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Avatar n tn My dog is a bull mastiff but she is completely off food for the last five days but drinking a lot of water. Took her to the Vet and ran some blood tests, kidnes, liver, diabetes are fine but there seems to be a problem with her blood count, vet says it could be because of a slight infection in her cheek but her stomach is also bloated and it could be Pyo - infection of the uterus. Please Help, I do not have any insurance for her and the bills are frigtening me.
Avatar m tn for the past two weeks he pants 90% of the time? Even when he is in the house for more than two hours. AC is on. Can this be atributed to the diebetes? He has been diebetic for two years now.
Avatar n tn I need to know something, I know Dogs have a high tolerance for pain. Is Buster in pain? Is this disease hurting him? This is my companion and I cannot bear the thought of my Guy in pain. Any information you can give would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn She has been sick since Sunday and has been diagnosed with pancreatis, which apparently is a common problem in dogs with Cushings. Currently she is in the hospital on IV fluids and IV antibiotics. We are very fortunate to have a very good local vet and her condition does seem improved, but we always have the option of taking her to University of PA veterinary hospital. They are wonderful compassionate people there and have been life savers for some of our other animals.
Avatar n tn She was in the shade, and was in a resting/sleeping position just like she always is in when she takes a nap. She had not been running around much or excercising that day. If she had a heat stroke, would there not be foaming at the mouth, vomit, and a more restless death? I feel horribly guilty, and feel that I should not have let her outside. Normally, I let her out, and she comes to the door and barks when she is ready to come in-she never came back to the door.
Avatar f tn Even something from the vacuum cleaner or tumble dryer. Our modern houses contain many things which can upset dogs badly. With dog in mind I only use two household cleaning products....laundry detergent, and liquid dish detergent (which is rinsed off obsessively). And if I wash floors down, or that kind of thing, I rinse, rinse, rinse with fresh water before I will even let her into the room. For many jobs I use plain hot water with nothing added.
1872406 tn?1320893991 I work in a biology based organization involved in finding new therapies for Diabetes and metabolic diseases and there is so much data on studies in canines for different indications, suggesting that there might be more hope in the future...
Avatar m tn When they are fed sugar on a regular basis (as 90% of food for them - chinchilla food has sugar in it) they develop diabetes and one of first symptoms is cataracts and white eyes. It would worth checking into whether prairie dogs are similar.
Avatar n tn I just wanted to give some advice to all of you with dogs with Cushings. Every vet is different and every dog is different. All I can do is tell you what has worked for me with my dog. I am surprised by everyone's posts about diagnosis and treatment of Cushings. It seems that every vet has a different oppion or approach. I am also noticing that for the most part, vets have a negative outlook when it comes to Cushings.
2186126 tn?1384961026 Prior to taking the meds, she was always happy and interested in a walk - granted always hungry, but vivacious, full of life. After taking trilostane, it's as if she shut done. I feel that in some dogs, the medicine stops their cortisol production and then somehow it triggers something else that causes them to shut down. I've read now that internal medicine veterinary specialists believe in not treating Cushing's and letting it run its course.
Avatar f tn Blind dogs can manage very well, but obviously it is better to have the cataracts removed if finance permits. Dogs blind from birth fare better than dogs that become blind later in life. You already have an understanding about not moving furniture, etc., and there are lots f things you can do to improve the quality of life for a blind dog, but ultimately they are still compromised ... and some gs deal with it better than others. You didn't cause this to happen. It's just one of those things.
Avatar n tn Moke, a normal meal may take four hours to digest totally but starts to digest much sooner so you need insulin in your system when the food starts to digest. The insulin stays in your system (depending on what type) for several hours. You may need to test your blood sugar two hours after eating occasionally and if it is high or low, you can talk to your doctor or diabetes educator about adjusting your insulin.
675347 tn?1365464245 I don't know if anyone can answer this...if not, never mind. Misty is not in any pain now, but she might get discomfort occasionally in the future. The vet recommended Paracetamol, as it doesn't interfere with blood clotting, as other pain relief for dogs can. He gave me some tablets. They are big and have "square" edges. Normally Misty is easy to give a tablet to. I wrap it in a piece of brown bread, potato or cheese, throw it at her and it goes right down without touching the sides!
172023 tn?1334675884 How do you do it with those 3 huge dogs?!! We allow ours in with us on the weekend because we can sleep in a little- both crawl up between us and lay sideways taking up as much room as they can! but during the week they go in their crate.
Avatar f tn Collies, as a breed, have some of the most human traits I've ever seen in dogs! My collies have always had that big Collie grin in their photos, but Adam actually SMILES! At first we thought he was showing his teeth but then it dawned on us that he does it when he's happy and after he does it, he gets a bad attack of the "happies" and dances around wiggling himself for all he's worth!
