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Avatar n tn Start looking at nutrional labels and being mindful of how *much* of any food item you are eating. High fiber diet is great for everyone, especially diabetics and those of us with problems controlling cholesterol. (Build up fiber slowly so your body gets used to it, though, especially if you're on Metformin as both tend to have a side-effect of causing "gas" until your body gets used to them). They even make fiber supplements as pills now, so it's easy to up your intake.
Avatar n tn Can you clarify? You absolutely need to follow a diabetic diet, so there's no choice there. Are you on one you don't like? What is it you're looking for exactly?
Avatar f tn You ask some excellent questions. The diet for people with type-1 diabetes can be quite liberal for those who learn carbohydrate gram counting and are able to match mealtime insulin doses to the amount of carbohydrate being eaten. With this approach, you should be able to eat amounts that you choose and still maintain reasonable blood sugar control. However, it also hinges on having an appropriate dose of long-acting (basal) insulin for keeping your blood sugar stable between meals.
Avatar f tn I e-mailed the diabetes education nurse at Joslin Diabetes Center and she responded that a weight loss diet has to be customized for the person. So poster diabetes86 is correct that there is no "diabetes" diet. For your father, you should look for a diabetes program (free if possible) that will show him (and you) what to eat, how much and how often. There is literature to read and make note of.
Avatar m tn Hi, for diabetes avoid fat to the lowest extent possible and do not use easily digested carbohydrate. One nutrient that can lessen warfarin's effectiveness is vitamin K. It's important to be consistent in how much vitamin K you get daily. The average daily allowance of vitamin K for adult men is 120 micrograms (mcg). For adult women, it's 90 mcg. A nutritionist should be able to give you a sample meal plan. Regards.
Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes for several years. The diet is the same diet recommended for Type 1 diabetes. Your doctor or The ADA can give you a copy of the recommended diet. The difference in the diet for Type 2 is that you do not have to eat on such a strict schedule. Please be careful to check your blood sugars often. You should not have more than 3 servings of carbs per meal as recommended by the ADA.
Avatar n tn thanks so much for coming to this forum in search of answers for you. While I may be able to shed some light on the whole food thing for you, this forum focuses on type 1 diabetes and not type 2. One of the things you stated is that your mother had stopped all sugars and was eating three meals a day consisting of wheat breads, salads, veggies and fruit and some sugar free cookies. You are puzzled why her blood sugars are not dropping even though she's eating this way.
Avatar f tn The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history. Hence this reply to your post should only be considered as a guiding line and you must consult your doctor at the earliest for your medical problem.
Avatar n tn The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history. Hence this reply to your post should only be considered as a guiding line and you must consult your doctor at the earliest for your medical problem.
72351 tn?1281996142 The nibbling is a good solution to meals for type 2 diabetics, for the constant flow of small amounts of foods keep you from having high readings after large meals. As for taking the test 2 hours after a meal, I would suspect that whatever your reading is at that time is pretty much your reading two hours after each of your snacks. So the information is still valuable to your physician.
Avatar m tn iam hypertensive, dabetic with increased cholosterol level . Provide me with a balanced diet plan for 1500 calories per day?
Avatar f tn I think you'd be better served to find a good nutritionist to help you make a diet for yourself, as none of us on here are experts and eating is a very individual thing especially when you have a chronic illness such as diabetes.
Avatar n tn how to get financial help to pay for diabetes medicines for this person who has no help and cannot work due to health.
Avatar n tn and how much are you taking? What are your preprandial levels? If preprandial is close to normal, then your diet is not controlled as indicated by your postprandial level. If your "diet controlling" includes no sugary foods or liquids, no white rice, no potatoes, no foods made with white flour, minimum carbohydrate intake, and you are at normal body weight have your doctor check your pancreas insulin production. This includes an islet cell C-Peptide test.
Panda Seeing a dietician is an excellent first step to take when trying to control sugars--some people can control high blood sugar with diet alone. If you are eating right and still have high sugars, you will need to see a doctor for some medication. There are many oral medications that can be taken to control blood sugar. In some cases people even need insulin, but this is usually not the first step. Good luck!
