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Avatar f tn High potassium in your blood (Hyperkalemia) if it's not because of your kidneys function, is associated with some medical conditions eg Lupus, Diabetes, Addison disease, hormonal disorders etc but if there isn't a medical condition causation, it can also be caused by diet and medications.... "Medications that have been linked to hyperkalemia include: -Antibiotics, including penicillin G and trimethoprim.
Avatar f tn I have read posts about low potassium levels but does anyone know about high potassium levels and lupus? My husband had a level 8 and had to go to the emergency room. He is fine now but we got a scare. He was diagnosed with lupus a few months after he went into septic shock.
Avatar n tn This female friend of mine has high potassium levels. She read somewhere that it can possibly cause sudden death. She is 22. In cases of women that have had this problem, how common is sudden death?
Avatar f tn Well this is why I am scared -- I've read about diabetes and this is how it happens in normal individuals who simply eat a very poor diet. But what about me, if my insulin is so high despite my diet? I also also reassured initially by my doctor who said I don't have diabetes and only told me not to eat sweets anymore (which I didn't anyway). But considering all I've read, I can't be very optimistic... Now, about what you've said...If your hair is also falling out spiro would do wonders...
1324852 tn?1274772939 Low blood potassium will increase your heart rate, high blood potassium will slow your heart rate. Sodium increases you blood pressure and retains water. Your sodium intake seems excessive and this would retain water, not eliminate it. Polyuria, polydipsia, polyphagia and weight loss are all common signs of DM. Though you mention school, you don’t specify your age. And with the amount of urination, excluding infections, sounds like diabetes type I. Seek immediate medical attention.
Avatar f tn I can not speak to the high blood pressure issues but the rest sounds like complications from High sugar levels - including the low Potassium. In short the seeing the Endocrinologist would be the correct idea. Your sugar levels are way too high and need to be corrected. If you have more specific questions please post and hopefully we can help.
Avatar f tn have her try eating only vegetables, cooked and raw, for a day or more and see how she feels, vegetables are high in potassium. and avoiding common food allergens such as wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, vinegar, dairy might be the beggining to a solution, to health!
Avatar m tn It is important to bring your blood pressure under control. First aim at that. In all probability the potassium level will settle down. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar f tn My fasting blood glucose was 116. My cholesterol and triglycerides were very high, I had a high serum potassium level, and my BP was off the charts when I saw him. He prescribed a beta blocker, instructed me to monitor my BP (which has continued to run very high despite the meds. As a former nurse, I know that beta blockers are more effective for arrythmias than for controlling hypertension, but due to my cluster headaches I can't take calcium blockers), and prescribed an anticholesterol drug.
Avatar n tn High glucose levels spill over into the urine, taking water and solutes (such as sodium and potassium) along with it in a process known as osmotic diuresis.This leads to polyuria, dehydration, and compensatory thirst and polydipsia. Any way nice points.Let us close this discussion here so as the questioner will not get confused and scared with all of the terminology mentioned here.If possible we can have a private discussion on my question on the same topic.I will post it soon.
Avatar f tn Red meat is high in saturated fats and should only be eaten once in a great while, and then only in small quantities (4 ounces or less...about the size of the palm of your hand.) Anyone with diabetes should avoid alcohol, sugary drinks (soda, juices) processed foods, sugary snacks, baked goods, white flour, white pasta, chips, crackers, etc. Hope this helps!
Avatar m tn Hi I too have diabetes, unfortunately high blood sugars will take a toll on all of our majort vital organs, kidneys being one of those. After 25 yrs diabetes took a toll on my kidneys. I've been doing dialysis since 2004. Dialysis is not the end of the world, while life without dialysis when kidneys fail, IS the end of the world. We need our kidneys to live!!!
Avatar n tn We are not medical professionals here, just volunteers with experience in dealing with type 1 diabetes. I can't say for sure that your higher than normal bg's are the cause of your leg cramps, only your physician can determine this. There could be many different medical reasons why a person experiences leg cramps during the night. It could be something as simple as a difficiency of a vitamin to something as serious as peripheral vascular disease.
Avatar f tn The best diet will be one that limits carbs and sweets, is high in vegetables and unprocessed foods, including healthy fats. The best diet for people with diabetes (including in pregnancy - your baby doesn't know what you eat, but it is affected by your blood sugar levels), is low carb, moderate protein (in pregnancy 1.5 - 2 g of protein / kg body weight), and high healthy (Unprocessed, naturally occurring fats - dairy, nuts, from meats, avocado) fats. Please also make sure you exercise.
Avatar f tn If you take insulin, insulin can cause low levels of potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sodium which in turn cause muscle cramps. A simple blood test can rules these out.
Avatar n tn Just my two cents... I stop eating bananas and that helped me out. I wonder if my potassium level was too high!
Avatar n tn He uses topical steroids.( triamcinalone) Two years later he developed Diabetes type 2 ( runs in the family-his mother suffered from it.) He is on Metformin, Pioglitazone 15 mg once a day, Glyburide 10mg two times a day, Lisinopril 10mg once a day, and Ezetimibe/simvastatin 10mg/80 mgs once in the evening. Using the Glucometer at home he checks his glucose regularly but it fluctuates greatly.
