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Avatar n tn she can blink that eye she can see out of it..there no goo or discharge beside what natural happenes . I always take care of my dogs but neither I nor my dog have insurance at this time and money is so tight I just dont know if I should pay for an office visit for them to tell me that its part of her aging process..Can Dogs have strokes and is there anything to do for the dog..
Avatar m tn When they are fed sugar on a regular basis (as 90% of food for them - chinchilla food has sugar in it) they develop diabetes and one of first symptoms is cataracts and white eyes. It would worth checking into whether prairie dogs are similar.
Avatar f tn ,, I think I'd own about 5 dogs tho. My one dog I got up in Canada off a 100 acre farm. Whatever dog lives in my house has the 'life of Reilly,' but on the other hand, it did make me feel bad that it had all this land and now was going to be living in Jersey, but somebody else would have taken her if I didn't and so she would have left the farm anyhow.
Avatar n tn Thank You for your feedback. In answer to your question, she was initally diagnosed by our local veterinarian, but was evaluated at Ryan Veterinary Hospital in Philadelphia. Her blood tests and medication are being managed by the local vet but with close consultation with the specialist. I understand why they want her cortisol levels under control before they go forward with the surgery.
Avatar n tn The antibiotic that your dog has been taking for the anal gland infection, Trimethoprim sulfa can cause a condition called Dry Eye (Keratoconjunctivitis sicca, aka - KCS) in certain dogs. The medication has the effect of decreasing tear production and the eye could look bulgy, but, it would also look cloudy and irritated. This problem can reverse itself once this antibiotic is discontinued, but sometimes the problem is permanent.
Avatar n tn But just out of curiosity, do u think that some dogs may have buldging eyes by default or that is really not normal. Secondly there are some people(unfortunatlely including me) who have lazye eyes(mine is a lazy left eye), so do u think dogs have lazy eyes too.. Probably they may, but no one really wud have bothered to report it or search for a cure, since at the end of the day, they may say 'itz only a dog'. But they have to realise that dogs r also living creatures.
2186126 tn?1384961026 Prior to taking the meds, she was always happy and interested in a walk - granted always hungry, but vivacious, full of life. After taking trilostane, it's as if she shut done. I feel that in some dogs, the medicine stops their cortisol production and then somehow it triggers something else that causes them to shut down. I've read now that internal medicine veterinary specialists believe in not treating Cushing's and letting it run its course.
Avatar n tn My older sister was dx'd at age 9 and her younger daughter was dx'd at 4. In my parents eyes and in my sister's eyes as a parent, I see more agony and pain than in most diabetics who gradually come to accept and adapt quite well. A parent's pain seems forever. HIgh blood sugars often make us feel much like a non-diabetic might feel when "down" with the flu or overtired from not having slept well in days. Same with lows, tho' those are often more pronounced.
Avatar f tn Collies, as a breed, have some of the most human traits I've ever seen in dogs! My collies have always had that big Collie grin in their photos, but Adam actually SMILES! At first we thought he was showing his teeth but then it dawned on us that he does it when he's happy and after he does it, he gets a bad attack of the "happies" and dances around wiggling himself for all he's worth!
1916673 tn?1420236870 It is common for younger dogs with low PCV levels to have substantial flea infestation or intestinal hookworms, though any problem that causes bloody diarrhea can lead to a low PCV (because younger dogs simply haven’t enough iron stored in their bodies to replace lost blood). In older dogs, the problem might be from an immune system condition, liver disease, bone-marrow disease, cancer or chronic kidney failure.
Avatar n tn My dog was diagnosed with double sided heart failure, last May, 2015. He did great with meds and sometimes a belly drain to get rid of the fluid buildup. He went from almost dead, to normal doggie. Recently.. he was acting odd.. his breathing was becoming.. a little strained.. not horrid like when he was diagnosed, but something wasn't right. I brought him to the vet on Monday of this week, and they decided to drain his belly and xray.
390388 tn?1279639813 I'm hoping the picture post. Questioning maybe, well the obvious... a problem with my eyes, BP/HR issues, type ll diabetes or maybe thyroid. A Dah. I don't know. Just thought I would throw it out there. ????
Avatar f tn She ran blood tests and told me that Penny had diabetes and I'd have to inject insulin. I didn't mind. But they kept her in that day on an intravenous drip to get her glucose levels right and she had ketones in her blood and was lacking potassium. I picked her up that night and took her back every morning for monitoring and to go on the drip for the next 2 days. On the 2nd day, a need vet told me that her glucose had come down to 16.
Avatar n tn Her weight is in her back across her shoulders, in her middle and thighs. She usually injects in her stomach and sometimes her thighs. Does site matter? Any suggestions would be so appreciated. Thank you.
Avatar m tn sufferers, try taking a pillowcase (something very smooth without ridges) and placing it over your eyes. Fold it in a 'strip' (2-3 inches wide) and lay it across your eyes. It should help alleviate some of the sensations. But beware, if you use a rough cloth (or a 'fold' touches your eyelids), the sensation may actually be heightened. It sure beats falling asleep with your arm across your eyes! Not as effective, but just enough to help me sleep.
