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161782 tn?1201221532 sr=1-3) It not only discusses the link between autism and vaccines, but asthma, diabetes and other neurodevelopmental disorders. The HepB vaccine-diabetes link is really strong (http://www.webmd.com/news/20000613/hepatitis-b-vaccine-linked-to-onset-of-diabetes). What's the point of vaccinating an infant, hours after birth, for a disease that only drug users and sexually promiscuous people are exposed to?
172826 tn?1423426556 but he is so hard headed he wouldnt get checked because he is scared they will find cancer in him since his parents passed away from it and his sister and out of all the 9 kids, 6 of them have had cancer but got it in time, except for my aunt...and 3 never got checked...they would rather not know... i never thought this day would ever come where i would have to worry about the well being of my parents when they arent so old either..like i said mymom is 45 and my dad he is 44...
432737 tn?1358553032 they were not able to find a heartbeat. The technician just told me she wished she had better news and told me to see my OB upstairs. I was devastated and cried my eyes out. My OB was not in but the nurses called her. Because there was growth and my numbers had increased nicely she was not 100% comfortable having D&C yet - she said she has seen "crazier things" and ordered I come back on Monday, the 8th for another ultrasound.
15695260 tn?1549596713 My kids have undergone testing and are negative. Despite this, and a low carb diet, their blood glucose levels as measured by hba1c are slowly rising over time. There are also autoimmune disease prevention protocols that some people are using to prevent t1D, these include monitoring vitamin D levels and dosing Vitamin D and Omegas, as well as adopting low carb diets.
Avatar n tn gestational diabetes isn't your fault at all . some people that eat healthy still have it because your body reacts different when pregnant. if you already eat healthy then the diet they put you on to control it shouldn't be s problem . good luck though seems like I wouldwant a new ddoctor .
Avatar f tn I found out today that I have developed gestational diabetes :( My doctor is sending me to a counselor to see if we can keep my glucose under control through diet and lifestyle changes. She will also be prescribing a glucose monitor and wants me to do finger sticks before meals as well as after (I can't recall if she said 1 or 2 hours after meals). I will now see her every 1-2 weeks. I am hoping to be able to control this without insulin or medication.
Avatar n tn hi ya i had gestational diabetes when i was pregnant with my last 2 kids and got it from about 6-7 months i was borderline and was told to change my diet and yes it did help so much i didnt feel fantastic as i was heavly pregnant but i noticed the difference so i think your sister should try to change her diet try not to eat any sugary things but have they warned your sister that having gestational diabetes in pregnancy gives her a higer risk of getting it later in life as i had it with my 2 las
Avatar f tn Its like series of bad news first my doctor said my baby suffering from 3mm muscular ventricular septal defect and today my reports saying gestation diabetes .....and they expecting me not to take any tension and b happy for babies health but how I am suppose to do that I worried for my baby ....
506791 tn?1439846583 This may indicate she no longer needs as much, if any, insulin; diabetes may be in remission. When we said goodnight, she was wide awake and responsive. The vet tech said she had good tortietude. We'll find out tomorrow. I was so scared, I almost thought I was having a seizure too, the way my hands were shaking. I'd been concerned about her the past couple of days, was going to call in the morning to see if her regular vet had an appointment open.
242912 tn?1402547092 Our Vet called and the biopsy for the ear tips did show Squamous Cell Carcinoma due to UV irradiation. The Good News is the cancer was completely removed, the margins are clean and the prognosis is good. I am so relieved! We went for our visit tonight and Jade is doing just Great! Other than her looks, you'd never know she had been through a thing! She's wandering the halls, everyone loves her and she's eating like the little piglet she is.
Avatar n tn That is both good news and bad news, as your son has been diagnosed, but the rate of diagnosis in kids is 1 in every 500. So the chances are low. But I would still test. There is a national study going on that will test you and your child's siblings for free just for participating (if you qualify). Here's the info: http://www2.diabetestrialnet.org/ We took part in the study, and I'd recommend anyone to participate.
Avatar f tn I knew that tx could improve insulin resistance as it improved the histology of the liver, but I wasn't sure if it could actually eradicate the diabetes. Good news! My hubby keeps asking me about that and now I can honestly tell him that if he treats, he may get rid of his diabetes. Pigeonca, thank you for all the help! I will check out the glycemic index. I need to know more about everything, especially food that my hubby should and shouldn't have.
Avatar n tn I was the same way! I have a 11 y.o. 7 y.o. 1 y.o and I'm 31 wks. I have Gestational diabetes with this pregnancy. Never had it b4. They just recently put me on insulin and Im a million times better. I Have my days where I'm tired but for most part I'm up and being productive. I also went on leave from my job 3 weeks ago. Hubby is looks for a 2nd job til I have the baby. I couldn't keep up with pt work, kids homework with them, cleaning, life, etc...I was exhausted.
Avatar n tn There was recently reports on a procedure done in Brazil on kids as young as 14 using stem cells which has reversed the diabetes of 12 of 15 of the kids in the test. It is a procedure which is not allowed in the US because of how dangerous it is. It is also only possible for people very early in their diagnosis who are still in their honeymoon. This is a very dangerous procedure, and it's not a cure for all. There does create the hope, though, that a cure for all is possible.
Avatar n tn I think i have heard that constant ear infections (although i know they are quite common in babies and kids) could be an indication of diabetes. With me having it, i was worried about him possibly showing the first signs of it. I am afraid to ***** his finger to check his blood sugar. He is a very happy playful baby. I am hoping that i just imagined this, but wanted to see if anyone else had heard this. His ped. does not seem to be concerned. He got tubes put in on Monday.