Avatar m tn You need to be told what Type you are. If you are Type I you will most likely be started on insulin. If you are Type II you might be given a combination of diet, exercise and oral medications. Whatever treatment you have been on for the last two years it is obviously in need of adjustment as your numbers are too high and you are at risk of complications.
Avatar f tn Don't worry Reese is not going to know if it's 8 or 12 hours between feedings. For a while I am sure he is going to be looking for that food every minute in between. He is used to grazing. As long as he gets recommended amount twice a day , I do not think it has to be precisely timed. ........and WOW 14 lbs!!!
4124125 tn?1350031741 Hi and thanks for using the forum. There is currently no "cure" for diabetes. However, with proper diet, exercise and tight blood sugar control, diabetes can be managed. Sometimes, diet, exercise and life style changes are enough to keep blood sugars in a healthy range. Sometimes, medications are need to help keep blood sugars under control. Your mother's doctor will go through a lot of information with you regarding your mother and her diagnosis.
Avatar m tn Have regular checkup to see your sugar level. You can even try for GlycaCare tablets containing herbal extracts and nutrients that would help you keep your sugar level in control.
Avatar m tn Be sure to check with your doctor on the proper way to stop taking them, sometimes you have to reduce the dose slowly over a period of time. If you are controlling your need for insulin with diet, you won't need injections or medication. Check out marksdailyapple.com, it's a free website with a forum of people improving their health by diet and exercise. Many people talk about their success with weight loss, diabetes, pain, etc.
151154 tn?1208134182 If you haven't have them do this for you now. I was diabetic for my first pg and I followed a diabetic diet. I cut out almost all simple carbs and watched what I ate very closely. I had a healthy normal pg and ended up only gaining 17 lbs the whole time and did not have any morning sickness where I lost weight inthe beginning. Went on to have a healthy 81/2 lb baby boy. I even went a week over.
Avatar f tn Diet control is one of the good way to control your diabetes but i think you also need to consult with doctors.
9842459 tn?1411691768 You could have gestational diabetes which usually goes away after you give birth. I don't know how the dr would know if you would be diabetic after you give birth if you weren't before.
Avatar n tn Why are you posting and not your father? Can you explain "precautions"? Do you mean prevent his diabetes from progressing? If yes we need to know what he is doing to control and manage his diabetes - foods he eats, exercise program, blood sugar levels and when he tests? "the good diet plan for them...." Changing lifestyle habits can go a long way in controlling type 2 diabetes. India leads the world in diabetes. This is mainly due to poor diet/nutrition.
Avatar m tn Use Google search, ask your doctor for referrals to diabetes classes, ask your local hospital if they offer classes. Eat a diabetes diet/nutrition and exercise 30 minutes daily to help lower your glucose levels. If overweight by a few pounds/kilograms, you must lose the excess fat.
Avatar f tn HBA1C measures average blood sugar over the past 3 months. It can be a useful screening test and for monitoring diabetes progress / progression. However, it can also be misleading as highs and lows can average out to give something that looks normal, but actually isn't. Fasting and 2 h ours post eating are also useful and can guide diet and treatment on a day to day basis. If you are diabetic both fasting, post prandial and HBA1C are useful to be monitored.
Avatar f tn Hello, if your numbers are so high then your medications are not working for you. YOu risk complications if your numbers can't be brought down. Target fasting is < 95 (ideally), and Target 2 hours after eating is < 140, but ideally < 120. You need a change in medication or possibly even insulin. If you are controlling your diet, I suggest you look into following a low carbohydrate diet, which may improve your numbers.
Avatar f tn As the previous poster said it can mean a much bigger baby and even possibly a c section whether you want one or not. I recommend sticking to a very strict diet if you ate diagnosed with diabetes or gestational diabetes.
Avatar f tn Just. Wondering ...I dont take meds for type 2 I try to control by diet an exercise, one time a week it might go up 185....can I just exercise it down or will I need to get meds?