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327385 tn?1378364331 Am not going to pay someone $300/visit to not even listen to me. Good luck and keep me posted. Dac PS--don't know anything about diabetes insipidus. I have Type 2 diabetes, but I can't help you with yours. Sorry.
Avatar f tn Another neurologist on an earlier occasion said he thought that, because of my family history and given my symptoms, I probably did have MS, but it was too early for lesions to show. (My mother has and her Aunt had MS.) My MRI scans were about 5 years apart and the neurologist at the second one said that if it was MS, lesions would definitely show up after that much time had passed, even if not in the first one.
Avatar m tn Another thing to consider is diabetes insipidus (not true diabetes). Look it up on the internet and mention it when you get to a doctor (just so nothing is overlooked). Hang in there!
Avatar m tn Ask your doctor to refer you for a fasting glucose test. Pre-diabetes is usually treated by lifestyle changes. Your symptoms of light headedness and feeling shaking could be caused by low sugar levels called hypoglycemia. Always carry a healthy snack with you to avoid low sugar levels and don't wait until you get these symptoms before you eat something.
4848134 tn?1360123266 Low protein diet is another factor. Since urine specific gravity is low, you either have diabetes insipidus or are over hydrated. You need to discuss all this with your doctor. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history.
Avatar f tn They say, from that test, i dont have ms. Certainly have symptoms of ms and have fam history of it. Seeing nuerosurgeon next wednesday, can share what I find out with you. Please do the same. my prayers are with you and no your not crazy, doctors just dont seem to listen anymore nor take the time to truly help. they just want in and out of your room and on to next pt, more money, more money (gain for them, loss for us). Are your lymph glands swelling???
Avatar m tn A series of doctors diagnosed or tested her for multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, chronic fatigue syndrome, mononucleosis, diabetes insipidus. One suggested she be evaluated for mental illness". Sound familiar? http://www.mercurypoisoningnews.com/elevated.html Good Luck.
5651726 tn?1384898555 Supermum, I do have a clinical dx of Lyme, but also several other dxs, and possibly undiagnosed MS . . . Just got a brand new dx - diabetes insipidus. Wouldn't it be great if we were limited to only one disease??!! Trouble with my resume - it represents the "old me" - misleading because I can't do what I could then. Thanks for the well wishes. Jifr - loved your humor - got a good laugh out of it!
Avatar n tn it always feels like i have to go and it seems like i am producing more urine than usual, especially for having to go every few minutes. i do have a family history of diabetes, i have been tested for it several times, all negative. i'm not excessively thirsty, though i do tend to not drink enough fluids. i sometimes feel nauseous and tired and have recently began to lose my appetite.
1057395 tn?1254371028 Especially if you have a family history of diabetes, this should be looked into. There is a possibility that diabetes affected your kidney and this is causing water retention. The other possibility is diabetes insipidus which happens due to adrenal gland dysfunction. Polycystic disease of the ovary is another possibility that causes resistance to insulin and high glucose levels causing similar symptoms. It is difficult to comment beyond this on net.
Avatar f tn So, ask your doctor if you need a MRI. The reasons could be stress, functionally small bladder, diabetes mellitus, diabetes insipidus, urinary bladder wall instability, UTI, stones and neurological problems. Limit fluids in the evening. Set up an alarm your self and try and wake up 3-4 hours after sleep and use the washroom. Ask your doctors to look into these causes. Diabetes can also affect nerves and cause muscle related problems. Hope this helps. Take care!
278016 tn?1220194704 Beverages and food with high sodium content also make my symptoms worse. I have been told I'm not diabetic, but have history, my father and maternal grandfather also have a history of stones. In 2004 I had a stone stuck in my ureter for a few days, and finally went to the hospital to have something injected in to relieve pain. Other that that I do not know the cause of my stones. I want to see a nephrologist but am curious if anyone has clues to what is going on.
5283093 tn?1379168047 If you drink water a lot and yet feel dehydrated, then two things need to be ruled out first. One is diabetes mellitus (high blood sugar) and the other is diabetes insipidus (disorder with increased formation of very dilute urine). If you are passing a lot of urine then apart from these two disorders it can also be urinary tract infection. Working excessively in heat or sun or exercising too much can also make you feel dehydrated.
1522652 tn?1291241954 serum and urine osmolality, S Na+ and copeptin, which is a marker of ADH. On next week S aldosterone, renin, Na+, K+ anf Mg++ will be measured (to find possible hyperladosteronism; I often have hypernatremia). I think that my kidneys cannot concentrate urine because HPT causes them not to react to ADH. They waste water, and my serum becomes concentrated. I have problems with my ears. I am afraid that hypercalcemia could change the ionic compositon of the endolymph in my vestibular apparatus.
Avatar n tn I'm pretty sure I don't have diabeits as I have no other symptoms and no family history). Does anyone have any other reasons for excessive thirst?
Avatar f tn I had two strokes eight years ago, but since then every-time I laugh too much I pass out, is this happening because I had the strokes, I also have diabetes insipidus and have histiocytosis can anybody tell me what could be causing the fainting spells?
