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Avatar f tn Do i have a risk to get diabetes if my my mother had type 2 diabetes? Also i love sugar.
480448 tn?1426952138 Adopting lifestyle changes make a HUGE difference in the chance of developing pre-diabetes or diabetes. Also, if you have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, NOW is the time to make those changes, to prevent the disease from progressing. Basic Prevention Tips: 1. Weight management. If you are overweight, try to shed some of those pounds. Obviously, the more, the better. If you are at an ideal weight, maintain it and try to avoid weight gain.
Avatar n tn Hi, Type 2 diabetes can be managed and possibly prevented via lifestyle modifications including increasing a person's activity level and changing their diet. Possible diet modifications include replacing simple carbohydrates (eg, soda, candy, white bread, white rice) with foods having a lower glycemic index, and limiting consumption of carbohydrates overall. The glycemic index is a measure of how much a food affects blood sugar levels.
Business woman1 The key is prevention by making necessary lifestyle changes; diet, exercise, and body weight
973741 tn?1342346373 So, when do you start worrying about diabetes prevention? Is there a certain age? Do you wait until things show on blood work to indicate it's time to start thinking about it? I guess a no brainer is to continually be aware of being a good weight and exercising regularly. But we hear about pre-diabetes. What exactly is that and when is it time for someone to make SURE they are doing what they need to do to prevent?
Avatar f tn A family history of diabetes can result with a diabetes gene being passed to the next generation by one or both parents, in rare cases from the grandparents skipping a generation. The problem area lays with the actual genetic testing as it's still not fully comprehended or in place. In your case, Ruthie, if you wish further analysis I suggest you get your thyroid and pancreas checked. A malfunctioning thyroid will disrupt pancreas insulin production.
Business man2 This does not mean you can ignore lifestyle changes by going back to the bad habits which created your diabetes, it means you must adhere to a diabetic prevention lifestyle or it will return.
Avatar n tn In Type 1 diabetes, about 60 percent of those individuals develop kidney disease. I was just wondering - of all the Diabetics on this forum .... how many have had endocrinologists put you on medication to *prevent* kidney failure soon after your were first diagnosed? My endo is really pushing to put me on medication in case (and I stress the words "in case") I may get Kidney Disease. I have no signs of it or have it now. My Kidneys are healthy.
Avatar n tn My doctor says there's nothing I can do at this stage apart from keeping up the exercise and diet routine, and just told me to come back in a year for another test. Obviously the diet and exercise routine is NOT stopping the problem as each year my blood glucose reading sneaks up a little more. Is there really nothing else I can do at this stage? Should I be seeking a second opinion? Maybe buying a blood glucose monitor, or finding someone willing to prescribe anti-diabetes drugs?
Avatar f tn A Mediterranean type of diet -with an occasional glass of red wine, lol!-seems to be the diet best for Alzheimer's prevention. Add coconut oil (virgin & organic), staying physically, socially and mentally active and you may have one of the best ways to prevent this disease. Post again, or PM me if you wish to discuss this topic further. This is not intended as replacement for medical advice. Cheers!
469720 tn?1388149949 Early identification is improved when the public is informed about the risk factors and symptoms of the disease. Most of the risk factors can be immediately traced to our lifestyle,diet and nutrition: Diabetes Hypertension High Cholesterol Smoking Additionally a family history of premature cardiovascular disease in the absence of these risk factors increases ones risk significantly.
Avatar m tn I used to cut out all carbs as much as possible after a diabetic scare (I tested my blood glucose on years expired test strips and it gave a false reading, it prompted the initial A1C) but have since educated myself that not all carbs were bad and what I eat with them is just as significant in determining how it would affect one's blood sugar. I know my weight loss helps with diabetes prevention in a significant way, as well.
Avatar m tn The causes of stroke are multiple and could include embolism from the heart or other areas (such as the aorta or other parts of the body), bleeds, atherosclerosis of the blood vessels, vasculitis (or inflammatory processes affecting the blood vessels of the brain), and others. The prevention of stroke typically depends on what are the risk factors a patient has. These may include aspirin, certain blood thinners, or cholesterol-lowering medications.
Avatar m tn //www.medhelp.org/posts/Diabetes-Prevention--Pre-Diabetes/a1c-53-please-help/show/2943818 Here's a link to the thyroid community she mentioned too- http://www.medhelp.org/forums/Thyroid-Disorders/show/73 Hope that helps and you get some answers regarding your symptoms soon!
Avatar n tn ALL commercial pet foods are simply junk! They cause kidney disease, thyroid disorders, diabetes, and increase the risk of cancer. There's lots of evidence on-line to back this up! Here's one: http://healthypetsnw.com/articles/commercial_foods.
