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Avatar m tn if the expiration date on the test strips has passed, are the test strips still good?
Avatar f tn Is HB1AC test is best for aperson not having fast ing blood sugar and post prondial blood sugar?
Avatar m tn First, this is not diabetes related but I know of these test and will comment. Creatinine, not cratinene, and Blood Urea Nitrogen [BUN], not blood ureas, are associated with renal function. The former measures kidney function, the latter waste product in the blood. Your posted test levels have no meaning without ranges [min-to-max]. Talk with the doctor who ordered these tests.
Avatar n tn I am no expert on diabetes, just the child of a type 2 diabetic and niece of three diabetics, but I think the urine test you are referring to is for something called ketones. I think this test tells you if you have uncontrolled diabetes.
Avatar n tn Creatine Phosphokinas 3. Center for Personkommunikation 4. Cabbage Patch Kids Did you undergo a blood test that showed elevated muscle enzymes? If yes, what did the doctor say? And, why was the test ordered?
1064271 tn?1385622526 Every diabetic or pre-diabetic is different in how much carbs they can eat. The way to find out for yourself is to test, test, test. Your doctor may tell you to only test once a day or even less, but the best way to control blood sugar is to know how foods affect your blood sugar. Eat a usual food and then test two hours later. You want to be under 140; under 120 is even better.
Avatar f tn 1.) Fasting - You do not eat any foods nor drink colored liquids for 8-10 hours. A blood sample is drawn and your glucose level [blood sugar] checked. Normal levels 70-99 mg/dl Prediabetes 100-125 mg/dl Above 126 mg/dl indicate diabetes [hyperglycemia aka Type 2 diabetes] If your fasting levels returns below 70 mg/dl this indicates hypoglycemia [aka Type 1 diabetes]. 2.) OGTT [Oral Glucose Tolerance Test] - You drink a sugary liquid then tested in 1 hour intervals.
Avatar m tn Maybe the MD wants to make sure the blood test is not in error so ordered a second test. They usually do more than 1 test on a blood draw. is your diabetes getting worse? I dont know what are your BG numbers? It doesnt sound like you know that much about diabetes and the control of it. I would suggest you find out more of the relationship of what causes BG to rise (eating carbohydrates), self testing, drugs to lower BG and complications (retinopathy, neropathy...).
Avatar f tn I have never tested high on a blood glucose test. Recently when I had a stomach virus and thought my sugar might be low because I was feeling shaky my blood sugar tested 154. Does this ever happen due to sickness when you're not really a diabetic?
Avatar f tn I have GD also this time around didn't have it with my first. But I didn't have to redo the test. I just have to test my blood four times a day and limit my sugar intake. Chances of having a over weight baby is high. they said my placenta is blocking my insulin flow.
Avatar f tn I had my son's blood sugar tested because of being concerned that he might have diabetes but his blood sugar was normal. He goes through phases of excessive thirst and will drink 3 glasses of water back to back. The other night he also said his eyes were blurry. He has also been getting headaches which seem to be about 3-4 hours after he has eaten. His great grandma, great uncles, and 2nd cousin has diabetes. Should I just buy a tester and keep checking myself.
Avatar m tn Diabetes is a condition where your body cannot control its blood sugar (BG) the ONLY way to tell is to test your BG. any clinic and even some pharmacys can test your BG.
215816 tn?1212494007 8 which is considered non diabetic ( i am well controlled) once you numbers get in to 7, 8, 9 there is a problem i know people as high as 11, The other test is called a GLUCOSE tolerance test they take your baseline blood reading and then they make you drink a sugar drink and then they take another blood reading, in some cases they have what's called a three hour test where they keep making you drink the sugar drink and taking your blood every 45 minutes, to see how your blood sugar elevates w
Business woman2 meds (pills and insulin) lower BS exercise lowers BSL Basically those are the tools you have, use them well and you will have a long Happy life. To learn HOW THIS ALL AFFECTS YOU… test you BG before you eat, test 1 hour after you eat, this gives you your BG spike for the food. Test 2 hours after you eat your BG should be going down. test before exercise test after exercise. Everybody is affected differently by carbs and by different foods.
