Avatar n tn But of course it depends on how big the leak is and whether the eye is trying to grow new vessels to compensate. You don't say which doctor told you that delivery could cause blindness, but I would ask both the endocrinologist AND the eye specialist about this issue. And if neither of your doctors is a real specialist, ask to be referred to one who knows more about diabetic conditions.
1469903 tn?1286650297 Of all the patients with diabetes, only approximately 10% of the patients have type 1 diabetes and the remaining 90% have type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes was also referred to as non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM), or adult onset diabetes mellitus (AODM). In type 2 diabetes, patients can still produce insulin, but do so relatively inadequately for their body's needs, particularly in the face of insulin resistance as discussed above.
338920 tn?1195643836 My wife will be seeing our doctor tomorrow (11-21-07) He's going to discuss with her starting tx. My wife is Type 1, Stage 4 and her Viral Load is over 2 million. She also has high blood pressure and diabetes. Does anyone have any advice for us? Will diabetes make tx harder for her and should she do different things during tx? I know the doctor will answer these questions, but I'm so worried about my wife, that I'd like to hear some words from people who have been there.
Avatar n tn Be sure to kepe up with your appointments regarding all medications, and keep an especially good eye on your blood sugars. Good glucose control helps with wound healing and in the long-term, the life of your bypass as well. If you are not sure about some dietary habits, ask your doctor to refer you to a nutritionist as well. You can look into our Diabetes Bridge program as it is specially designed for folks who have recently had surgery: www.endocrinehelp.com.