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Avatar f tn My daughter was diagnosised with Type 1 Diabetes Aug 2008. We have learned how to inject insulin and check her blood sugar numbers. We keep her on a pretty strick diet to ensure that we keep her Blood Sugar Numbers between 80-180. The past two days she has been very low. We have tried to make sure that the insulin that we give her is only enough to cover the food that she has eaten. However, just today, she woke up with her blood sugar #s at 64. She ate about 32 carbs for breakfast.
Avatar n tn My son is 20 & has had type 1 diabetes for 3 years. He is not a frequent drinker but if he does he only has 3 or 4 drinks. He recently did this & was thought by his friends to be asleep (they know nothing about his condition which will have to change) He was left alone in a strange house all night so no one can tell us anything about what happened.When he woke up he was disorientated and had a dislocated shoulder.
Avatar m tn They collected my blood and urine sample at 9 A.M. Then I was offered breakfast at 9.15 am. I had following breakfast 5 to 6 Idli (South Indian Dish) 2 Butter Toast 1 cup tea 2 Banana 1/2 Apple Now I was asked to come again at 11.15 A.M (i.e 2 hours after breakfast) for blood and urine test. Not knowing what to do for two hours, I sat at some isolated chair in the clinic and did 20 minutes silent laughter exercise. (BTW now i am very much can do laughter yoga by myself alone).
1456043 tn?1285366131 Then I was offered breakfast at 9.15 am. I had following breakfast 5 to 6 Idli (South Indian Dish) 2 Butter Toast 1 cup tea 2 Banana 1/2 Apple Now I was asked to come again at 11.15 A.M (i.e 2 hours after breakfast) for blood and urine test. Not knowing what to do for two hours, I sat at some isolated chair in the clinic and did 20 minutes silent laughter exercise. (BTW now i am very much can do laughter yoga by myself alone). Samples were taken as per schedule.
Avatar m tn As your mother was diagnosed at one year of age with type 2 diabetes? Type 1 diabetes (juvenile diabetes), which is an autoimmune disease, sounds more likely. Are you sure the diagnosis is correct? Most children who have type 2 diabetes have a family history of diabetes, are overweight, not very physically active and it usually develops around puberty. Tablets are not suitable for type 1 diabetics. Insulin injections are given daily or several times a day depending on the type of insulin used.
Avatar f tn Im a type 1 diabetic for 13 years. Talk to your doc about it. Its not that bad when its just the gestational diabetes.
Avatar n tn My 13yo son Sean was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes nine months ago. He is also significantly ADHD, requiring daily medication in order to be able to function socially and academically. We have found that the ADHD meds and the insulin are difficult to schedule because the ADHD meds suppress the appetite, and now that he has diabetes, he cannot skip meals.
Avatar n tn Just wish i can better control my diabetes after exercise I must share one thing..i have been a type 1 diabetic for 13 yrs now and for all newly diagnosed diabetics...exercise is as vital as insulin to prevent complication and to build up ur own confidence. I feel soo much better after going to gym for aerobics or weight training and work out about 1 and half hour at the gym 3 times a week and play squash 1-2 time a week.
Avatar n tn I assume you get regularly tested for thyroid to make sure that isn't the cause of your weight gain and you don't need an adjustment in thyroid meds. Insulin doesn't make people gain weight, though sometimes people lose weight when initially diagnosed with very high numbers and when their blood sugar gets under control they continue eating the same way and gain weight. Another cause of weight gain in Type 1's is insulin resistance.
873325 tn?1295465496 Thanks for your comment:) I think I will make an appt with her doctor. I want to make a log of her sugars for a few days, do you know the best times to test? I know that about 2 hours after eating, you should be in the normal range....but what if you test soon after you eat, is that a bad time to test? I don't know much about diabetes. I think when they have tested for diabetes it was a blood test. Thanks for your help!
Avatar n tn Given your weight, diet and history you may be adult onset type 1 (research LADA) rather than type 2. Treatment for this is insulin rather than oral meds, usually. Your fasting no. are reasonable now, but your after eating is still too high. Yes, exercise and low carb eating are very helpful in controlling blood sugars and minimising med requirements. Hope this helps.
