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Avatar f tn I'm sorry she made u feel bad that's terrible but while fast weight gain may be a sign of gestational diabetes it's not a guarantee it will happen to u, since I was the opposite with weight gain and I have GD! I had no indications before the standard test... My advice is to just stay as active as u can and eat as clean as u can and as long as u and baby are ok, alls well :) Good luck momma!
1426120 tn?1283042872 Certain medications like antidepressants cause weight gain. Polycystic ovary too causes weight gain, hence has to be ruled out by an ultrasound of abdomen. If the above causes are eliminated then you can join a weight trainer and a nutrition expert and follow their advice and lose weight under their guidance. Hope this helps. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
361026 tn?1197563128 I feel full all the time and only eat when I have too.I am scared the weight gain will cause me to have to start my diabetes meds again which I had been able to discontinue after the weight loss. I am so worried about this weight gain and the results of my scan. nerves are still shaky. There has got to be an answer.
151154 tn?1208134182 Okay, so I gotta tell you I'm a little upset about my weight gain. I am 31 weeks, possibley 33. My dates may be off. I went for an emerg apt on Tuesday and that doctor told me to cut the calories because I've gained way too much weight. I have gained exactly 30 lbs. I just don't know what to do. I eat 3 meals a day and don't snack at all. I don't eat chips or candy. I do like ice cream alot and have it once in awhile but not really any more that I did before I got pregnant.
Avatar f tn Can diabetes cause weight gain and cysts? I have a 17 yr old daughter and we just got the results back from her blood work and found out she has diabetes. We haven't found out what type she is yet just notice after she gave birth to her son a year ago that she was always thristy and having real bad stomach pains and always staying tired. If someone has any idea and can help me please do.
Avatar n tn Hi my mom just heard the news she had diabetes and she has had symptoms of frequent urination,dehydration and headaches,weight loss. The doctor said her glucose level was 13 from the normal level 6. Can her diabetes be cured wth diet,exercise or is it too high to get rid of through a changed diet and exercise?
Avatar f tn Hi Luisa24, Looking back I did have side effects of diabetes when I had PCOS but I just thought with my weight loss my body was changing to my new size , but when I was having my blood tests done before I was due to start IVF they found out I was diabetic but only diet controlled which soon moved up to type 2 and still I have off days when am over tired or do not eat enough like today as my son kept me up all last night as he wouldn’t settle, I might not have PCOS now but am stuck with
Avatar n tn * Frequent urination * Excessive thirst * Extreme hunger * Unusual weight loss * Increased fatigue * Irritability * Blurry vision Some possible other causes for rapid weight gain could be heart failure, liver disease or kidney disease, Cushing Syndrome, or polycystic ovary syndrome. Its time you see your doctor.
Avatar f tn Thank you ladies :)
Avatar f tn My other symptoms include diarrhea, mood swings, and depression. I am 17, have type 1 diabetes, and this weight is ruining my health.
Monster Hi! Celelxa is unlikely to be the cause of weight gain. However uncontrolled or abnormal hormonal levels in menopause can contribute to weight gain. Also, with onset of menopause you can develop hypothyroidism, diabetes, PCOD and other such causes of weight gain. This needs to be evaluated and eliminated. Please discuss this with your doctor. Take care!
Avatar n tn Yes prolactin elevation can cause some of those symptoms and weight gain and the potential of diabetes can occur from antipsychotics but only a psychiatrist would understand this in full. However if you had these concerns before you started medication it would be worthwhile to see a doctor and then can refer you to an endocrinologist if needed after doing appropriate tests to see what is happening and what might be the potential cause.
Avatar n tn SHe has gone from Superman, to I can't keep my eyes open. But she still won't slow down. What could cause these symptoms. Diabetes, heart problems, and cancer run in our family. She had a problem with being allergic to some ear drops and they had to scrap her ear drum because it got scaley. Then she got a sinus infection or brochitis. The doctor changed his mind. So she thinks she was allergic to the antibiotic. But I am really sceptical about that. What should I ask the doctors to look for?
Avatar n tn Your pituitary is telling your thyroid to try to make more thyroid hormones, T4 and T3. Your symptoms of weight gain, constipation, sleep problems, low physical activity are hypo signs. I'm sorry to say that your TSH will not resolve on it's own. It sounds like you've been hypo for over 5 years with constipation and other symptoms. You need a doctor to run a complete thyroid panel on you so that your thyroid can be correctly evaluated, which is impossible by TSH and one antibody.
