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229857 tn?1319033507 Even if you ARE considered to have gestational diabetes it's not that big of a deal if you just pay attention and follow the docs instructions... a lot of women are able to control gestational diabetes simply thru diet, no insulin necessary. Take a deep breath, relax and wait to see if you fail or pass the 3 hr. Atleast you'll know someone else is sitting there going thru the same thing....
393685 tn?1425816122 Please share your stories here as an update. Everyone new and old.... I'll be the first and say overall I still feel pretty good. A little on the nervous side losing weight still and not trying so hard but if that's all I have to complain about then I should just "clam up." Seriously, I feel good and very blessed to have my health back and my hope one day is to have all of you feel this well too. Have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing your posts.
230972 tn?1224473726 I am about 9 weeks on and have just been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Early! The diet plan calls for small regular meals (these should be about 6 times a day). Each meal should contain high fibre complex carbs (like brown rice, pasta, sweet potato, whole wheat bread etc), protein and fat. No sugar allowed at all. So no sweets of any kind. Only small amount of fruit allowed and only with a larger meal.
976897 tn?1379171202 I've just finished doing a lot of research on the findings regarding diet, ageing, heart disease, diabetes, cancer etc. Latest findings seem to suggest that a particular growth factor increases in our bodies when we consume protein, and this causes all those illnesses. The growth factor is high in nearly every resident in developed countries and it switches all the cells in the body to a different condition. There are two apparent conditions which cells can adopt.
Avatar f tn and tomorrow i go in for my 3 hr test but my OB already told me that being so high i will problably fail and have Gestational Diabetes for sure...im so confused on whats going to happen next all i wanted was to have a normal pregnancy and a healthy baby..is there anyone here whos been tru this who can help me?? i just need someone to confort me right now...what do i do? and on top of it they found out i have low iron and was put on meds for that too..am i going to be ok?
Avatar m tn 06 and ever since then have suffered from a lot of anxiety. I'm not very active and don't really eat the best diet. For a few years now, in between meals I would feel kinda shaky and feel that I needed to eat. I asked a friend who happens to be a nutrisionist and she said it might be hypoglycemia. Now to my question or I guess concern.
231441 tn?1333896366 Keep following up with my endo for the thyroid and diabetes. I will test for thyroid again end of this week and see him next week or week after - probably not bad idea to stagger visits to these two. If I'm still in this much pain next time I see him maybe he can request general abdominal ultrasound to see if anything else is going on. So that's it.
Avatar f tn Who's had gestational diabetes ? Did u carry full term or did u deliver early on ur own or have to be induced ? I have gestational diabetes this pregnancy but didn't with my first.. I'm almost 32 wks and starting to freak out did u have baby vaginally or have to have a c-section?
Avatar n tn I followed the protocol in KT's book and began my diet on the third day but Dr. Simmeon's protocol says to gorge for 3 days and then begin the diet. I don't know why there is a day difference in the protocols. Also I noticed that DR. Simmeon says to eat white fish but in KT's book he is specific about the white fish being halibut, Chilean sea bass, flounder or sole. Is anyone following just Dr. Simmeon's protocol and if so are you eating other white fish like orange roughy or tilapia?
506791 tn?1439846583 Doc thinks Hildie may have gone into remission, with the diabetes being well controlled by change of diet, more activity and loss of her big belly ( 10 1/2# now).
1943833 tn?1349280189 Thanks for the update on TJ. You may not have gotten your Miracle yet, but TJ certainly has gotten his, and it is you..! He sure has been blessed to find someone like you. Please check out the following website.... http://dogaware.com/health/kidneytests.html They have an awesome section on kidney disease that I am sure you will find helpful. Thanks for being here for TJ..... I'm hoping you get that miracle.... My thoughts and prayers are with you both.
506791 tn?1439846583 Great update, Pip! Like to hear about the canned food, too. :) My g.f. has an elderly kitty who lived basically on dry food only. I've seen this kitty and it was disturbing to say the least with the skin condition, SMELL, near bald patches, fur dry and brittle. She started him on canned, and he's made a huge turnaround. I can tell you Jade was fed only dry food, and she was a real mess when we first met her. Anyway, good job on all fronts!
1523195 tn?1291325972 I have recently noticed that I have diabetes , I'm 40+ years old , I measured my sugar level at home and it ranges from 270 -370 when I'm fast ( 8-12 hours without eating and drinking) and when I after eating it also ranges from 250-270 . I went to the doctor to make full body analysis for diabetes and the blood sugar level was 290 , he prescribed me two tablets / day of Glucophage 1000mg and one tablet / day of ACTOS 30mg.
87972 tn?1322664839 Part 1) 52 year old Caucasian male Genotype 1a Grade 2, stage 3/4 188 lbs Diabetes M. type 2 Dx with HCV 12/04 Treated 2/18/05 through 3/17/06 with Pegasys/ Copegus total 56 weeks, from 2/05 through 3/06. Slow viral response at 12 week assay, so increased riba from assigned 1200 mg/day to 1800 mg/day. Became undetectable to <50 IU by week 20. Relapsed within 30 days post Tx. Part 2) 9/15 06-Begin re-treatment with an assigned dosage of Peg-Intron 150 mcg/week, ribavirin 2000 mg/day.
