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Avatar m tn I have type 2 diabetes (under control now ) fasting sugar 110 regularly and glycosylated haemoglobin at 4.5 I have persistent high WBC count 11,000 to 12,000 last month due to infection it was at 19,000 i have had a HS-CRp test done which showed 4.4 (i read on the internet that it is bad) i smoke 10-5 cigarettes per day. i have seasonal upper respiratory infections (chronic mild) .
Avatar f tn Dear,I am 38 years old women. Recently i tested my Blood. And there i found my RBC is 3.5 million/cmm, and WBC is 13000/cmm, Haemoglobin is 11.0g/dl. I am worried about my blood. Is it any kind of problem? I feel a fever last 2 days ago at night, usually i feel fever at night every night from last year. I have a great problem in my back site from 10-12 years. Please give me appropriate answer, I am so worried....
Avatar m tn My father is a heart patient, last week he went for routine blood tests, in his blood report the WBC - 48000 is very high but rest of the things are normal like Platelets - 213000, Hemoglobin - 13.8. Now doctor has recommend him Leukemia differentiation Panal test. Does person can have Leukemia due to only WBC high count or it may be some other type of infection? He does not have any other symptoms like fever, digestive problem but he has diabetes, Blood pressure and heart problems.
850233 tn?1332088132 I am not on interferon yet. So, my question is, my wbc was a little low (3.9) when I went for my well woman exam. My Dr told me not to worry about it. But,could that be from the hep C??
Avatar m tn You might want to post on the Hepatitis C Community forum and state what your current WBC is. When your treatment ended and what your WBC was at the end of treatment. Also, include the treatment drugs you were taking. There are many on the main Hep C forum who have a excellent understanding of test values.
Avatar m tn He said I was a candidate for diabetes. This week, I followed up with my doctor, and found my WBC was 12. Could this be related to my kidneys?
Avatar n tn Was your wbc still in the normal range - I've read that people infected with HIV can have normal wbc counts but usually at the low end of normal. What effect did it have on absolute counts such as the lymphoctes, neutrophils, etc.. Were your esonophils effected - also read that esonophils tend to be higher than normal.
Avatar f tn high protein (.3 g/l) high glucose (2.8 mmol/l) and high leukocyte esterase (75WBC/uL) . Ketone, blood, nitrate were negative and ph, Gravity, and alb / creat ratio is normal. All the blood tests show high fasting cholesterol but are otherwise all normal ( normal blood glucose, immunology, immunofixation, chemistry, hematology) I don't have any of the symptoms of a UTI, I almost never have to pee. What's wrong with me?
Avatar f tn Unfortunately it has put weight on her and was too high in carbs for her, so we now have changed so she will not develop diabetes. You just let Buddy have and do anything his little heart desires to make him happy. The time will unfortunately soon come when he will let you know he needs to leave you so he may be pain free. He will leave knowing he had special people who loved him deeply and will now set him free of his earthly pain.
Avatar m tn I've had a really miserable tx due to huge drops in my rbc, wbc, Hgb platelets etc. I was hospitalized Monday night for bronchitis due to small amts. of blood in my lungs and sudden temperature spikes. I thought everything was on track and was looking forward to finally ending this Odyssey. I had lots of blood draws while I was there b/c my blood sugar level kept spiking. Going from 128 to 210 then back to 132 then back to 216 then down to 106.
Avatar n tn Diabetes is a complication of Hemochromotosis. It is referred to as "Bronze Diabetes" because of a darkeing of skin colour that goes with it. Iron deposits in the pancreas cause a decrease in insulin production, resulting in diabetes. So if levels of iron continue to increase, you could start seeing your blood sugars rise. Apparently, hemachromotosis can be effectively treated with blood letting. This reduces the level of accumulated iron.
Avatar n tn My bloodwork came back and these were the flagged issues: HGB AIC by HPLC = 9.8 WBC = 3.75 NEUT% = 38.4 LYMPH = 46.9 NEUT# = 1.44 ESTIMATED GFR = 59 A/G RATIO = 1.1 SGPT/ALT = <3 CALCIUM OXALATE 1+ Should I be worried? Do I need treatment or medication? I am a 55yr old african american woman with past history of breast cancer and current symtoms of blood in the stool.
Avatar f tn Hi, I got my latest cbc results back. WBC : 12.3(high), & Neutrophils: 8.6(high). Although they aren't extremely high, I've been feeling awful for a few months. Been tested for thyroid, diabetes, strep, all neg. I had another cbc done today. I've had swollen glands, low back pain, sharp, stabbing, & burning, tingly type pains throughout my body, sore throat for quite some time now. I get a sore type feeling under my ribs on both sides/left breast when I cough.
Avatar f tn Thyroid test always within normal limits, blood sugar (fasting) never over 77, protein high end or normal, sodium low end of normal, WBC high end or normal, blood calcium high end of normal, Bun normal, creatine high end of normal, MCHC high, RDW low. IGE a little high with no known origin (multitude of tests) and ESRs high. Blood pressure always low end of normal. Body temp is often 96.8 or it is over 99.