Avatar m tn A diagnosis of hypertension is often made by 2 separate blood pressure readings that are high separated in time. A blood pressure of 160/100 falls in the category of Stage 2 hypertension which is often treated with medications in addition to lifestyle modification of diet and cardiovascular exercise. Having high blood pressure puts you at risk for further cardiovascular complications such as coronary disease and renovascular disease.
Avatar m tn I gained my weight by 5 kgs and sodium liquid retention in face and on tummy.My MG is 100% in the controlled.My sugar level is fasting 70 to 160 and PP 170 to 250.Some times it goes to 340 also.I am now suffering from cough .I was regular smoker but since last 8 days I quite absolutely.I have been advised to take Amoxycilin & Potassium Clavulanate tablets with lactic Acid Bacillus (625 ) 3 times a day for 5 days and one capsule of Duova rotacaps for inhalation and Levocetzine 5 mg once.
Avatar m tn The high ACTH is making you dark. You need more testing. You may have cyclical Cushing's, a pituitary tumor, an ectopic lung tumor or many other things so your doctor needs to do much more, and not wait. Without ranges, it is very hard to know anything about testing. Every lab and every country differs.
1756086 tn?1312528117 Hello, High potassium levels in blood is called hyperkalemia which is normally 3.6 to 4.8 milliequivalents per liter (mEq/L) and in hyperkalemia it is higher than 6.0 mEq/L and occurs due to kidney disease, kidney failure, Addison’s disease, alcoholism, Excessive use of potassium supplements or diabetes type 1. Sometimes there may be a false increase in the potassium levels which may be caused by the rupture of blood cells in the blood sample during or shortly after drawing the sample.
Avatar m tn Sodium, Potassium, Chloride are all squarely in the center of the noted normal range. Bicarbonate (tested a few days ago) was 30 (in the range of 20-32); the last three blood tests (over several years) show bicarbonate to have been 33,31,34, while the other electrolytes remain in the centre of their range. Thyroid is 1.10 (range 0.5-5.0) My Doctor has suggested I measure the level of fluid urinated over a 24 hour period.
542165 tn?1214148436 Frank What specific step two pain meds might leave me with a high potassium level? I eat bananas like a monkey and ate banana cream pie just before I went to the doctor for a blood test. I have had some tingling in my hands, and had to use Ibuprobens also. What is "too" high a reading number? Can this be cured? Should I be worried? The doctor's office called me in for another test, but I haven't been yet; I am supposed to fast first.
Avatar n tn My family diseases are cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure. I am 60lbs overweight, 55 years old female. I do not drink alcohol or smoke. I love salty food. I have been mixing in my oatmeal 1 scoop of Metabolic Protein Powder at least 4 times per week. I wonder if this has something to do with my latest results. Do you have any recommendations? Should I be concerned?
Avatar m tn i am 29 now and have high bp recorded recently of 160/100 i have absolutely no symptoms except my urination frequency is increaded , earlier reocrder bp in 2004 was 125/80 , 2009 was 130/90 is it very serious what shoudl i do ? can it affect my marriage plans?
Avatar m tn This has important safety implications when supplementing each during heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, high blood pressure, beri-beri, or diabetes influenced by the deficiency of one of them. It is extremely important to know which kind of heart disease is involved. You may see this discussed in detail in http://charles_w.tripod.com/kandthiamin.html Copper is crucial for strength of arteries because of its role as part of lysil oxidase, which cross links elastin tissue.
Avatar m tn alcohol, Dilantin, COPD, diabetes, renal failure. SGOT/AST :39 U/L (8-37) Mild elevations of the AST level, less than two times the upper limit of normal, are common. SGPT/ALT : 95 U/L (5-44) Gamma Glutamyl Transpeptidase(GGT):106 U/L (M 12-64; F 9-36) Small amounts of ALT (alanine aminotransferase) are normally found in blood. When the liver is damaged, ALT is released into the bloodstream.
Avatar n tn I finally found a new endo who specializes in thyroid....not diabetes...and he is the one that educated me on hashi's. He told me i had been undertreated and that is why i still have so many symptoms. He said that anyone with hashi's should have a tsh level suppressed to .50-1.0 in order for your body to heal, anything higher than that you will remain sick.
Avatar m tn I was looking forward to maybe finding out why my pulse rate has always been so high, especially in the last few years. The night before the test I measured 120 while rested and at rest using an automatic blood pressure checker. I just got the letter with results and it is Greek to me. It says my Nuclear Stress test was normal, Myocardial perfusion scan with no evidence of myocardial ischemia or infarction. The left wall motion is normal.
Avatar n tn Actually, for diabetics, leg cramps may be caused by a variety of reasons. One cause, which may be seen in diabetics who take insulin, is low potassium. Potassium deficiency can also be aggravated due to loss of heavy potassium in diabetics with frequent and excess urine. A simple blood test can rule out if this is the cause.