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Avatar f tn I am from California) to check for bacteria, ect. But everything came back normal except for the presence of white blood cells in the stool. He wanted to do a colonoscopy but I said that I will wait it out and see how things turn out over the next few months. I didn't get any better. I was supposed to see a gastroenterologist last fall but it did not work out. Recently, I actually had visible blood in my stool. It was not on the surface but actually mixed in with the stool itself.
Avatar f tn Some metabolic disorders like diabetes mellitus and thyroid disorders are known to simulate these symptoms. Please consult your primary care physician who will carry out blood tests and x rays to rule out these conditions. You seem to be very anxious and in pain, take OTC pain medications like Tylenol (acetaminophen) or ibuprofen. Try applying local analgesic creams. Place ice over the painful area every 1-2hrs for pain relief. Practice relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation.
Avatar n tn My grandson is 4 months old and, for the past 6 weeks, has had blood in his stool and it has gotten very mucusy in the past month. The blood is a dark red or black - not very much and not in every bowel movement. Just a couple of specks, now and then. The bowel movements have been very mucusy though. He is strictly breastfed (no cereal yet), is gaining weight (birth weight: 8.7 oz, present weight: 13.2 lb), is happy and doesn't show signs of discomfort.
Avatar f tn Could it be a sign of too much sugar in the stool? I'm wondering if she has type 1 Diabetes. Daycare agrees she drinks a lot (always has her cup), but not necessary excess, same with the urination (7 to 10 diaper changes a day). Daycare does not think she has as much energy as some other kid's she has watched over the years however is that just a personality trait. As this age is hard to tell if she is hungry or if needs a sugar boost. i don't know how to test if she has blurry vision.
Avatar n tn I bought a test at a drug store to test for blood in stool, not that I am going to skip calling a Doctor. My nephew, who is 36 years old, also has Crohns since he was 18. He has had several operations removing his intestines. I will let you know the results of any tests I have, and I hope that you are doing well with having Crohns for so many years, I know it can have bad flare ups. My newphew is on heavy pain killers and Prednisone.
1422878 tn?1284588193 so i went to get a blood test last week and they havent called us to tell us the rezults. I'm having the classic symptoms( i look up my symptoms) of diabetes. but im nauseas like all the time. my feet are swollen and feel cold to touch, and they tingle( also my back tingles too). any answers.
Avatar f tn Chronic diarrhea and blood in the stool. A Biopsy was the only thing that determined that. It is worth trying it, trust me. Your vet will have a better idea of what is going on once she/he sees your cat's colon. My story is a success, and I can help you, but you have to trust me. Not everyone likes what I do but it is the only thing that works for IBD cats. My best advice is, do not waste money on prescription foods.
4105307 tn?1369535032 As you have probably found out, cushings is extremely rare in cats. I hope you have a good vet. Our Tink was first diagnosed with diabetes, then a while later tested for cushings. The diabetes, as I understand, is often triggered by the cushings. Either way, we had started insulin twice a day and had decided we would continue as long as she was a happy cat. Vitamins and glucosamine tablets seemed to help. We gave her FortiFlora, a powder in a packet, for diahrrea as needed.
Avatar f tn It's been a little over one year since he's been diagnosed with diabetes and he's also loosing weight but blood sugar is still elevated. I am afraid his kidneys are shutting down and I told him to go to the ER right away but he just dismissed it and said it was something that maybe i prepared...that is incorrect because today when he told me he had the same movement yesterday, i had not prepared any food at home. Please help or direct me to where i can find some specific info...
Avatar m tn This can be detected by a simple blood test. Now, you follow some good lifestyle measures for the bloating to decrease. Eat food rich in plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid spicy and fatty food, avoid smoking and eliminate alcohol. Do not consume caffeinated beverages. Practice good relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation. Exercise regularly. Go for long relaxed walks. Maintain a food diary and try to identify those foods which are likely to produce bloating and avoid them.
Avatar m tn If it will be positive, this is a sign of malabsorption (probable small intestinal disease. Hemmocult test shows blood in the stool (in Crohn's). Bloodwork may show anemia or signs of inflammation. If all this will be positive, Crohn's disease is possible (rash, losing weight and your age also speak for it). Calculate the costs and have these basic tests. If you're from US, you may want to check for some help within "Medicaid" or "Medicare".
Avatar n tn at the same time the let him come home with c-dif,and no diagnosis for his symptoms.1 week late he is back to hospital with same symptoms,he is npo that stops the diahrea but the vomiting persists.his sugar levels are above 250 even 4 days after admission with nothing to eat but nacl iv and some antibiotics. still no diagnosis so they have no idea what to treat him for. gets reglan which is not helping.
Avatar f tn Aside from the mucus, what other symptoms present? Increased amount of mucus in stool or with other symptoms such as blood in stool and changes in bowel habits warrants further evaluation by your doctor. While mucus in stool can occur with a variety of intestinal infections, it can also be due to more serious conditions such as Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis and even cancer.