Avatar n tn I was recently diagnosed w/type 1 diabetes, last November. In May, one of my lymph nodes on the (L)side of my neck grew to the size of a golfball. The node was resected and the final diagnosis was Kikuchi Disease. At the same time, I was given Augmentin before the node was removed and I had an extreme reaction to the augmentin. I have blistered and peeled my entire body 3times, my feet and toes are on their 5time, and feel like they will continue to blister and peel again.
Avatar m tn First, your question about stress perhaps CAUSING diabetes... Type 1 diabetes cannot be caused by stress unless a person had a very unusual and unlikely autoimmune reaction to stress (I have never heard of that happening), but type 2 diabetes probably could be induced by prolonged stress. Here's the common sense reason why I state this: if stress causes the body's metabolism to speed up, it makes sense that insulin production could be increased as everything else works faster and harder.
Avatar n tn You definitly have a high likelihood of having Churg-Strauss(CSS), with high eos and especially the high ANCA too. A high ANCA is associated with vasculitis, and CSS is known as a ANCA associated disease. Diagnosis is difficult for many with this disease, because it is so rare. You are lucky in that they are already tuned into this could be what is wrong. Many drs have never heard of CSS. My daughter's diagnosis came in stages because she was so little when it all started.
Avatar m tn The description you give is not suggestive at all of diabetes, the first episode of low sugar with intussception is expected, during sepsis (high white count) and illness in a small 2 yo child who has not eaten it is not unexpected to find a low sugar, the insulin is normal, NOT too low, this insulin level in the face of a sugar of 85 is appropriate and rules out hyperinsulinemia(a cause of low sugar) and makes us feel better in regards to the low sugar that occured earlier.
Avatar m tn I don't know of all my past blood tests but on the ones I do know of, my white blood cell count is high, so are the absolute lymphs and some other things. Could my diabetes be making me lose all this weight even when my sugars are for the most part good-A1c nov. 2014 was an 8.0.
Avatar m tn Over the last few months, I've been having some of the classic warning signs of diabetes - very frequent urination, somewhat increased thirst, extreme fatigue that no amount of sleep or exercise seems to relieve - but the blood glucose tests are coming back normal. Any idea what might be going on here? As an added twist, I'm currently in a 3rd world country where the standard of medical care is fairly low, so any advice is appreciated.
Avatar n tn Please see a gastroenterologist or a hepatologist to assess your hepatitis and liver disease issues. A high WBC count usually means you have an underlying medical problem. We don't have enough medical information about you to draw any intelligent conclusions.
Avatar n tn UN-treated diabetes not allowed with treatment*, so your options are to look into this diabetes thing right now while on treatment, or stop treatment right now to look into the diabetes. Work up and treatment for your diabetes (most likely oral blood sugar control agents) can easily be done now and your sugars under better control in the next few weeks. A few months after treatment, the testing can be re-done to see if it was indeed a treatment related thing or just bad timing.
Avatar f tn 320 homogenous, my Vit D was 20 (deficient), my leuk, neutr were all low and my WBC was elevated. My TSH is within range but at the very low end (0.86) and I'm not sure what's going on. I know I have more tests to run but I'm wondering if this is likely leaning towards Lupus. I have no real symptoms except fatigue and lack of energy. However it is mild and I can get through my day-to-day activities relatively. Plus I have a hectic schedule and under a surmountable amount of emotional stress.
Avatar m tn I am having high rbc and high lymphocytes.... i was concerned about them. I have weakness in legs and knees along with pains also. My height is 5.7 and my weight is 103 kgs. I never have these kind of problems but from the last one year i feel fatigue and low on energy especially in evening. I also had ferriton level ted along with Vitamin d and vitamin b. I will also post those results shortly....I have a low haemoglobin from last 12 years..... its always between 10.5 to 12.
1113735 tn?1273178030 If you have rheumatoid arthritis that would account for the high sedimentation rate since it's a test that measures inflammation. Your iron is high and the hemoglobin is on the high side of normal. It would be significant because females that have rheumatoid arthritis tend to be anemic. Having too much iron can work against the treatment for Hep C. By the way, were you fasting when you had this blood test done? Because if you were fasting then you're prediabetic.
Avatar m tn Low platelets, high WBC, no diagnosis. X-ray only shows a lot of gas in the duodenum, small intestines area; Otherwise, stomach, spleen, lungs, large intestines, liver, and kidneys were ok. No sign of diabetes, Parvo test was negative. The resident doctor said she does not really know why the platelets are low and would need to do ultrasound to test for pancreatitis, lymph nodes, etc. Subcutaneous fluids and anti-vomiting medication were injected.
Avatar m tn thanks to all of you for your feedback To remar They did check RBC but I don't see WBC - Yes they checked RBC - 15.