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Avatar n tn No, definitely not. However, that is a very unhealthy way to eat and if your sister continues eating like that in the long run she could become obese as well as have numerous health problems down the road, diabetes only being one possibility.
10947 tn?1281407852 I would love to have one that you enter the amount of each food you ate and it would give you the calories, fat and nutrition facts for each and then totals for the day. Also if you included suggested amts from the food pyramid to help people know what they should be eating. Let me know when you get it started.
Avatar n tn Mercola and believe in most of what he says. People need to learn the importance of nutrition and it can greatly improve the quality of your life.
Avatar n tn Facts: Elderly (76)- my mother-in-law, recovered from breast cancer (mastectomy performed) in 1995; later diagnosed with Type 2 diabete (1997); then diagnosed with chronic Hep B (2000) - treated and is still on medication. Current condition: Fragile, underweight (5ft 3in, weighs under 90 lb). Eating very little, avoiding chicken altogether (myth about its toxicity), but eating congee (porridge made with white rice)every morning. No exercise at all whatsover.
Avatar m tn 3)try to add excersie into his dialy life sign him up for ti quan do or get him a pair of rollerblades 4) try to cut back the number of times he eats out or easts fast food I guess an example would be pack his school lunch instaead of giving him money to eat in the cafeiteria alos try cutting eating out to once a week 5) have him keep a nutrition facts book with the number of carbs callories and fat of what he is eating try this website as a resorce http://www.calorieking.
1344197 tn?1392822771 Claims of weight loss, increasing energy, improve mood, are safer, and many others have been made. Hopefully this article can help you answer questions and dismiss many of the myths surrounding this highly published, highly marketed topic. The term Bioidentical Hormones is not a medical term, it is a marketing term used to imply an exact copy of the hormones produced in the body.
8369322 tn?1397830269 Calories: 232, Total Fat: 3 g (1 g sat. fat), Cholesterol: 23 mg, Sodium: 502 mg, Carbohydrates: 34 g, Fiber: 12 g, Protein: 23 g. 34 carbs PER SERVING WTF diabetes is about not being able to control BG and carbohydrates raise BG. "but it only has 3 g Total fat....
20883400 tn?1563962867 Moreover, the economic impact related to the dental caries the much comparable to diabetes and heart disease. In fact the set of dental caries and took second position while ranking much expensive diet-related diseases. Who gets Qualified for Offering Dental Service? The Dental Association offers the clear guidelines that are concerning qualifications important for practicing dentistry.
Avatar n tn My wife is 57 years young and was just released from the hospital over a week ago we have both searched diet books and the net trying to find a web page that gives detailed nutrition facts they are either for heart disease or diabetes not both she is a type 2 diabetic and just had 2 stints put in we are getting very frustrated if anyone out there can point us in the right direction i,d greatly appreciate it THANK YOU!!!
Avatar f tn It sound like he's in great denial about the diabetes all together and may want to get a good team of doctors, and nutristionist, and othe people together for support. But you have the need to be scared for your friend, i was in denial for almost 7 yrs. about my diabetes, and now it had progressed so badly that I was taking 8-10 injections of insulin per day just to stay with a normal blood sugar ranges, and now I'm on a insulin pump.
Avatar f tn Add to this the fact that I taught anatomy, nutrition, and yes, took chemistry, and it might be we both have points to make. 1. Of course juices are loaded with good vitamins and minerals, many healing properties exist with them. 2. The only disadvantage is that juicing leaves behind the fibers, which have also shown tremendous health benefits, and wasting these may not always be wisdom. 3.
Avatar n tn A patient can get the FT3 in upper range but won't risk osteoporosis if remaining subclinical hyperthyroid and it may correct the lipids, along with proper nutrition and exercise.I just think it's almost irresponsible for Dr not to look at it all. Course I have a dog in this fight so I am interested.
Avatar n tn and prescribed Met 500 mg. No changes and we had the holidays. I went to diabetes and nutrition counseling (as well as changing my lifestyle with eating and exercise) and they all said they think I have POCS syndrome and so did the GYN. They all suggested that I increase my dose to 1000mg so the Doc did. I have lost 3 lbs in 2 days since and blood glucose levels are done so I am hopeful.
545538 tn?1295995617 I have been and continue to be checked and I'm not insulin resistent nor do I have diabetes. I had my yearly physical this morning and I have lost 49 lbs since last year at this time. I told the doctor its the Hep C diet since that was the only good side effect while I was on tx. I just finished SOC a month ago and so far so good as far as UND.
Avatar n tn The purpose of the gastroparesis diet is to reduce symptoms and maintain adequate fluids and nutrition. There are three steps to the diet. STEP 1 DIET consists of liquids, which usually leave the stomach quickly by gravity alone. Liquids prevent dehydration and keep the body supplied with vital salts and minerals. STEP 2 DIET provides additional calories by adding a small amount of dietary fat -- less than 40 gm each day.
