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Avatar f tn Sandy Szwarc approved of it and kindly reposted it on her Junkfood Science blog. As I write, the comments on the healthfraudoz website have reached a total of 176. A few commenters approved of what I wrote, but the majority of commenters tried to defend Isagenix. Their arguments were irrational, incompetent, and sometimes amusing. It was as if no one had actually read what I wrote. No one bothered to address any of my specific criticisms.
26471 tn?1211940121 I'm not doing phlebotomy for the sake of IFN therapy, but to save the rest of my organs from early destruction. Hemochromatosis is known to cause diabetes, and I'm diabetic. Diabetes (insulin resistance) is a known treatment negative.
547368 tn?1440545385 I love the Daycare idea. But I doubt that one will fly. LOL You write with a great sens of humor which brightens my day. Thank you. Work Bench...oh goodness no. This book and business intelligent man cannot drive a nail straight. I have seen some of his "projects." He actually thought of being a carpenter upon retirement. I tried hard not to laugh but I reminded him I would like to keep my home and not be sued over his carpenter "errors.
475555 tn?1469307939 'Anyway, there does seem to be an advantage to being an underdeveloped country. (You'll have to excuse me, I have a strange sense of humor.)' ------ Your humor is cool ... and ... I do agree on many advantages in underdeveloped countries. People are so friendly and inviting. The social aspect is so much more pronounced. I miss Indonesia often, also Mali... Go there once a year, as my husband is half Malian. People live in a different way, than here in the West.
Avatar n tn They are not known to be cancerous, so don't 'sweat.' Sorry, poor attempt at humor. Mine is very small though, so they do not see it as a problem, and will not do anything about it (REGARDLESS of how it is affecting me). There is also Graves disease... I hope some of this may offer you some help and relief.
147426 tn?1317269232 My vote would be for the one WITH the caustic remarks as first choice . The humor and the personal editorials are entertaining especially when one is facing a life changing disease/diagnosis. An HP without the remarks might be more formal and useful in certain situations however, do you have the energy to do both? That would be the ideal solution.
Avatar n tn Jackie, I would have to look all over again but I have read on a number of sites that the deer tick is the vector and not wood ticks, and I have also read on numerous sites where the tick does have to be attached for a certain amount of time for transmission to occur. I have read anywhere from 12 - 48 hours but more often something more along the lines of 24-36.
Avatar m tn The high pressure needed to press out the oil generates some heat naturally, but the temperature is controlled so that temperatures do not exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Coconut oil is used for diabetes, heart disease, chronic fatigue, Crohn's disease, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Alzheimer’s disease, thyroid conditions, energy, and boosting the immune system. Ironically, despite coconut oil’s high calorie and saturated fat content, some people use it to lose weight and lower cholesterol.
975514 tn?1325001538 It is definitely one step in the right direction to sanctify and possible treat the illness. I like to follow Adrienne Dellwo blog on About.com too. You should check her out if you haven't already. Anyhow, it's nice to meet you.
475555 tn?1469307939 The latest, and the real reason for this post (aside from my penchant for aggravating everyone with my dubious attempts at humor), is that they just got a Fibroscan machine at my hospital, trained a young female medic to run it, and I have been one of its first victims...er, I mean subjects. The results are crazy and scary. It gave F2/F3.
Avatar f tn I have the biased opinion about Endos because it seems that they generally specialize in diabetes,not thyroid. Also, they seem to be more rigid than most about "The Immaculate TSH Belief" and the use of "Reference Range Endocrinology". In my area, there is only one Endo that is conveniently located. I went there and he told me that he dosed his hypothyroid patients as necessary to get their TSH in the range of 1.0 - 1.5.
Avatar f tn ). You have to find humor in the little things these days. I also am trying a new med, klonopin in the lowest dose. Gabapentin is on hold for now. The klonopin has an anxiety component to it as well as to treat tremor. I am really more on edge this week. I took a half dose last night and felt no effect really. I will up it tonight to a full pill so I can actually sleep through the night hopefully. I am noticing that odd feeling in my neck/throat is moving to the back of my tongue.
Avatar n tn Getting pregnant took 7 years for me and then it almost killed me. Border Diabetes, Toxemia and premature labor. Birth caused a vaginal hemotoma (I'm a real bleeder) Hemohorraged 9 days after birth from hormonal inadequacy. Was so weakened that I got sick with Thyroiditis. It caused a cyst on my thyroid and tyroid problems for years. My heart palpitates and has other irreguar rythyms. May require a devise to keep the rythym corrected in the future.
Avatar f tn ) And I would like to make a more detailed questionare. If and when I get the time I'm thinking of creating a blog site where I and others can vent and people can fill out this form. I'll look up the prescription drugs you mentioned and bring them up to my doctor. What type of doctor did you mention you started going to??
Avatar f tn People think there are solutions to everything and that you must not be doing any thing about your awful problem(s) when, HA, anything could be less true!!!! All that makes things so hard too. Anyway, I try to find the humor -- like there can't be anything else on me to smell lol, and to look on the bright side that I do have work I like, and a reasonably good life. I am proud of myself when I manage to stay away from feeling depressed. Don't give up anyone here! My heart goes out to you all!
Avatar n tn http://www.oliversacks.com/migraine.htm Dr. Sacks’ blog generated over 400 responses which are very interesting! Lastly, I can’t help but wonder what part both environmental and mental stresses might play in this. As for the psychological stress, I’ve developed a little theory of my own. I’d suggest that our modern information age, for all it’s perceived advantages, inherently creates unprecedented stresses for us to deal with daily.
Avatar n tn not to sound sick but, it's good this blog was created. I from time to time have had twitching on the right side of my head (Ha funny just had one as I typed). I went to a ear, nose and throat doctor NOTHING. I went to a cardiologist to check for any possible clots that may be affecting the areas NOTHING. Lastly, I went to a Neurologist for an MRI and again NOTHING. This twistching is not painful and does not occur for longer than a day if that off and on.
Avatar f tn When I finished tx in 2/06 they told me I woud be "fine" in 2-4 weeks. Didn't happen. Then they said it might take 6 months, didn't happen. Now they say it might take 18 months, but that I might never have the brain function I had "before". I can't work, can't get permanent disability, at least I am trying a 3rd AD, but the goal is to get off all meds.
Avatar n tn ok, i have read all the posts and no one seems to respond as to what their doctor says. I started experiencing the same thing Friday night, a warming sensation along my back left left, sometimes in the thigh region, all the way to the ankle, some very shorts bursts of the warming sensation, some lasting 5-6 seconds. Anybody got a clue on what causes this? not sure if it is a nerve problem, or clot, or something else. I kinda doubt it is a clot, as i am not having any other symptoms of a clot.
Avatar f tn I was desperate (quite obviously), but these things seemed to work. Good luck. All I can think is that God had a bizarre sense of humor when creating them, but all I want is for them to DIE!!!!!!
Avatar n tn I smell exhaust fumes too and I'm on oxygen. I've been wondering if an exhaust smell could be coming from it, but it's electric and makes the oxygen I breathe. I've been smelling it for months. Tonight I told my husband I smelled exhaust, he said he did not, I asked him to put on my oxygen to see if he could smell it, he did not smell it at all. I don't have a sinus infection but this smell does give me a headache as if I were literally smelling automobile exhaust.
Avatar n tn I cannot afford a doctor, but I already know from doc visits at 19 (had DNC/lap) that I have endometriosis and recently diagnosed polycystic ovarian disease (with subsequent Diabetes, type II) from a hospital CAT scan. I really would like to know if anyone has found out anything about why this happens. I don't want to have a hysterectomy, I want at least one child before it is too late.