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Avatar f tn To help Americans fight the dramatic increase in type 2 diabetes, Joslin Diabetes Center has crafted new nutrition and physical activity guidelines for overweight and obese individuals with type 2 diabetes and those at risk for developing diabetes (pre-diabetes).   "Since obesity doesn't seem to be slowing down and the complications of diabetes are so serious, we were especially alarmed about the health of the American public.
Avatar n tn And is accurate that it takes three days for the heart to flush out old (and potentially clotting) blood? Thank you for being on this board.
Avatar f tn "Can a person develop diabetes after taking Hep C treatment drugs? " Yes. You can develop diabetes before, during or after treatment. BEFORE..... In cellular metabolism, glucose (sugar) can be converted into fatty acids. Many viruses use these fatty acids to build their viral envelopes, or outer coatings, which help the viruses penetrate and infect human cells.
Avatar n tn However, if you didn't fast (have not eaten for 8 hours or more), you must had a random glucose test done. they do have guidelines to tell what number is high. if your glucose level came up to be a bit above normal then you might be considered prediabetic. prediabetes means you you have a chance of being diabetic if you didn't change your eating habits, exercise and so on. If you start to incorporate healthy lifestyles, then you would have a chance of being normal again.
Avatar f tn Every voice of dissent against their guidelines adds to the momentum for better care for all thyroid patients. I really appreciate you taking the time. Dear MedHelp members, if you have not added your voice to patient discontent and concern over the AACE focus on TSH as the only appropriate diagnostic tool and T4 as the appropriate treatment for hypothyroidism, please consider doing it if you have a Facebook account.
Avatar m tn The combination of PEG-IFN and RBV has been shown to be very successful in patients with genotype 2. The AASLD guidelines [5] advise treating HCV-2 and -3 patients for 24 weeks with combination treatment, including PEG-IFN alpha-2a or alpha-2b and a fixed dose of 800 mg of RBV [6]. With this treatment, more than 80% achieve SVR. " http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1478-3231.2011.02710.x/full The medications can have side effects. Most of them go away after Tx.
Avatar f tn Endocrine Society Issues Practice Guideline on Vitamin D Megan Brooks Authors and Disclosures Print This Email this Share MEDSCAPE'S FREE MOBILE APP Experience the fastest, most comprehensive, FREE medical app used by physicians.
Avatar m tn I've been on treatment for 42 wks. out of 48. 1a stage 1. Und. since week 12. I've had a really miserable tx due to huge drops in my rbc, wbc, Hgb platelets etc. I was hospitalized Monday night for bronchitis due to small amts. of blood in my lungs and sudden temperature spikes. I thought everything was on track and was looking forward to finally ending this Odyssey. I had lots of blood draws while I was there b/c my blood sugar level kept spiking.
183933 tn?1290220562 Glyburide is sometimes prescribed by OBs in pregnant women for treatment of diabetes. It is not, to my knowledge, officially FDA approved for this condition but the word-on-the-street from observational conditions is that is has been safe. Endocrinologists as a group do not use it during pregnancy but instead use insulin which has FDA approval for use in pregnancy. Hope all is going well, take care.
158939 tn?1274918797 The site has combination of diet guidelines on what not to eat and what to eat and even have a Free Theca Low Iodine Cookbook to download for more information and for recipes. However they recommend to check with your doctor before you start the diet because your doctor may have different guidelines. Good luck with diet (you might lose some weight too, whether you need to or not:)) and RAI. RAI is no big deal. Keep us posted.
Avatar f tn I am having a terrible time trying to deal with food, as I am I have high Cholesterol and I am also on Blood Thinners, which means i cannot have too much Vitamin K, The Doctor thinks my blood sugar levels will improve once I am off the prednisone but so far it seems to be getting worse, my fasting count is usually about 275 and when i eat anything it goes up sometimes to 425 I am currently not on any medication for the diabetes, she is having me keep an close eye on the numbers and has sa
Avatar m tn How diabetes affects normal sexual function In male individuals with diabetes, normal sexual function may be disrupted for a number of reasons related to nerve and blood vessel damage. Diabetes can cause damage to nerves (neuropathy) throughout the body, including the penis. Damaged nerves can't communicate properly.
Avatar f tn My questions are, has anyone else been dx'ed with diabetes 2, and do you have any advice for us? And, had anyone tx'ed for hep c with diabetes? Are there any special complications? Thanks!
Avatar m tn The guidelines also eased blood pressure targets for adults with diabetes and kidney disease. In this study, researchers used blood pressure data collected from more than 16,000 Americans between 2005 and 2010 to assess the impact of the revised guidelines.