Avatar n tn My dog is also in kidney failure. He will be 14 this Friday and he is a yorkie. HIs name is Zack. We pulled him out from deaths door this spring when he suddenly started drinking like crazy, peeing like crazy, not eating, vomiting because he drank too much etc.
1916673 tn?1420236870 It is common for younger dogs with low PCV levels to have substantial flea infestation or intestinal hookworms, though any problem that causes bloody diarrhea can lead to a low PCV (because younger dogs simply haven’t enough iron stored in their bodies to replace lost blood). In older dogs, the problem might be from an immune system condition, liver disease, bone-marrow disease, cancer or chronic kidney failure.
Avatar n tn My dog was diagnosed with double sided heart failure, last May, 2015. He did great with meds and sometimes a belly drain to get rid of the fluid buildup. He went from almost dead, to normal doggie. Recently.. he was acting odd.. his breathing was becoming.. a little strained.. not horrid like when he was diagnosed, but something wasn't right. I brought him to the vet on Monday of this week, and they decided to drain his belly and xray.
4105307 tn?1369535032 As you have probably found out, cushings is extremely rare in cats. I hope you have a good vet. Our Tink was first diagnosed with diabetes, then a while later tested for cushings. The diabetes, as I understand, is often triggered by the cushings. Either way, we had started insulin twice a day and had decided we would continue as long as she was a happy cat. Vitamins and glucosamine tablets seemed to help. We gave her FortiFlora, a powder in a packet, for diahrrea as needed.
Avatar f tn I still find it challenging and would like to join an online support group. Also, I heard of an org. in Calif. called DOGS FOR DIABETICS and am interested in acquiring a dog. Any info of any org. here on the east coast? Thank you.
Avatar m tn Am I possibly pre-diabetic ? I have no history of diabetes in my family, but I found out that one of the ethnic groups with high risk of diabetes is one that I belong to. What would you suggest regarding diet change ? At this point, I've cut down carbs and I only eat canned meat and hot dogs.
Avatar f tn I had liver transplant (receipient) done a month back in Delhi, India. At ten in the morning I take 17 mg of Wysolone. I also take 750 mg Cellcept and 2 mg PanGraf in the morning and same dose in the eveningEvening primrose. My sugar level seems to shoot up at times each and every day.
Avatar f tn Like in people, diabetes in pets can usuallybe prevented through maintaining a proper weight. Your dog will have more energy, arthritis will be less of a concern, even cancer rates are lower in lean dogs and cats. Good luck.
Avatar n tn My son was diagnosed in August. He has been having a terrible time with being so down and hard on himself. I know he understands that diabetes is not his fault, but inside, I think he is blaming himself. He is saying things like "I hate myself", "why do these bad things always happen to me".
Avatar f tn I am not sure if my son has Diabetes, but it does run in my side of the family. My mother was diagnosed with Diabetes when she was in her 50's, and I have a brother who was diagnosed with it at about the age of 18. My son is 15 years old, has been overweight since about the age of 10, has strong urine, overeats, and his body odor is more than the normal active teen-age boy. He is active in sports, but if the sports season is over- he is not active.
Avatar n tn 4 weeks ago we noticed he was drinking excessively, we took him to the vets to be told he had diabetes, we were given a cd to study over the weekend on how to give him his insulin etc. He started to vomit excessively over that weeken also, he just wanted a drink constantly but then was sick shortly after.
82861 tn?1333457511 Animal and human studies have shown that garlic can reduce blood sugar levels. Great for dogs with diabetes. Dogs with arthritis can benefit form garlic. Garlic improves circulation. Garlic promotes production of white blood cells – strengthening the dog’s immune system. Garlic is great for newborn puppies and their mothers. Smaller doses of garlic is fed to the mother and is passed through her milk to the puppies. This helps the puppies fight infections.
Avatar n tn My 10 year old male Maltese was diagnosed with diabetes in the Summer 2010. He's now fairly regulated and is on 11 units of Humulin injections 2X a day. In Nov. 2010 he had a tumor removed from his belly that was diagnosed as a grade 2 mast cell tumor. The good news, no metastasis anywhere else in his body with tests for bone marrow, lungs, urine, etc. Please help.
Avatar f tn She ran blood tests and told me that Penny had diabetes and I'd have to inject insulin. I didn't mind. But they kept her in that day on an intravenous drip to get her glucose levels right and she had ketones in her blood and was lacking potassium. I picked her up that night and took her back every morning for monitoring and to go on the drip for the next 2 days. On the 2nd day, a need vet told me that her glucose had come down to 16.
Avatar f tn But when bad days outweigh the good ones, then it may be time for difficult decisions to be made. Dogs that are in severe renal failure (and to some extent those with diabetes too) feel exhausted, lethargic, nauseous, depressed and sleepy. This is no way for a dog to live its life ... and things are likely to get worse very quickly. You could start him on renal food (Hills kd canned for example), if he will eat it. Mirtazipine is also a good drug that will help appetite.