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Avatar n tn Moke, a normal meal may take four hours to digest totally but starts to digest much sooner so you need insulin in your system when the food starts to digest. The insulin stays in your system (depending on what type) for several hours. You may need to test your blood sugar two hours after eating occasionally and if it is high or low, you can talk to your doctor or diabetes educator about adjusting your insulin.
Avatar f tn Blind dogs can manage very well, but obviously it is better to have the cataracts removed if finance permits. Dogs blind from birth fare better than dogs that become blind later in life. You already have an understanding about not moving furniture, etc., and there are lots f things you can do to improve the quality of life for a blind dog, but ultimately they are still compromised ... and some gs deal with it better than others. You didn't cause this to happen. It's just one of those things.
Avatar m tn Explain to your Mother that obesity is the number one health problem we see in dogs and like in people it leads to painful arthritis, heart disease, and diabetes. Simply put your dogs quality of life and lifespan will be negatively effected. Getting him back on his regular diet, having the food measured every day, and lots of exercise is what this doctor is prescribing. Good luck. Dr. Cliff www.pettalk360.
Avatar m tn He's about 10, and I think it may have been developing for a couple months. I started seeing what looked like cloudiness in his eyes, but thought it was just reflections of the light. Last night I saw his pupils are almost completely white...it really freaked me out. Did you find out what was causing it with your PD's?
Avatar f tn Although I doubt aggressive attitudes toward food are related to either the elevated liver enzymes or Meticam, it may be worthwhile to have a complete set of blood tests run along with a thyroid panel, to determined your dogs internal organ status and rule out appetite related disorders like Thyroid, Cushings and Diabetes. What type of food, in what amounts and how many times a day are you feeding your dog? Is your dog overweight? Is your dog on a diet?
5427210 tn?1367859622 I went nuts in my first trimester with eating whatever I wanted. I had tone it down a bit because I was putting on too much weight. I now try to eat as healthy as possible an allow myself a "junk food" day once a week. I just don't want to end up with gestational diabetes. Don't get me wrong, if I crave something, I eat it. I just try to eat in moderation.
1872406 tn?1320893991 I work in a biology based organization involved in finding new therapies for Diabetes and metabolic diseases and there is so much data on studies in canines for different indications, suggesting that there might be more hope in the future...
4105307 tn?1369535032 What is the largest safe dose of insulin for a 12 pound cat with diabetes and cushing's disease?
2186126 tn?1384961026 I would really like to minimize any suffering in his final days. Right now, I am red-flagging every little twitch and thinking if I knew what to expect, I could calm down a little and hopefully not send any frightened messages to Spartacus. He is currently on Proin to control his urine accidents and that has worked for a few months now. Would just really prefer to look at him with joy rather than fear these days. Thanks, in advance, for your knowledge & stories.
Avatar f tn Not everyone is the same. What a dozen other TP'ers can eat may not apply to you. Same as what diabetes forum members or web sites claim as being safe to eat may not be good for you. Start a food log, a dairy of everything you eat and drink including portion size. Test your glucose just before a meal and 2-3 hours after a meal. Before will give you a baseline, the 2-3 hours after is two fold; 1. This is when glucose from the foods you ate are peaking in your blood stream; 2.
Avatar f tn He gained 17 lbs on that diet, (what a shock that was), anyway his vet had us change to dry food, 2 c in am and 1 c in pm. That seems too little to me. Tyson is not an overly active dog. Thank you for your time.
Avatar f tn However, buying what is on sale and especially the low end Purina brands is, in my opinion, not best for your dogs. In the long run, if you purchase a higher quality food you will be facing less disease in the future and have overall healthier dogs. In addition, now you will be feeding almost half of what you are now. So please try to find a pet store that will consult with you about Iams or Nutro or another super premium brand.
Avatar n tn My dog is also in kidney failure. He will be 14 this Friday and he is a yorkie. HIs name is Zack. We pulled him out from deaths door this spring when he suddenly started drinking like crazy, peeing like crazy, not eating, vomiting because he drank too much etc.
675347 tn?1365464245 Blaylock makes use of almost 500 scientific references to show how excess free excitatory amino acids such as aspartic acid and glutamic acid (about 99 percent of monosodium glutamate (MSG) is glutamic acid) in our food supply are causing serious chronic neurological disorders and a myriad of other acute symptoms.
Avatar f tn Collies, as a breed, have some of the most human traits I've ever seen in dogs! My collies have always had that big Collie grin in their photos, but Adam actually SMILES! At first we thought he was showing his teeth but then it dawned on us that he does it when he's happy and after he does it, he gets a bad attack of the "happies" and dances around wiggling himself for all he's worth!
Avatar f tn The only thing is I've noticed that ever since the switch his black coat is covered in what appears to be dandruff - some really, really large flakes too, and he's never, ever had dandruff before. He's not scratching at all, has no missing fur anywhere and no signs of any kind of skin problem anywhere on his body. Just big white flakes of dead skin/dandruff, mostly on his lower back and hind quarters.
