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Avatar f tn I have never tested high on a blood glucose test. Recently when I had a stomach virus and thought my sugar might be low because I was feeling shaky my blood sugar tested 154. Does this ever happen due to sickness when you're not really a diabetic?
1064271 tn?1385622526 Every diabetic or pre-diabetic is different in how much carbs they can eat. The way to find out for yourself is to test, test, test. Your doctor may tell you to only test once a day or even less, but the best way to control blood sugar is to know how foods affect your blood sugar. Eat a usual food and then test two hours later. You want to be under 140; under 120 is even better.
Avatar m tn Maybe the MD wants to make sure the blood test is not in error so ordered a second test. They usually do more than 1 test on a blood draw. is your diabetes getting worse? I dont know what are your BG numbers? It doesnt sound like you know that much about diabetes and the control of it. I would suggest you find out more of the relationship of what causes BG to rise (eating carbohydrates), self testing, drugs to lower BG and complications (retinopathy, neropathy...).
215816 tn?1212494007 8 which is considered non diabetic ( i am well controlled) once you numbers get in to 7, 8, 9 there is a problem i know people as high as 11, The other test is called a GLUCOSE tolerance test they take your baseline blood reading and then they make you drink a sugar drink and then they take another blood reading, in some cases they have what's called a three hour test where they keep making you drink the sugar drink and taking your blood every 45 minutes, to see how your blood sugar elevates w
873325 tn?1295465496 You should test her fasting blood sugar first thing in the morning before food and the goal for that is under 100. Then test two hours after eating and the goal would be under 140. It might be interesting to see when she spikes, (her highest number) for some people it is closer to one hour for others two, but testing sooner than that doesn't mean too much. Yes, I'm sure it was a blood test, but if it was just a random blood sugar it is pretty meaningless.
723573 tn?1230856987 but if you're thinking it's type two, then you could have normal blood sugar numbers but still be developing the disease. if you're losing weight and having more extreme symptoms.. then it's most likely type one. the only way you'll know for sure is to get an hemoglobin a1c test done, it'll show your average blood sugar over three months. then, if it is diabetes, you'll be able to figure out which type it is from there. hope that helped a bit. good luck to you, keep posting!
Avatar n tn I believe you asked about HYPOglycemia: The symptoms are vary varied and might include dizziness, feeling generally out of it, fatigue, irritability, disorientation, tingling. Testing is the key as if your numbers have been high for awhile you will feel low even if you're not. You should treat any lows below 60 (some treat below 70) with a couple glucose tablets. You will learn the correct number for you.
15956007 tn?1444230557 What is her blood sugar numbers? Typical fasting and post eating? Hba1c? Neuropathy can also be due to causes other than diabetes; B vitamin deficiency being one. This should also be looked into.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with diabetes 2 weeks ago. The Dr. prescribed metformin. I asked for a referral to an endocrinologist since I have an autoimmune disease (Stiff person syndrome + not overweight, normal blood pressure and choloesterol is normal). They said they would refer me to an endocrinologist. 6 days later hadn't heard anythoing from an endocrinoligst so called the Dr.'s office and they resent the referal. Week later still haven't heard anything from an endocrinologist. Called thed Dr.
Avatar n tn Some labs accept tea but double check with your doctors office on the do's and don'ts. Right now, I wouldn't worry about diabetes until you get your test results back. If abnormal then discuss with your doctor treatment options and methods as diabetes can be controlled and managed with ease. Until then, enjoy life.
Avatar n tn This level of FBS and Post prandial blood sugar will cause severe complications if it continues. If you can't control with diet (low carb works best) and oral medication, and exercise, it will be recommended to use insulin. Insulin is a powerful and very useful medication for diabetics. It is not to be feared, but you will need to learn to use it safely. Normal HBA1C is in the 4s or low 5s. 7.5 is well above normal.
Avatar m tn In the UK, diabetes test measurements are presented as mmol/l [millimoles/liter]. Normal fasting mmo/l glucose [blood sugar] ranges are 3.88 to 5.5 mmol/l. If your "gone up to 18points" is a fasting 18 mmol/l you are in the danger zone of having serious life threatening health issues. Please educate yourself on the hows/what-to-do's on diabetes control and management before its too late.
Avatar n tn There is no doctor on this board, John, only other diabetics. Heat can have very unpredictable effects on blood sugar. Do the diabetics in your company test regularly and have well managed blood sugars? Do they carry glucose tablets with them at all times in case of unexpected lows. Diabetes is very much a condition that needs awareness and self-management.
Avatar m tn Most people with diabetes should have an HbA1C of less than 7%. Higher numbers mean that your diabetes control is not as good. Cholesterol A cholesterol test measures cholesterol and triglycerides in your blood. You should have the test on an empty stomach after not eating overnight. Adults with type 2 diabetes should have this test every year. People with high cholesterol may have this test more often.