Avatar m tn A person with a fasting blood glucose level of 126 mg/dl or higher has diabetes. In the OGTT test, a person's blood glucose level is measured after a fast and two hours after drinking a glucose-rich beverage. If the two-hour blood glucose level is between 140 and 199 mg/dl, the person tested has pre-diabetes. If the two-hour blood glucose level is at 200 mg/dl or higher, the person tested has diabetes." http://www.diabetes.org/about-diabetes.
Avatar n tn Yellow stool is consistent with gallbladder problems. It is possible you have a stone stuck in a duct. When that happens, your pancreas may start acting up hence the yellow stool. If you are having pain under the right ribcage that indicates liver/gallbladder. Left side pain indicates pancreas/spleen. Have you done anything different lately? Have you had a baby or gone thru a pregnancy? If yes, many times that can precipitate a gallstone flare up. Have you taken a trip out of the country?
Avatar n tn I haven't heard about kidney stones & diabetes before at all. In general, it's best to drink plenty of water to keep the concentrations of minerals in our urine from being extreme. I've read "somewhere" that our urine should be nearly colorless with jsut a bit of yellow; darker yellow means we're not well-enough hydrated. I use that rule of thumb myself, but do check it out with your child's doc. Perhaps others will post with good info to share, too.
Avatar m tn Were you fasting for both blood tests? The probiotic you are on in is a fine one, and I don't know much about Trimebutine because it isn't available where I live.
Avatar n tn I've been taking supplements strictly for roughly 2 months now but nothing has improved the joint/bone pain is almost debilitating and earlier today there was a large amount of blood in my stool (this has never happened before) I'm quite worried and was wondering if someone could tell me what all this could possibly be.
Avatar f tn During this time I've experienced a crazy list of symptoms that seem to come and go at random intervals.
764939 tn?1234589366 I then started to have severe diarrhea. On one occasion a passed large blood clots without stool. The blood and the blood clots never returned after this event, I continued to have diarrhea however. I went into my Family practice doctor after two weeks of diarrhea and severe abdominal pain. At this appointment a CT scan of my abdomen was down and stool samples, and blood test were ordered. Everything came back within normal ranges.
Avatar m tn Hi, certain metabolic disorders can cause the symptoms described by you, Diabetes Mellitus and Hypothyroidism could cause the symptoms described by you. A simple blood test could help detect diabetes and hypothyroidism. Consult your primary care physician for these tests. Regards.
Avatar n tn Hi, blood usually comes in vomiting in case of reflux,blood with cough is mainly from lungs but as your investigations suggest no pathology better just relax and keep taking anti acid reflux treatment for at least couple of weeks.Have you ever had black stool or pain in upper addomen.
Avatar m tn My doctor sees it as minor collateral damage and openly states I'm wasting his time with this trivia. I haven't had a solid stool in 18 months and I'm fed up! Any ideas about balancing metformin controlled diabetes with the need to share the world with other people!!! I've tried carbon tablets, peppermint is unsuitable as I also have gastric reflux and stomach ulcers. It's getting close to separate bedrooms. Think I'd rather take my chances with diabetes.
Avatar f tn I am only 25 female, but with family history of abdominal cancer (not sure of the exact location), diabetes, heart failure, high blood pressure.
Avatar n tn Make sure you check your thyroid, diabetes and do a complete blood work up. Let him/her know your symptoms. I feel that it is better to be safe than sorry. Good Luck.
Avatar n tn Then again please check for Diabetes as this can affect the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves leading to bowel symptoms. This can be detected by a simple blood test. Also local pathologies in the rectum like growths or inflammatory diseases can also leave a feeling to defecation. For this a proctoscopy or a sigmoidoscopy will help detect the lesion. So, would advise you to discuss these options with your doctor when you happen to meet him next time. Regards.
Avatar m tn Malabsorption syndromes are seen in intestinal tuberculosis, HIV, tropical sprue, parasites in stool and Whipple’s Disease. Diabetes too can be the cause. Since I cannot examine you and know other related conditions you may be having, nor is a detailed history possible on net, I have listed the various possibilities that should be looked into. Please consult your PCP to run tests and examination to clinch a diagnosis. Take care!
Avatar f tn It helps keep the amount of fluid inside and outside of your cells in balance. It also helps maintain proper blood volume, blood pressure, and pH of your body fluids." http://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/chloride-cl If your level was only one number off, your doctor may not have thought the deficiency to be significant to warrant further investigation.
Avatar n tn Hello, Im a 23 yr old with no prior health issues. family history of diabetes and hypertension. One night after laying in bed till about 2am i started noticing chest pains. i got up and felt dizzy, disorentated, hot flases, nauses.. everything that would indiate a cardiac problem. so i went to the er. several ekgs and blood tests later i have no heart related issues. they checked my thyroid.. that was fine.