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Avatar f tn Is HB1AC test is best for aperson not having fast ing blood sugar and post prondial blood sugar?
Business man1 If you provide further details on your consultation with your doctor it would help narrow down what you need to do next. Under normal circumstances doctors do not "mentioned like i am having diabetes." unless he/she has test results to back up their statement. Please answer the following questions in detail: 1.) Did you or did you not undertake a glucose [blood sugar] tolerance test? 1b.) A fasting glucose test? 1c.) An A1c test?
Avatar m tn just got results of my blood glucose test and it was 7 which nurse said for me that was fine and now have neuropathy in my feet but circulation ok which is good. doctor phoned now and asked me to come in as there is an issue with blood check. nurse sort of said something about cholestel and low iron but I have just had a B12 injection.
Avatar f tn I have never tested high on a blood glucose test. Recently when I had a stomach virus and thought my sugar might be low because I was feeling shaky my blood sugar tested 154. Does this ever happen due to sickness when you're not really a diabetic?
Avatar n tn Some labs accept tea but double check with your doctors office on the do's and don'ts. Right now, I wouldn't worry about diabetes until you get your test results back. If abnormal then discuss with your doctor treatment options and methods as diabetes can be controlled and managed with ease. Until then, enjoy life.
Avatar m tn Hi I went and had a routine blood test done that included glucose levels. It showed 176 mg/dl and I'm shocked! Does this mean I have diabetes? I'm a marathon runner so I run and exercise a lot and live a very healthy life in general. I never eat sweets. Also as I recall the last couple of times I have had blood work done my glucose level has been around 95. Please advise. Thank you.
Avatar f tn Good luck to you. I failed the first glucose test so I did the 3 hour one today . Just waiting for the results.
Avatar f tn Just came from the doctor, took the diabetes test they took blood work now i have to wait for the results in 1 week. Now here comes the waiting game! Oh n my next ultrasound will be at 36 wks ugh im 28 now!
Avatar n tn HI, The first thing to find out is if this is true ischemia and Your mother should see a cardiologist for a stress test(or other diagnostic test) as soon as possible to find out if/where she has hidden heart disease. Ischemia is caused by decreases in blood flow and is related to clots, plaque in the vessels or spasms in vessels. The only way to know the cause of the ischemia is with further cardiac testing. Diabetes very often causes heart disease, so you should have your mom evaluated soon.
Avatar n tn "Can a low B12 cause Neropathy" Yes, low B12 is can be associated with neuropathy, nerve damage. "what is the B12 high and low range?" My lab normal values are 200 - 900 pg/mL [picograms per milliliter]. Bear in mind normal ranges may and will vary among different laboratories. Talk to your doctor about what your specific test results and pay attention to borderline readings. If I remember correctly when I had B12 tested my doc also checked my ferritin and folate levels.
873325 tn?1295465496 You should test her fasting blood sugar first thing in the morning before food and the goal for that is under 100. Then test two hours after eating and the goal would be under 140. It might be interesting to see when she spikes, (her highest number) for some people it is closer to one hour for others two, but testing sooner than that doesn't mean too much. Yes, I'm sure it was a blood test, but if it was just a random blood sugar it is pretty meaningless.
Avatar f tn I have a 17 yr old daughter and we just got the results back from her blood work and found out she has diabetes. We haven't found out what type she is yet just notice after she gave birth to her son a year ago that she was always thristy and having real bad stomach pains and always staying tired. If someone has any idea and can help me please do.
Avatar f tn I had to fast for a minimum of 3 hrs before my blood test (I took it yesterday) the drink make me feel almost drunk so I am worried what the results will be...
Avatar m tn zoelula is right. go to a doctor and get checked it might be nothing. always best to make sure.
Avatar f tn Where I live they only administer the test once and its a two hour test. I should find out the results tomorrow when I go in for my 28 week check up.
127529 tn?1331844380 and it was as if the nurse was mad at me for passing the test. She scrutinised my blood sugar readings for the last month and because she found three that were ever so slightly about the required ranges ( like by 0.1) she said I had to come back in two weeks and refered me to the doctor (who I have never had to see before) because these three elevated readings raised a red flag. My DH says I should just go but it is so stressful and I really think she was just being picky.
Avatar n tn You can buy a glucose meter over the counter without a prescription (so your insurance won't freak thinking you have diabetes). I found a pocket, disposable one at Walgreen's (so I'm sure other major retailers carry them too) that costs about $30 for a tester and strips - you just have to purchase a separate lancet. Best way to find out is to check your blood as soon as you wake up then before and after meals throughout the day.
177019 tn?1258153791 ( so i have to go in on friday for the fun 3 hour-take-your-blood-4-freakin'-times-test. has anyone else taken it, and been diagnosed with gestational diabetes? just curious. my count was 150 when i failed the initial labs. this really *****, and i'm wondering if anyone else is in the same boat!
Avatar f tn I am 28 weeks as well and due to family history they texted me during week 16 ore so. Blood sugar was 91 so really good. My second test was earlier this week and ie came back to 147 (had a lot of sugar night before). Tomorrow I am going for a 3 hour test.
1554354 tn?1297175664 I was tested for diabetes 5 months ago and my blood sugar was 120 and I didn't eat anything but it was at night am I a prediabetic?
Avatar m tn I take medicines to the two ailments. So far i did not have Diabetes and i have never given aqny medicine for diabetes.. I wish to know from you whether I am diabetic or in Pre diabetic stage now and whether i should take medication for the diabetes or can i control by **** dieting and exercises.I have reduced my weight over the past 4 years from 72 kgs to 68 and now iam 65 by dieting and doing some asanas and pranayama. In addition i do walking for 4 km for the past 15 years.
4185614 tn?1353276113 Hi ladies having by diabetes test. I know I am ment to be fasting no food after midnight. However I was eating sum food an it was 00.10am will this affect my test results???
Avatar f tn Soooo I went and did my one hour glucose test yesterday and my results came back today... come to find out I am full blown diabetic and My doctor couldn't wait till my appt on weds to tell me bc it's so severe... let's say my stress level is through the roof now. Anyone else diagnosed or have diabetes while pregnant? Just curious and trying to relate to someone really.
Avatar f tn How many of you have already developed diabetes? Does everyone with PCOS develop diabetes and, if so, when? At what age? I'm taking Metformin, Spironolactone and Yasmin everyday. I also have a very health diet, with roughly 120 - 140 gr carbs per day. I have a normal weight of about 55 kg at 165 cm. Even so I get hypoglycemic spells once in a while - with all the symptoms, cold sweat, blurred vision, trembling, faintness etc...
155461 tn?1207868371 I have gestational diabetes so I am doing the gestational diabetes diet now and testing my blood sugar 4 times a day. If you eat a carb or sugar, eat a protein (eggs, meat, peanut butter, etc.) with it. The protein helps your body slow down the digestion of the carb or sugar so that you don't process it to fast. I would suggest a sandwich on whole wheat bread, with meat. Like a ham and cheese sandwich or something.
Avatar n tn Normally there are no parietal cell antibodies in the blood. So, the test is negative. If the test comes positive, then this may be due to pernicious anemia, gastric ulcer, atrophic gastritis, diabetes or thyroid disease. Please discuss the results with your treating doctor. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.