Avatar m tn The appt girl said he was really busy. They will be mailing me a info pact. She said they have had great success with Hep C and Diabetes associated with it. I don't have a clue as to what great success means. She said as long as you haven't developed ascities they could help you. I really Don't know how this is going to play out but with my odds so low with SOC its worth a try.
Avatar n tn these are the facts. HIV is a fragile virus and it is very hard for it to infect unless under certain conditions. It must find certain cells to infect that are deeper inside the body and in the blood. It is a blood borne disease, not like a cold. Drinking out of a cup, eating off the same utensils (should this stuff ever happen) is not a risk for HIV transmission. Saliva is NOT infectious and HIV does not survive in the environment. Many studies have proven this.
Avatar n tn Hi I did IUI on Saturday and am now doing the dreadful 2WW and I am already feeling discouraged but not defeated. I have PMS signs and it sucks cuz IF and WHEN AF shows up I'm gonna feel like burying my self under my sheets and never waking up. Don't mean to seem negative but today I am feeling prety down. Anyhow good luck to both of us.
1423357 tn?1511089042 It's very possible that the majority of the population that use statins are overweight and predisposed to diabetes, thus skewing the actual facts. As I mentioned in the beginning of this thread, I was a BIT overweight. Certainly not obese, healthy, and quite active for a 60 year old male but had been taken statins for a number of years. Regardless, once my wife and I dropped as many carbs as I could, there was a dramatic decrease in our bi-annual A1C's. My last one was 5.
Avatar n tn Obesity is usually defined as being 20% over ideal weight with resultant increase in certain diseases including high cholesterol levels, heart disease, high blood pressure, gallbladder disease, type II diabetes mellitus, hardening of the arteries, and degenerative arthritis. Weight loss decreases blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and improves diabetes control. PRESCRIPTION: yes GENERIC AVAILABLE: yes PREPARATIONS: Tablets: 30mg, 37.5mg.
921323 tn?1268679412 If we had done the same for cholesterol medications or diabetes medications, or even smoking patches and pills, we’d be paying for it in countless ways. So is there something unique about developing medications for obesity? Obesity is considered by many to be purely a “lifestyle” disease, and some are biased against the obese as a result.
802547 tn?1237850517 Whether for weight loss, or prevention of diabetes or other related medical problems, many women who struggled in their 20’s and 30’s finally find success in their 40’s. For many women at this age, previously insurmountable logistical barriers such as raising preschool age children, or inflexible work schedules, often improve somewhat.
503727 tn?1210442710 As soon as I get into a place I get so dizzy and my vision is all messed up. I get so hot and sweaty and my heart races. I want my life back. I still dont believe that its just anxiety causing all of this. I feel like I have something else wrong that the doctors cant find even though i have had bloodwork, mri, ekg, and they were all normal. I started taking .25mg of xanax once a day. still dont feel any better yet. So if anybody has any help please give it to me.
4274823 tn?1388532698 I say that because while I have Graves', I highly doubt it's from fluoride-I have type 1 diabetes, and auto-immune diseases can go hand in hand, and I had signs of something up with my pancreas long before I ever did the fluoride rinse. I also grew up on well water because I grew up in very rural areas. As for other classmates, I only know of one other who has a thyroid problem that she was actually born with, and very, very few people have gotten any terrible diseases.
Avatar n tn My mother who is Type 2 Diabetic, experinced these tears along with yeast infections and athletes foot infections all through her 30's and 40's until her diabetes was diagnosed and she got her levels under control. I honestly find it rediculous that the modern medical community, which treats the majority of women's reproductive health problems as shameful, has no flipping idea what causes these tears or how to really treat them.
920032 tn?1550683756 i have been told i am at risk of getting diabetes. bought myself a monitor seems fine all day. but first thing in morning before breakfast the reading is over the request range. is there anything i could do to remedy this. i eat protien only, every three hours very small amount as i am overweight. no excersise as i am disabled sleep very well usually 8 hours a night.
102999 tn?1326859384 Now, these studies that find associations aren't hard and cold facts, but if you're not deficient you certainly don't need that much, and you wouldn't need it for very long. But medicine isn't factual, it's more based on information and nobody knows if that information is true, sometimes true, never true. We're now in a period of tremendous collection of information, but it will be a very long time before that information translates into facts.
883607 tn?1241851111 This tracker will be very beneficial for those users who have dietary restrictions due to medical conditions such as diabetes and high cholesterol, and will also be useful for those who are simply trying to watch what they eat. In addition to providing a calorie counter, the Food Diary will also allow users to track their intake of carbohydrates, fats, protein, sugar, vitamins, minerals, and supplements.
419309 tn?1326506891 Diabetes mellitus is frequently seen in hepatitis C patients and is often treated with antidiabetic agents that increase serum insulin levels. Because insulin is a growth-promoting hormone, antidiabetic agents could pose a risk for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Aim: The aim of this study was to investigate an association between antidiabetic therapies and the incidence of HCC in hepatitis C patients with diabetes mellitus. Methods: A nested case–control study was conducted.