Avatar n tn These symptoms are also experience by people with HCV who have not had treatment. See study by Daniel Forton et al 2001 - Evidence for a cerebral effect for the hepatitis C virus. (Lancet, Vol 358. pp38-39).
Avatar n tn Ok thanks for the answers. I guess ill go for shorter treatment and hope for the best. My neutrophils are currently low at 0.72 - (2 when i started) so they removed 1ml of peg/week yesterday hoping to get it in level.. if it doesnt work i need neupogen.. my ALT went down from 60+ to 13 in 4 weeks must be a good sign right?
967045 tn?1378403273 I had no permanent side effects from this treatment. Wait for these drugs if you can. I would only do the Sovaldi, interferon and ribavirin for 12 weeks now, if I was stage 3 or 4 and couldn't wait.
Avatar m tn depending on other factors some of which are diabetes, obesity, diet, etc. Population here on this website tends to be on treatment, with above average severity of hepatitis...for those these numbers are slightly higher....hive we they also tend to know other things which help reducing the risk do this balances out and the above estimated numbers I believe are still very good approximates for lifetime risk of hcc. 1 or 2.5% is virtually nothing...
919881 tn?1243660771 Tracy, I'm not nearly so knowledgeable about all these issues, but did want to say that I, too, will be rooting for you to push through this and to be successful in your treatment. That is one of our common bonds here, we all want that for ourselves and for others. Just wanting to send warm wishes your way.
Avatar m tn Hi, If anyone can suggest me the best place for treatment of Hepatitis B in India? I have tried hard but could not find a hospital is specialised for such treatment.
Avatar n tn Of course for some it is a LOT more expensive, but during his treatment I would rather spend more for my husband to have organic when it's possible. There are lists of foods widely available on the internet that tell you which ones have the highest pesticide residues, so you can selectively buy only those foods organic. Also, we are skipping the high-price convenience foods, so we save that way.
Avatar f tn "The new guidance from the NRC recommends that the practitioners providing the radioactive iodine treatment counsel their patients as follows: * patients receiving radioactive iodine should avoid all direct or indirect contact (i.e., shared living space) with infants and young children following the treatment. (The specific amount of time would be determined by the doctor, depending on the dosage of iodine-131 given, but would typically be from two to seven days.
Avatar f tn So I'm posting frantically to let you all know I'm here and TRYING! The newest recommendations I have seen for calling overt diabetes is fasting sugars over 100, so I'm with Jazz. I think you're going to hear that this is diabetes, and they'll begin treatment. What I don't know is how long and at what level you can see the onset of neuropathy. It is definitely not my field, but it seems too early and to little. Be interesting to see what your HgA1c is.
Avatar m tn 51 LogIU/mL Hep B DNA interp - Detected Hep B DNA - IU/mL - 32200 IU/mL I will have my MRI done next week I will revisit my doctor in two weeks and start the antiviral drug treatment. Problem is my doctor here has never treated Hepa B patient before (he only has Hepa C patients). I guess he will just follow the guidelines. I believe we have experts & doctors here who are much better & knowledgeable.
Avatar m tn I believe Xolair is FDA approved as an injectible treatment for asthma. Clinical trials for treatment of chronic idiopathic urticaria are happening in a few medical centres in the United States and Europe. I am surprised that your allergist would not be able to provide you with information on its availability and FDA status.
Avatar f tn You mentioned the drug nitazoxanide for the treatment of hepatitis B in pregnant women. So I asked if any guidelines or are not FDA approved. Can you give me a few sources of nitazoxanide hepatitis b treatment?
Avatar f tn God knows what my great-grandkids have to provide ! So ~ post Hep C treatment. It has been better for me than not receiving treatment at all.
Avatar n tn In the case of anxiety/panic/phobic neuroses or another comparable anxiety-related disorder, do the benefits outweigh the risks? No, as there simply are no benefits. The atypicals are not indicated for the treatment of anxiety states for a good reason...they are not effective. So, why prescribe them? They are "non-habit forming", unlike the Benzodiazepines. That's actually not true (any psychoactive compund will induce some degree of dependence).
Avatar n tn One recommends it while the other says it's an option but doesn't think it's necessary if getting the treatment will affect my grandmother's quality of life. My grandmother is old-world and just wants her doctors to tell her what is good for her and she will do it. So, they decision is more or less left up to her family (including me).
Avatar f tn "very good info. i have read many studies that say the same thing, basically saying lose weight and increase your chances of becoming SVR.