3136223 tn?1367964316 People whose sugar level is not controlled properly like with diabetes or if the diet consists of too much sugary foods can also get fungal infections of the skin like Thrush. KaylaMarie25 you are 23. If you have no money ask your mum to lend you some and get off your butt and get your own meds. The exercise and the fresh air will do you good. Your mum has probably got lots of things on her mind running around and looking after the household.
Avatar f tn I enjoy shopping for my food and finding new ways to make it. It is a great diet for diabetes too. My daughter, who has ADHD (never on meds for it) has calmed down with just changing our food choices...so added bonus!!! Not everyone will agree with me but I know how I feel..I feel like I am in my early 20's ( I will be 40 in Dec)...and my skin looks great, too.
Avatar f tn This just started within the last couple weeks or so. I had a gut feeling it was either diabetes or kidney disease. I got the bad news yesterday she has diabetes. She has lost no weight, and the only symptoms she was showing was the water and urinating. Is it somewhat easy to help them maintain? I hate to see her go thru this, but I'm going to learn all I can on this disease and how to care for her. I pick up the insulin and food for her today. Does anyone here have a diabetic cat?
Avatar n tn I should also tell you that I have a history of diabetes in my family--my mum has type 2 diabetes and my aunt has type 1. I think I'm at a normal weight, not overweight, although I have gained a few kilos over the last few months. Again, this might be because of my diet. The first doctor I saw ran some blood tests and when I asked him about whether I might have diabetes, he said he checked and I don't have it. Should I trust his opinion or get another opinion?
Avatar n tn She's so much better now on a GF diet. I've been doing a search on this topic (stomachache and diabetes) because some of the school staff think my student is malingering and I (and his mom) don't think he is. I'm printing out some of the comments here so I can help the staff have a greater appreciation for this issue. I wish you all luck. You all work so hard to give a great life to your kids.
506791 tn?1439846583 I'm sorry about the loss of Chessie. Have you put Hildie on a grain and carb free diet? I have heard diabetes can be reversed in cats if you put them on a no carb diet. Since my own D diagnosis I have put my cats on grain free diets.. Wiz is mostly on rad cat now although Sybil unfortunately refuses to eat it most of the time so she gets grain free.
222135 tn?1236491821 I am back into my volunteer work full force (so I am a happy camper) and work is really crazy! On the diabetes front, I am kicking butt and taking names! I am walking 3 miles at least 5X/ week - starting to go 3.5 and increasing the speed. I have lost 30# so far, and my blood sugar is generally in the 90's!!! The endocrinologist had dropped my insulin dose once already (only Dx in October - was in 500's then). He says if I keep it up, I'll be completely off insulin in a year - woo hoo!!!
Avatar n tn I even said to him that that doesn't make sense given that diet controls the diabetes, but he was adamant that it was the calories. It's bothering to get wrong info from your doc, but thank goodness I have you guys.
Avatar f tn my husband may have to go through tx again and I was wondering from everything I have read on the net diet is very important. I was just hoping that someone (that's been there) might be able to offer some suggestions on diet and what has or has not worked to eleviate the symptoms.
Avatar f tn Hi All, just wanted to give a postive update and thank everyone for all the great info I got to help in my situation. Due to what I read here, and links I got here, I was able to have a successful surgery, and a successful and non-instrusive ablative RAI treatment. In May my new endo that I see for type I Diabetes noticed a couple of nodules on my thyroid during a physical exam. Sent me for ultrasound, and then FNA. Then second opinion.
231441 tn?1333896366 Hi (update to Zoela), I've found a box marked antiGAB on my Endo's test sheet. That's the antibody to test for diabetes. So I plan to tick it. Then I'll write in C-peptide as well. (Can do that sort of thing here - noone cares as long as you pay for the tests - no insurance for this stuff either). If I remember right, my first endo did a c-peptide test many years ago. I remember that it was in normal range. Would love to find it for comparison.
Avatar m tn To help yourself, for both conditions, you should stop drinking and smoking, change your diet(a must for diabetes) and exercise regularly. Your wife should get vaccinated for Hepatitis B, if she has no HBsAb. This is a precaution and peace of mind. As for depression, we all get it sometimes, ask your doctor for Prozac, it should help and you can come off it later. There will be a cure for both conditions in the future.
787465 tn?1250388666 He said he will monitor for diabetes which runs in my family as well as heart defects (both my older sister and I were born with a hole in our heart (asd) and we each had successful surgery in adulthood to repair). my iron was slightly low which would explain some of my endless fatigue, so he put me on iron supplements. other than this i am happy to report the baby and i are healthy. Best wishes to all other pregnant older first time (and repeat) moms.
Avatar f tn Wants to meet with me today regarding treatment. After all of the research about diet and MS, I'm not sure that I even want to choose to take the medications. But the last time I met with him he completely disregarded my comments about dietary and lifestyle modifications, says they're "totally unrelated.