Avatar f tn Welcome......Some young dogs do get Juvenile Cataracts that are best to be removed....I don't know of any remedy or cures for cataracts.... There are also diseases that cause certain types of cataracts such as Diabetes...Your Vet will need to do blood work to rule this out..... Cushings Disease is possible, but your dog seems too young... That leaves me with an eye infection.....
173975 tn?1216261375 My Heidi was in the hospital in ICU since last Thursday, do to complications of her diabetes... Severel days & several grand later she developed pneumonia... & we knew it was time to make the call....she went quick & painlessly.... she was ready to go... I sat with her a long while holding her & praising her.... even got up & gave her some water twice out of my hands by the sick....
Avatar m tn gave me a corticosteroid nasal spray works well but doesn't stop the pressure in head/eyes. The phlegm used to be clear until when the sinus problem started and it just keeps going bacl to my throat . Colour yellow/green. I alwasy have to cough on purpose to relieve the phlegm like 100 times a day. I have gone also to GUM clinic for STD tests and all fine. Did vitamin, iron, B12 and throid tests and all fine. I will see my Dr. tmr and ENT when I get back home in December.
Avatar f tn I think I get enough calcium. I'm thinking I could have gotten a parasite possibly from my dogs or in some other way. I am going to get this Ultra Colon I believe is what it is called and try this. It gets rid of parasites and cleans out your system which is what I need also. I have rheumatoid arthritis as well and take methotrexate. I don't think it will interact with my medication. I'm not worried about the effectiveness of my medication because my arthritis may be in remission.
Avatar n tn I do notice that it tends to itch a little bit more in the lower half of my body. I noticed most of the time it happens in the evenings or when I am lying in my bed. I thought it might have been bedbugs or mites or something so I tried washing all my sheets, blankets, pillows. That didn't work so next I switched all the sheets, blankets, pillows, etc. Still was happening, so i switched mattresses with my father and its still itchy.
Avatar f tn I take phenergan myself for constant nausea, and discovered late in the game that dogs can also take phenergan. It didn't work quite as well as the reglan, but at that point we tried anything we could get our hands on. Over the counter Dramamine for motion sickness can be tried as it is metabolized in the liver - got that info from an ER vet nearby.
Avatar f tn Two comments (This is a long comment, but I do get to prednisone, trust me) : #1 I have a 12 Y/O Jack Russell, and had noted that after rabies shots she got VERY sick. I had even warned the vets years back that she had a reaction to rabies shots (especially the two-year variety). All the vets (three different ones, different practices, different cities) pooh poohed my diagnosis that the rabies vaccination caused an allergic reaction.
Avatar f tn If nothing comes up in the blood work, there's nothing wrong with you in their eyes. I've been to a natural/homeopathic doctor who can't figure out anything. I've also went to someone who looks at your live and dried blood (don't judge, I'm desperate). She did say that my blood shows I have a very bad infection and that my blood showed all the signs for having Lyme.
Avatar n tn This is becoming unbearable at times and even makes my eyes sting. I am SICK of putting Vicks Vapo-rub under my nose in order to be able to sleep a night. Have gone through a round of Cipro - but it has not helped. Has actually gotten worse lately. My best hope at this point seems to be prayer - but will still keep checking on medical options also. Please let me know if you have any new info.
Avatar n tn I am a 33 year old female who's mother was also given *Bendectin*. I have battled many health problems over the years, and also have a deformed foot. My Right foot is wider then the left by great amounts, my second and third toes are postioned in the V shape pulling away from one another a little more everyday. The third toe is my Turtle :) as I call him...(The large cushion of fatty tissue sits on top like a turtle shell) I started calling it my turtle as a way of dealing with deformity.
Avatar n tn Dr looked in my eyes looking for any MS signs,could not see any problems. Was more worried about my anxiety about it. Has referred me for a nerve test. That would not necsassarily show MS , but after would refer to neurologist to put my mind at ease as getting very emotional about it. Test and results may take a few weeks, will let you guys know how i get on. Heat sensation is very random over my body, tingling, eye pain,shooting pains,ultra sensitivty on thighs from time to time.
Avatar n tn Left untreated, a magnesium deficiency can lead to more life-threatening conditions such as heart disease, hypertension, stroke, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, and others. Magnesium's role in energy production. One of the primary roles of magnesium is to activate the adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy storage molecule, to create and store energy. Without energy, there is no life. Magnesium's role in relaxing muscles.
1358341 tn?1282213443 5 Glucose (don't need it)********* Glucose is not detectable in the urine of healthy dogs or cats. Protein (maybe)********* Thus, only a very small amount of protein is normally excreted in the urine, which is not usually clinically detectable. Proteinuria of renal disease may be due to glomerular and/or tubular lesions. Blood (important)************ If the renal threshold is exceeded, the hemoglobin can pass into the urine. Healthy animals should have negative test results.
Avatar f tn I have asked multiple times and instead he wants me to see a neurologist. So many of the closer endocrinologists specialize in diabetes and don't want to deal with me ... very frustrating. They don't have a code for swollen fingers or they don't deal with suspected auto-immune disorders. The trouble with all this specialized medicine is no-one looks at the interaction of body systems anymore.