779797 tn?1263621835 2 days ago, I have enough, and went to the ER. After some blood work, my sugar level was 246. They thought it was a error and tested again, came out the same. I am 23 years old, male, 120 pounds, 5' 11'' and have never had the ability to gain weight. Have had stomach problems for about 3 years now, as well as other issues. Could this be it? I hadnt had anything to eat before i went to the ER, except a V-8 drink. No sugar. I was put on the Meta...
Avatar f tn His 2 hour GTT was abnormal, as was the hemoglobin A1C test. So this confirmed the diagnosis of diabetes, even though his blood sugars weren't all that whacked out. His doctor really didn't give him any teaching other than to tell him "Take this pill twice a day and come back in 3 months". I had to do my own research and come up with a diet plan, which he rarely follows...grrr! Despite his not following any sort of a healthy eating plan, his retesting in 3 months was normal.
Avatar m tn Diabetes is all about (blood glucose) BG numbers. The Med. community decides where to draw the line. Used to be under 200 was good then they found out people under 200 developed complications. So the redrew the line at 180 guess what they too developed complications. So it went to 160 for a short time. We do know from studys and lab work that any BG over 140 causes damage to nerves and capillaries. Now most diabetics are higher at one hour and drop by hour 2.
1194602 tn?1264951310 I went to the ER, and was given an ECHO and a sleep apnea test. The apnea test did not show any appreciable apnea, but several times during the night, my breathing became labored, and O2 level dropped dramatically. Then I got the results of the ECHO. the ejection fraction was 35-40%, and the mid to distal septum is severley hypokinetic to akinetic. Can anyone tell me exactly what this means?
Avatar n tn I did have kidney stones not too long ago and since then the hypos have been more frequent. I did have a number of different blood tests, my A1c was 5.5 but my doctor believes this is because of the many lows I have been having. Type 1 runs in my family, my mother's brother died from complications due to type 1 as did her father. I am 41 so this can't be the onset of type 1 or could it?
885280 tn?1289566155 Your 70 mg/dl could well be 50 mg/dl, or worse if your meter is inaccurate. 4. Last time you had an A1c test? 5. Last time you saw a doctor for a checkup? [blood pressure, EKG, etc] 6. Are you maintaining proper weight? Bottom line, you're not going to get an answer from any health forum or chat board, only from a professorial health care worker - a doctor. If you cannot afford to see one Google 'free health clinics' in your area. Good luck.
Avatar m tn Always a good idea to make sure the doc monitors them and may not be a bad idea to have another HCV antibodies test in a few weeks to make sure or you can have a HCV/RNA by PCR blood test that will tell definitively if you have active HCV within 2 - 3 weeks post exposure.. Good luck.....
Avatar n tn I am a very High risk OB due to my rupture and the fact I've had 6 c sec and type 1 diabetes but I have never had a blood test done or a HCG number given to me. So I was curious as to why most here do. Never meaning to pass judgement as a good thing or bad. Where I am from it would drive me nuts to run into the docs to get a bld draw every other day. but if it ment peace of mind i know what you mean.
Avatar f tn Hi, The test is a standardized test. And it is believed to give good results. Ie. if it shows an 'abnormal' result, there usually really is an abnormality. your fasting level of 5 (90) and 2 hour number of 7.8 (147.6) are on the high side. However, not terribly high. This would mean that you have a good chance of being able to manage this with diet. It is very important to control blood sugars during pregnancy for the benefit of the baby.
8761100 tn?1399729425 I didn't. But saying that, I did have a blood test meter prescribed and treated my sugar 4x daily until my Dr determined my levels were actually fine and I did not have gd.... if you opt out of the three hr, definitely test your sugar level.
529159 tn?1224994626 I am having a wide variance in the fasting blood sugar results each morning. If I test just as soon as I get up my FBS is between 130-150. If I wait about 30-45 minutes, shower and get dressed the numbers increase to between 170-190. I haven't eaten or had anything to drink in this time period. Is there a reason for this sudden increase? Which number is my real FBS?
367252 tn?1204401191 I am a 53 year old white female, non-smoker, no diabetes and with a BMI index of 21.5. I am on 3 blood pressure medications now to control what was urgent hypertension (186/116) last summer.
Avatar f tn Several years ago I had a high fasting blood insulin but not glucose test. I haven't been diagnosed with diabetes but have recently been checking my fasting blood glucose myself pre-breakfast. Can fasting blood glucose vary each day from normal to high in pre-diabetes? Eg one day day 5.1 mmol (91mg/dl), several around 6.1 mmol (110mg/dl) then 7.
Avatar f tn I know the numbers vary a lot. I’ve been trying to get the right amount on the test strip. Sometimes I would flood it, some times I would almost fill the entire little box up, fill it, and not fill the strip all the way. Later on 3 hours after I ate my dinner I tested my sugar again. I got a reading of 97,112,120, and before I went to bed it got a reading of 116. The next morning I woke up and got a reading after not eating for 12 hours a score of 107.