Avatar m tn Once you progress for pre-diabetes, why is diabetes not reversible as pre-diabetes is? Does that mean once your diagnosed with diabetes your blood sugar can no longer return to normal and you can't "cure" diabetes? How long does it take to progress? I was a 6.3 the last time I checked which was 2 years ago and I am worried. Please help!
1666434 tn?1325265950 What is frustrating though is I can't find many lists of food or ideas of combinations. Especially when it comes to gestational diabetes prevention. For example they say watch your fruit intake.... well how much is safe, how much is not? How many servings a day should I consider ok to have? Sorry for so many questions just learning as much as I can.
Avatar n tn The only confusion is when the sugar levels reach borderline values (depending on intake),should be taken care.But if you follow a controlled diet plan and label each days intake, it would be easy to measure and determine the dosage exactly within very low value uo and downs. So the levels of sugar is always dependent on the type of diet you follow to keep your sugar under control.I will send you a message giving you specific details about diet restriction and control blood sugar.
Avatar m tn Cancer prevention, the natural way Multiple new studies show how you can dramatically lower your risk for a common cancer using plain old good nutrition and healthy living. Combined, the studies show how fish oil, selenium and not smoking all add up to a lower risk for colorectal cancer. In the first study, researchers compared a selenium-based supplement that also contained zinc, methionine and vitamins A, C and E to a placebo in patients with a history of colorectal polyps.
Avatar n tn I wonder if I should very strictly follow a diabetes diet and get serious again about exercise regardless of the pain issues with my injuries. Does anyone know if you can have borderline diabetes flying under the radar for twenty years?
10161345 tn?1488142252 At 27 weeks I'm struggling to keep my blood sugar up/stable between what foods are and aren't recommended during pregnancy combined with what my flare-prevention diet allows. Never mind my terror over the spike in my blood sugar that my impending gtt is holding over my head- I really don't want to get misdiagnosed with gestational diabetes just to completely crash on the way home. Anyone with a similar issue have any advice?
Avatar n tn Thank you for your comment. I should have provided more info but wanted to keep it brief. My weight is good and I do exercise - walking is what I love. There is a history of Type 11 on both sides of my family and I did have gestational diabetes back 40 years ago. And no obesity in family either. About 30 years ago, my mother insisted I be checked for diabetes, given the history.
794366 tn?1418012995 I have been diagnosed with diabetes type 2 a couple of years ago and just recently my doctor said that there is a small amount of protein in my urine. How soon can I expect to have my kidneys damaged and what can i do to slow this process down?
647391 tn?1275020233 While some say the A1c max is 6%, some labs have the max at 7%. In either case, being educated on diabetes prevention and control is good knowledge.
Avatar f tn 9 is normal so weight is no issue. Eliminating high GI carbs is good too. The best approach to diabetes is, of course, prevention. You have to make a conscious effort towards making lifestyle changes. Making lifestyles changes to ones diet is not awful or difficult. Instead of trying to figure out what not to eat focus on what you should eat. Avoid white foods as these quickly turn into sugar after digestion.
1975145 tn?1419913236 The Diabetes DTour by Barbara Quinn/Prevention Prevention Healthy Cooking/ lose weight the smart low carb way. I'm new to this too. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Lots of aches and pains so would be hard for me to determine where they come from. Do you walk or exercise? I am now reading a book put out by Prevention Magazine called Diabetes 2008 Walking Fit. It is very informative and if you don't walk now you will feel a need to by the time you read it. It is beneficial in so many areas of health.
647391 tn?1275020233 Read this very helpful thread TIPS FOR DIABETES PREVENTION By nursegirl6572 Jul 01, 2012 Also, having high levels for a period of time can cause complications from surgical procedures. Most likely the reason you were thumbed down. Follow this link on complications and what you can do to improve your chances. http://tinyurl.
Avatar n tn Ok ive had diabetes for 5 years this coming week and i am 15 years old. Diabetes has deffinently changed the way that i go out with friends and i relieze that i cant do all the things that they do to have fun, like drink alcohol. I know that alcohol and diabetes doesnt mix but im curious to know if marijuana has any other side effects on a person with diabetes or if it is still the same as a non diabetic.
Avatar f tn He also has type II diabetes that is totally undercontrol by diet and exercise but he does take BP lowering drugs and Cholesterol lowering drugs(Lipitor) and is on Zocor. Now it is a year (Jan 2008) and he went for a follow up CT scan. The scan revealed that the clot is still encapsulated- but that is has gotten longer in diameter. How do you prevent a stroke? Is there any surgery available? Is there any medication to decrease this from getting longer?