Avatar m tn I'm a type 1 diabetic and have information about diabetes, but pregnancy and diabetes is not my strong point. I do know it is important to have tightly controlled blood sugars when pregnant and people diagnosed with gestational diabetes are usually put on insulin. There is a woman named Super_sally888 on this forum who knows a lot about this topic and if she signs on, she will respond I'm sure.
Avatar m tn More Kids Are Taking More Meds Than Ever Before Pharmalot | Ed Silverman | More American children are taking pills for diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol than ever before, reflecting a rise in chronic diseases related to obesity. The use of drugs for type-2 diabetes, in particular, doubled in children ages 5 to 19 and statins rose by 15 percent between 2002 and 2005, according to a study published in the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics.
710547 tn?1295449630 I did have a lot of deterioration and strange things happening in my spine, but the big news was my brain. I've been havine right sided muscle loss and weakness and pain, and more concerning - aphasia. I was getting so bad that on the phone I'd have to apologize - also just talking to friends. Word finding and fluidity were going.
1351078 tn?1416316746 ) seen a tiny tiny baby in the sac with a flicker of a heartbeat :) i go back on 3 / 15 /11 for another u/s maybe by then it will be big enough to get a pict :) and a for sure due date for now im keeping the 10 20 11 one it sounds pretty accurate :)
Avatar n tn And I have been looking for ways to soften the blow for Caroline. Here is my take on it. And I hope you find the ideas useful. Good news and bad news here. Bad news first. Type 1 Diabetes is is the result of an autoimmune attack on beta cells in the pancreas. Once beta cells have been destroyed, there is no way of getting them back again. And by the time symptoms manifest and keytones appear in the urine, 80% of beta cells have already been destroyed.
Avatar n tn My best guess is that the mom feels threatened by you in addition to being wrought with guilt that her children have this disease (most parents would eagerly trade places with their diabetic children if they could). Her whole life is likely consumed with diabetes issues -- or guilt about diabetes issues. Doing things for her children or feeling guilty about not doing enough. It seems as tho' she cannot "hear" your sincere compassionate help for what it is.
Avatar n tn I am an RN, and I really think that no matter what age you are, being diagnosed withi diabetes and all of the news and protocols, (or things you have to do because you have it), it's scary, overwhelming, and at first you don't think you'll EVER remember all the details or what (all the steps) you have to do. Though I've heard of younger; one little 18 month old boy, who was diagnosed at six months so had been doing the entire routine for a year, had a blast with it! He was so adorable!
Avatar n tn We did bring her to the doctor, and she suspects that she has diabetes. We did blood work and that confused me even more. Her fasting blood sugar was 92, and the same morning on our machine her sugar was 93 (which tells me that my machine is accurate). Her thyroid functions were normal, cholesterol was normal, and blood count was all normal. Her HgbA1C was 5.5, which falls in the normal range. We are still waiting for her C-Peptide level.
119874 tn?1189759429 Week 8/24. I screamed at my kids last night (they're only 8 and 10--they're good kids who just act like kids). I'm swearing at the dog. I'm even angry with the fish--they have to be FED. I tried a couple of anti-depressants and they made me feel really depressed, mentally and physically. I don't really feel "depressed" even now. I'm just way irritable. Any advice? Is there a magic bullet (one that doesn't involve an actual gun...)? Drugs for this?
80575 tn?1207135964 APK; you mentioned in an earlier post about your kids knowledge and fear of your HCV. I've not been entirely honest with my kids who are 12 and 14 years old. On my first tx I told them that I was taking medications to correct a high iron content in my blood. They watched me become thin and fatugued....I know that they were worried. I haven't told them the entire truth for several reasons.
Avatar n tn My 10 yr old sister recently was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes 2 months ago. Recently she was back in the hospital with thyroid and kidney problems. My parents are not giving me full honest answers on what's going on. Is this bad news? I'm 27 and can handle the truth. Does she have a really bad case with a short life span or is this normal with juvenile diabetes?
739471 tn?1241719468 Congratulations on the good news. Personally, I'd wait because in 3-5 years you will have better options requiring less treatment time. Actually that should start in just a couple of years. Meanwhile, no harm in getting a second opinion, especially with the biopsy slides as different hepatologists are known to stage things differently. Also, talking to more than one hepatologist sometimes gives you a better perspecitve and therefore makes the decision easier one way or another.
1580318 tn?1550258081 (Checking liver function and checking for diabetes). I was told that she hadn't looked at them yet, but I was told that she was going on holidays and needed to have everything cleaned up today and to call back. So I called at 2 pm est and the receptionist put me on hold for a moment. She came back on the phone and asked if I was at home. I said yes, and she said she'd call back soon. Well it's now after 4 pm est and I still haven't heard back. I called again (yep I'm a pain in the @ss).
770551 tn?1305582501 I'm feeling a bit sad and angry. Just dropped the kids of at school as saw a very heavy little boy. He was having a hard time walking up the hill to school due to his weight. In his hand his breakfast. A bag of Red Vines.
Avatar n tn I would suggest reading as much as you can about gestational diabetes. Go to the American Diabetes Assoc. website. Ask your doctor for more information. See if you can go see a dietician to help you sort through your eating plan. And keep asking questions when you have them, on this site. I know the other volunteers and viewers will help you by answering questions that may come up! You can do this and you and your baby will be fine.