1916673 tn?1420236870 It is common for younger dogs with low PCV levels to have substantial flea infestation or intestinal hookworms, though any problem that causes bloody diarrhea can lead to a low PCV (because younger dogs simply haven’t enough iron stored in their bodies to replace lost blood). In older dogs, the problem might be from an immune system condition, liver disease, bone-marrow disease, cancer or chronic kidney failure.
Avatar f tn I've never heard not to eat deli meat. I eat sandwhiches ALL the time. I only know about fish, raw meat, soft cheeses, hot dogs, caffine & alcohol. What are the foods you were told not to eat?
Avatar n tn What does your vet say? How is your dog acting? Is there still joy when you walk in the room? Does he still love his toys? It is the hardest decision ever to be made, and very personal, but your dog is communicating with you and will let you know if life is too much of burden these days. I'm so sorry.
Avatar f tn Unfortunately, there are times when our patients will not transition to a new food no matter what techniques we try. In those cases, we still manage them with insulin and their regular diet. These felines can require higher insulin doses and be harder to manage. It is important that you keep a good line of communication open with your veterinarian. Discuss your concerns and the problems you are having.
874521 tn?1424120397 We may think our cats are doing well on dry food, and they may be, in fact, healthy. But optimizing a pet’s health is what this post is about, so we can finally prevent unnecessary health problems. Right now………the healthy ones are MINORITY. The ones who never have any health related issue are, simply put, in very MARGINAL AMOUNTS. Always remember that dry foods are convenient for us………………..not them. They deserve better than that, people. I saw a guy run over a squirrel this morning.
931217 tn?1283484935 As I am sure you have heard, there have been numerous alerts, recalls and reports of food-borne illness reported in the last couple of years, associated with uncooked or undercooked meats served to human consumers in restaurants or sold to them in stores. The under-appreciated truth of our meat production industry, indeed of any nation's meat production, is that absolute certainty of freedom from sickness-causing bacteria in meat cannot be assured.
Avatar m tn Agree and the problem is getting worse and worse. Kids need to be out playing instead of sitting in front of video games developing diabetes for example. New York City just lowered not only its fat allowances in food but also now salt. Which is sad cause what is NYC without a salt pretzel and hot dog from the corner vendor.
390388 tn?1279639813 My left eye is puffy in the morning. I took a picture to see if I could see anything and was surprised to see all of the blood vessels. What would cause this. I'm hoping the picture post. Questioning maybe, well the obvious... a problem with my eyes, BP/HR issues, type ll diabetes or maybe thyroid. A Dah. I don't know. Just thought I would throw it out there. ????
Avatar f tn She ran blood tests and told me that Penny had diabetes and I'd have to inject insulin. I didn't mind. But they kept her in that day on an intravenous drip to get her glucose levels right and she had ketones in her blood and was lacking potassium. I picked her up that night and took her back every morning for monitoring and to go on the drip for the next 2 days. On the 2nd day, a need vet told me that her glucose had come down to 16.
1550149 tn?1340004330 People who have celiac disease cannot tolerate gluten, a protein in wheat, rye, and barley. Gluten is found mainly in foods but may also be found in everyday products such as medicines, vitamins, and lip balms. The small intestine is shaded above. When people with celiac disease eat foods or use products containing gluten, their immune system responds by damaging or destroying villi—the tiny, fingerlike protrusions lining the small intestine.
Avatar f tn But when bad days outweigh the good ones, then it may be time for difficult decisions to be made. Dogs that are in severe renal failure (and to some extent those with diabetes too) feel exhausted, lethargic, nauseous, depressed and sleepy. This is no way for a dog to live its life ... and things are likely to get worse very quickly. You could start him on renal food (Hills kd canned for example), if he will eat it. Mirtazipine is also a good drug that will help appetite.
Avatar n tn worry over leaving him alone, it is a question on what the diabetes magazines, and drs have stated in the past. I have been told or read since my son was diagnosed that NO diabetics should live alone for the concern of having a low blood sugar (or ketoacidosis)and not being able to get help for themselves.
Avatar n tn I would like to suggest that if it is at all possible to bring in a type 1 diabetes nutritional specialist that may help out with information that can help with weight loss. There is another website that I would recommend dealing with this subject. It is www.childrenwithdiabetes.com/dteam/indexweight_2002.htm. This is a well known and very much respected site. None of us here are physicians, but volunteers that can give our life experience and knowledge in dealing with type 1.
Avatar f tn Thank you for posting back ! I like what ginger899 suggested, in fact I will give that to my dog who just completed are uti medications Friday. I am trying something that I want to suggest to you, add moisture to your dogs food. Yes, this will make him "go" more often but that is really a good thing, it will help flush out the bacteria. I am doing this by cooking up a chicken breast with lots of water, and then using some of the water on his food.