8793709 tn?1409597660 It doesn't mean your baby will be more at risk for type 1. But it does mean you are more at risk to develop type 2 diabetes later. If you leave it untreated the baby is also at risk for type 2 later in life.
5623242 tn?1371130679 Hi im a type 1 diabetic very desprate to lose weight i have gone down nearly 9 inchs in 10 months but cannot seem to lose weight , im 4.11 and weigh 9st.
1303999 tn?1279585526 I'm not sure why your blood sugar went through the roof - I know others who have both type II diabetes and thyroid issues and don't have a problem with it. I wonder if there could be an absorption issue if you take the meds a the same time - like one could be preventing the other from being absorbed properly. Since we are all different, it could be the way the med affects you. Are you making sure to keep your diet on track and get enough exercise?
Avatar m tn I have had type 2 diabetes for the past 13 years. DR ALMEIDA your remedy will it help me ? Reply will be appreciated...
Avatar n tn The only change I might recommend is to ADD a protein, perhaps an EggBeater omelet or cottage cheese in the morning, and increase your Am milk to 1/2-1 cup. Your current breakfast doesn't have much protein. You might try 1 cup of raw veggies with your lunch, or a salad made with plenty of veggies included. I'd actually eat a larger salad at night (1 cup is an AWFULLY small salad). Otherwise, you look pretty darn good.
Avatar f tn According to the American Diabetes Association, the best food choice for people with type 1 diabetes is whole grains. Whole grains can help people with type 1 diabetes control blood sugar and lose weight, making blood sugar management more effective.
Avatar n tn My teenage son was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Being a typical growing teenage boy, the temptation to snack often and on anything under the sun, is a constant battle. This has caused severe spikes in his blood sugar levels and I constantly worry about what long term effects this might have on his organs. Could you please tell me what complications over time can occur from high blood sugar levels.
Avatar n tn Weight gain and type 1 diabetes is a very serious problem. I would like to suggest that if it is at all possible to bring in a type 1 diabetes nutritional specialist that may help out with information that can help with weight loss. There is another website that I would recommend dealing with this subject. It is www.childrenwithdiabetes.com/dteam/indexweight_2002.htm. This is a well known and very much respected site.
Avatar n tn "I don't eat a bad breakfast, please don't think that." BUT.... "after breakfast. It spikes to well over 140 (my doctor wants me to keep it under 130) and then crashes an hour later more than 50 points. It makes me feel *awful*. " It seems obvious that your breakfast meal is causing your "crash". Do you crash if you fast, skipping breakfast?
1399033 tn?1449591379 I usually eat what I crave since I'm 33 weeks and only gained 9 lbs. I also have type 2 diabetes so it's probably better for my sugar if I ate bacon and eggs but I can't eat that everyday! I also like to eat granola with cinnamon and add some fresh raspberries and vanilla Greek yogurt to it. Delicious!
Avatar n tn 1. Fasting when you wake up, 2. After breakfast 2hr 3. After 2hrs of lunch, 4 After 2hrs of dinner. Make a chart and if you are taking any medication, write down the dosage as well. I would suggest that you write down what did you eat at every meal so it will gives you insight into what type of food could be good or bad for you.
Avatar m tn i have type 2 diabetes and take metformin. i am trying to lose weight by doing the 2 meal replacement shakes from herbalife. is herbalife bad or good for type 2 diabetes. i drank a shake this morning for breakfast and then tested my blood sugar it was 170 and the night before when i went to bed it was 110. i'm also working out trying to lose weight. does herbalife meal replacement shakes raise your blood sugar, therefore bad for type 2 diabetes ?
Avatar n tn 4 ratio and take it about 20 minutes befor my meal and WOW sometimes it's so out of wack even I am stunned.
Avatar m tn Type 1 diabetes can be distinguished from type 2 by testing for the presence of certain antibodies (Type 1 is an autoimmune disease).
Avatar n tn I was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes one and a half months ago. I started taking insulin novomix since last one month. My highest sugar reading was 469.