1972507 tn?1325894780 Ive had two children and still no luck! im a size 0 jeans. Why!??? Why cant I gain? I weigh 100 lbs. What can I do to gain weight??????
Avatar f tn I have always been very small but I have lost 25 pounds in the last 2 years. I'm trying to gain weight quickly I was just wondering if you had any suggestions on what I should do or my calorie intake daily I want to at least get back to 100 if not 115lbs.
Avatar f tn I found this forum while searching for reasons people take Wellbutrin. I took it at first as a booster to cymbalta for OCD anxiety. I've never had depression, but when I get put on an ssri I get so depressed I develop suicidal thoughts, especially on amitriptelene sp?
Avatar n tn Some of these symptoms have lessened over time, but the weight gain / cellulite seems it's here to stay (very depressing). If any one finds out what we can do to counteract this weight gain caused by the metabolism issues eltroxin creates, such as maybe a herbal remedy we can take - please shout. It can get quite desperate.
1157646 tn?1343970728 Hopefully my thyroid hormones will regulate relatively soon so that im not on this horrible weight gain for too long. We have diabetes quite strong in my family so im a little worried if I gain too much weight I could be at risk. Thanks for all your info!!
Avatar n tn Again as stated before Wellbutrin has a lower incidence of weight gain . The average weight gain with paroxetine (Paxil®) for someone who weighs 150 pounds is about 5 pounds. Some people can gain much more. People who take bupropion (Wellbutrin®) tend to lose a little weight, about 2 to 3 pounds. I cannot tell which of the three would cause the slowing of the metabolism. My only advice would be focus on the positive. Do you feel better? Is your pain more tolerable?
Avatar f tn Hi, Weight gain can be due to both menopause and thyroid issues and because of diabetes or high cholesterol levels. A thorough blood work including FSH, LH levels and thyroid tests will help identify the problem. In the meantime proper attention to diet and regular exercise will help. You can consult your gynaecologist and if it is not menopause then consult an endocrinologist. Hope this helps. The answer is based on information provided.
Avatar n tn I've talked to my doctor - he's run thyroid (i'm in the normal range) and diabetes (normal, again), and there's just nothing he knows or that I'm finding that shows a causal relationship between pancreatitis and weight gain or gallbladder and weigth gain. This change, however, clearly stems from the surgery (or rather, the combination of symptoms and procedures).
Avatar n tn I was just diagnosed about 6mo ago with Crohn's, but apparently have had symptoms since I was 14. Like you, I have also lost a lot of weight. I have gone from 135 to 110lbs (not sure what that is in kgs). I drink ENSURE PLUS, which is designed to give you vitamins and nutrients that you are not getting from food, plus give you some extra calories. You can find that at most grocery stores.
918275 tn?1254072352 All I know is that it seems that all that has happened for me is that I traded one set of problems for another set (weight gain, depression over weight gain, Hoplessness, etc.) of issues. Primarily depressed and fatigued and hopeless, which is what I started out to be and is what I am still, only now overweight. I was skinny and miserable, why would I exchange that for fat and miserable or make that fat and way more miserable because of now being way overweight on top of everything else.
1268921 tn?1288922656 Does your doc know how much weight you've gained? I would definitely tell your doc, if you haven't already, about the weight gain. I was recently put on a med where I gained 6lbs in 5 days. When I told my doc, she put me on Metformin HC, 500mg 2x/day. It's a med that's technically for pre-diabetes patients, but has a known off-label use of helping to control/limit weight gain from other Rxs by changing the way that your body deals with the calories that it gets when you eat.
906129 tn?1242402230 50mcg in the fall and started gaining weight especially in the stomach region, with the research I have been compiling I have come to the conclusion that if you have a t3 problem that is if your t4 is normal but it has a problem converting to t3 and your hypo you will gain weight also it raises your cortisol levels so that is why the stomach weight gain.
1257808 tn?1322765815 these magnesium deficiency symptoms list: Restless legs syndrome Weakness Inappropriate fatigue Muscle twitching Muscle pain and soreness Shooting pains Sound sensitivity Light sensitivity Irritability Delayed recovery from from exercise I can say I have it all !! but the amazing thing is Restless legs syndrome this is first time found something describe this symptom I have. I did post "when I get nervous of feel very bad move my legs & foot strangly.