Avatar f tn The gestational diabetes test is a one hour test, if you fail that, then you take a three hour test. If you fail that also, then you're diagnosed with GD.... So I'm guessing you didn't take this test as it is lengthy and it's not just taking blood. I'm still confused as to why they would think you have diabetes as the A1C is not a standard prenatal test.... Even if they would test you they would probably only do so if your family history for diabetes is incredibly strong.
Avatar n tn If it was, then you have what is called impaired fasting glucose, and should have a 2 hour glucose tolerance test as a follow up. If the test was a random blood test , then you should do one fasting to see what your sugar level is then. You are currently not overweight and you are doing a wonderful things by walking every day. Keep an eye on your diet as well. Take care and let me know if you have other questions.
Avatar n tn I think your doctor should do a more thorough test and check you for diabetes, and then you will know. They can do a test which will test the past several months to see what your average blood glucose has been. I think I would suggest that. You might want to look up the side effects of atenolol also.
Avatar n tn Some labs accept tea but double check with your doctors office on the do's and don'ts. Right now, I wouldn't worry about diabetes until you get your test results back. If abnormal then discuss with your doctor treatment options and methods as diabetes can be controlled and managed with ease. Until then, enjoy life.
Business man1 ) Did you or did you not undertake a glucose [blood sugar] tolerance test? 1b.) A fasting glucose test? 1c.) An A1c test? If yes to any of the above what were the test results? If you do not recall or do not have the results you can ask your doctor for lab copies. If residing in the USA it is your patient right to have copies of all your lab results. By seeing your test results we can determine where you stand.
Avatar f tn Usually non-diabetics stay under 120. It might bear having an A1C test done by his doctor to see the average blood sugars for a couple months.
Avatar n tn Your husband should take these medicines only after his physician’s guidance and test his blood sugar at regular intervals. If his blood sugar rises then it can cause damage to the kidneys, eyes and nerves. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps.
647391 tn?1275020233 If you seek assistance with lowering your blood sugars you need to provide us with more information - • Name and dosage of your diabetes medication/s • How often you test your blood sugars • Your last A1c result • What lifestyle changes you have made in order to control and manage your diabetes • What your diet consist of • When you last had a thorough health exam
Avatar f tn Hello, is your father type 1 or type 2 diabetes? Diabetes does have some genetic tendency to being inherited. Why do you think you have diabetes? What are your symptoms? The easiest thing to do may be to borrow your father's meter and testing your own blood sugar. Fasting blood sugar should be < 95 (ideally in the 80s). 2 hours post eating, should be < 120, but ideally <100. If you are in doubt go to the dr to get checked.
873325 tn?1295465496 You should test her fasting blood sugar first thing in the morning before food and the goal for that is under 100. Then test two hours after eating and the goal would be under 140. It might be interesting to see when she spikes, (her highest number) for some people it is closer to one hour for others two, but testing sooner than that doesn't mean too much. Yes, I'm sure it was a blood test, but if it was just a random blood sugar it is pretty meaningless.
Avatar n tn The insulin stays in your system (depending on what type) for several hours. You may need to test your blood sugar two hours after eating occasionally and if it is high or low, you can talk to your doctor or diabetes educator about adjusting your insulin. With certain foods such as high fat hot dogs and pizza digestion slows down and you may find that you have a low blood sugar an hour after you eat and then will be high later. This is because fat slows down the digestion process.
Avatar n tn If your friend thinks he might have diabetes it is easy enough to go to a doctor who will recommend either a fasting glucose test or an OGTT where he drinks a really sweet drink and watches how it affects his blood sugar over time. He should definitely have it checked as untreated Type 1 diabetes can make you very sick.
Avatar n tn First thing you need have on hand is a home glucose test meter. The only way you're going to know how the foods you consumed affected your glucose [blood sugar] levels is by testing, testing, and more testing. Times to test are; fasting - first thing in morning b4 having any food or colored liquids [plain water is OK]. This will tell you how much stored sugar your liver is dumping during sleep hours. Normal levels are 60/70 - 99 mg/dl or 3.33/3.88 - 5.