Diabetes mellitus nursing process

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137025 tn?1217768341 //tinyurl.com/ynvtcq Not sure if any more recent studies avail on this.
Avatar n tn Dante suffers from Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (IDDM) also known as Type 1 Diabetes or Juvenile Diabetes. IDDM is an AUTOIMMUNE disease that destroys the cells in the pancreas that produce the hormone insulin which is required to metabolize glucose (blood sugar) and provide energy for cells in the body. People afflicted with IDDM produce no insulin whatsoever. Approximately one million people in the United States suffer from IDDM.
Avatar m tn The current understanding of the serum 25(OH)D-disease outcome relations for cancers, cardiovascular disease, respiratory infections, respiratory diseases, tuberculosis, diabetes mellitus, Alzheimer's disease, falls and fractures, meningitis, Parkinson's disease, maternal sepsis and hypertension, and multiple sclerosis was used in the calculations. Estimated reductions in mortality rates from increasing serum 25(OH)D from 20 ng/ml to over 40 ng/ml ranged from 7% for Africa to 17% for Europe.
Avatar f tn The battery of post tests my Endo believes I am experiencing diabetes mellitus; I am constantly urinating and drinking fluids. At Health Sciences they stated I had zero testosterone in my body for a 27 year old. This has been true with my lack for sexual appetite, constant fatigue. I am exhausted to the inner depths of my body and I need to nap like I am 70 years old in the afternoons. I consistently feel chilled.
Avatar f tn Armour Thyroid tablets should be used with caution in patients with cardiovascular disease and it may increase the symptoms of diabetes, mellitus, diabetes inspidus or adrenal insufficiency".
181575 tn?1250202386 (Program and abstracts of the 41st Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of the Liver; April 26-30, 2006; Vienna, Austria.) showed that greater virologic suppression at Week 24 of telbivudine or lamivudine treatment was associated with superior clinical outcomes at Week 52. 5. "To date, we have no data demonstrating additive viral suppression from combinations of HBV drugs,...
Avatar n tn The antiobiotics only help for about 2 months then back to the same stuff So if you have a history of diabetes mellitus; liver disease; history of stroke; history of cancer; or bed sores your more likely for the bacteria Strep B to show itself because those things mainly effect immune system. Basically all you can do is manage life and try to treat the symptoms but because its a bacteria theres not much you can do :/ it really *****.
Avatar n tn First I had the condition for about 3 months and have managed to miminize it to a point where it’s much less of a problem then it was when it started. Of course it could come back. 1. Facts – I’m 61 no high blood pressure, no diabetes, not overweight and never any serious sinus problems. 2. Clues: - I would get an attack at almost the same time every day. Mid afternoon at work and watching TV in the evening.