Avatar f tn Prolonged sweating, infections, drinking too much water, diabetes insipidus, adrenal gland dysfunction, kidney and liver problems, prolonged diarrhea,or vomiting, certain medications such as diuretics etc can all cause low sodium in the blood. Hope this helps. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
Avatar n tn Unlikely a pituitary problem unless this is diabetes insipidus in which there is extreme thirst and frequent urination and usually abnormal blood sodium level.
Avatar f tn My first thing i would mention is have you been tested for diabetes insipidus? If not then i would mention it to your doctor for further testing. Also you talk of headaches , tinnitus, and leg cramps, along with fatigue and many more symptoms.... I know you look to have had an endocrine work-up, missing the testing for diabetes, and diabetes insipidus...
Avatar f tn Other causes of frequent urination include diabetes mellitus, diabetes insipidus, glomerulonephritis, pyelonephritis(inflammation of the kidneys),urinary tract infection, hypercalcemia, hypokalemia(low potassium),hyperthyroidism, hyperparathyroidism and diuretic drugs. In my opinion, investigations like kidney functions, blood sugar levels, ultrasound lower abdomen ,intravenous pyelography , thyroid function tests and cystoscopy may be needed to confirm a diagnosis.
Avatar f tn Since you have pituitary tumor I would suggest you get yourself investigated for diabetes insipidus. Also diabetes mellitus is another cause for frequent urination. Get your blood sugar checked. Urge incontinence and small bladder are other possibilities that should be looked at. You need a comprehensive investigation by an urologist considering your medical history. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted.
Avatar f tn In addition, in light of the Diabetes insipidus, there's suspicion of underlying pituitary or hypothalamus dysfunction or genetic-related issues, which must ruled out, before anything else is done. This is a complex case and most doctors, including specialists will only treat the resulting consequences and symptoms. This is usually a short-term fix, while the overall situation worsens.
Avatar f tn During a couple of years I have sometimes had hypernatremia (maybe dehydration), and often hypercalcemia (due to hyperparathyroidism). Maybe I have partial diabetes insipidus. I am wondering whether I could also have adrenal insufficiency. But I don't have low sodium or cravings for salt. On the contrary I don't like/tolerate salt. My S-Corsol has been normal. I don't have hyperaldosteronism. I am 65 years old. I have had much stress and burnout in my history.
Avatar f tn Did some research on it and found Diabetes. Specifically Diabetes Insipidus. I don't know if that is what your daughter has, but definately worth looking into. Here's a link, just see if anything sounds familiar. If not, keep posting. Some other user might have an idea. http://health.discovery.com/encyclopedias/illnesses.html?article=593 Good Luck! Please keep us updated!
Avatar f tn The ventricle size may be normal in initial stage, but not a time when a diagnosis of NPH is made. To me, your symptoms appear to be due to diabetes insipidus. There is increased uncontrolled urination, dehydration (increased blood sodium) and potassium loss which could contribute to the brain fog and cognitive problems. Diagnosis is by fluid deprivation test, presence of high sodium and low potassium in blood and very dilute urine. Please discuss this possibility with your doctor. Take care!
Avatar f tn Since you have adrenal insufficiency and pain, it is necessary to rule out diabetes insipidus which causes volumes of low specific gravity urine. Kidney stones, bladder infection and diabetes mellitus or high blood sugar too need to be ruled out. Please consult your PCP for primary examination followed by proper referral. Take care!
Avatar n tn An opthamologist is a good idea, but what about other symptoms? Headaches, body weakness, diabetes insipidus from pressure, inability to control body temperature because of the pituitary/hypothalmus displacement? What about an endocrinologist to test cortisol levels? Do you sincerely believe that because arachnoid cysts/subarachnoid cysts are often found by accident that they are harmless?? I had fenestration surgery again in 2005. They found scarring on my optic nerve.
Avatar f tn Tinnitus (20 months) high pitched sound and general buzzing Vitamin B12 deficiency (diagnosed 16 months) have monthly injections Coeliac disease (diagnosed 14 months) Strict Gluten Free diet Lactose intolerance (ongoing and diagnosed 14 months) Peripheral neuropathy Diabetes Insipidus (three years symptoms but diagnosed 6 months) (after the same severe virus) Arthritis especially in hands, fingers, and wrists. Diagnosed recently.
Avatar n tn some ideas about the names Diabetes Mellitus, which became 'sugar diabetes' diabetes is from Latin/Greek origin and means 'to pass through' because with the excessive thirst and urination, water seemed to pass through the individual with diabetes mellitus, also Latin/Greek means honeyed after it was noticed that a diabetic's urine attracted bees and ants and other inseccts that lived on sugar.
Avatar f tn Then nearly 4 years ago, I started getting Diabetes Insipidus symptoms. Having suffered from it after the brain ops. I knew what to expect, what I didn't expect was this time I do not have a thirst. No Endo can understand this and look at me as if I'm an alien with my symptoms!! On top of that since I started with the DI symptoms, I have had over 2 years of UTI's and no amount of various antibiotics (now I'm constantly on them) has cured me.