Diabetes and foot injury

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863723 tn?1239146405 You did not say if your diabetes is under control. If the injury has not completely healed in 3 weeks you may need both the injury and your current diabetes status evaluated.
15956007 tn?1444230557 thanks for your answer and yes its normal on fasting its 80 to 90 and after eating its 120 to 130.
Avatar n tn My right foot has been burning for 6 days. It comes and goes with a burning sensation lasting for 2 seconds or so. Could this be related to taking the drug Zoloft? Who do I go to for treatment?
Avatar f tn Long term high blood sugars in people with diabetes can results in problems with circulation in feet and legs. This means that any injury may not heal properly and develop into very serious infection. In such case, I am assuming this is what you have, and if conventional treatment is not working, then amputation will be done. To speed healing and prevent further complications, suggest you work with a diabetes educator to get better blood sugar control.
Avatar f tn The common causes of foot drop are nerve injury, brain or spinal disorders and muscle disorders. Diabetes mellitus, stroke, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophies are few common causes. Since your EMG is normal it is least likely to be a muscular cause. You may need other tests like blood sugar tests, MRI brain, spinal cord and nerve conduction velocity. Consult a neurologist and get examined. This is merely an advice and not a substitute for clinical examination. I sincerely hope it helps.
Avatar n tn Varicose veins, cysts, swollen tendons, rheumatoid arthritis, ankle injury, and bone spurs all can lead to this syndrome. Diabetes mellitus, neuropathies, stress are other causes of needle like pains.Consult a doctor and get yourself evaluated. A complete clinical examination and work up for above mentioned conditions may help. Best of luck and kind regards!
Avatar n tn During my physical in the summer my fasting glucose was 104 mg/dL and AIC at 6%, which they said was okay, so I don't think I have diabetes. I do not recall a specific back injury. My coordination and motor skills seem fine. Interestingly, the arch on the left foot has somewhat collapsed over the past few months. Does this help any?
Avatar f tn My right foot is red and swollen and feels like needles and its been this way for a few hours , what do I do?
317787 tn?1473362051 in fact, the two health conditions may just be different sides of the same metabolic coin. Type II Diabetes Also referred to as adult onset diabetes and non-insulin dependent diabetes, Type II diabetes is a chronic condition that affects the way the body metabolizes sugar (glucose). Those with Type II diabetes have a problem with insulin – a hormone released by the pancreas that regulates the movement of sugar into the cells.
Avatar n tn Hi, I was injured at work falling of a ladder on 11/10/2011 reported my injury and was sent to wc doctor in Florida. I was sent home by employer due to restrictions in which I taught I wasn’t been treated fairly. However I went back to work after 10 days of complaining to HR on light duty, I was mailed a check and was told by the insurance adjuster not to cash it. While treating with wc doctors I made them aware of my old L5 S1 injury back in 2004.
Avatar f tn i have fluid and swelling in my left foot numbness and chronic pain in my arch and heal areas.
Avatar f tn the toe of my running shoe (yes it made that sound) on the treadmill. Drop foot (or foot drop) is caused by weakness that can be distal (ankle flexion) and/or proximal (hip) or both -- my situation. It also has different causes -- the most common causes are peripheral nerve issues such as diabetes or injury. It can also be caused by central nervous system weakness. Do you have weakness?
1294547 tn?1275659377 It seems like it stops at a less than a 90 degree angle, and will not bend upward or downward fully. It only effects my left foot/leg and because of my ankle and foot reacting this way, I walk with a limp. Depending on my fatigue level, and how much I've use the leg, my leg/foot issue will be worse in the evening, however, I wake up with this numbness on a daily bases. Because of the weakness in my toes, I can no longer get up on my tippy toes on that leg, and I can not walk on my heels.
Avatar n tn ) in 1998 due to ruptured disc (L5-S1)and nerve pressure, but that caused left leg pain and numbness in sole of left foot; no complications with right foot at that time or after, till this recent tremor. Slightly overweight (6'1", 205 lbs), minimal daily exercise (1-2 miles walking), fairly balanced diet (wife is a Registered Dietitian), some stress but not extreme (tenured full professor in engineering, but too many projects!), lots of computer time, 7-8 hrs sleep most nights.
Avatar n tn thanks so much - makes me feel better. i wanna trust the six week result! and the foot pain comes and goes, which is weird...some days its not there, others it hurts on top....especially when i'm thinking about it.. doc tells me to move on...
Avatar n tn It seems to only get swollen when the weather is hot. I also sometimes get pins and needles in my feet. Only the foot is swollen not the ankle nor my leg. Can you help ????
Avatar n tn But since then, I can feel a bump under the skin and the itch is absolutely indescribable - it feels like athletes foot - and I have the scratched up skin and scabs to prove it. What could be causing this?
Avatar f tn Hi there, A detailed history and evaluation is necessary for correct diagnosis and treatment of your condition. The common causes of foot drop are nerve injury, brain or spinal disorders and muscle disorders. Diabetes mellitus, stroke, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophies are few common causes. Foot drop can be a sequaelae of severe intractable seizures. This is merely an advice and not a substitute for clinical examination. Consult a neurologist and get examined.
Avatar n tn Weakness in contraction of a joint, difficulty in stabilizing body parts, and pain working against resistance are signs of muscle problems. Swelling, tenderness, loss of function, and discoloration over and around the injury of are symptoms of a strain. Diagnosis can be made with the help of physical examination, x-rays and if required MRI of the joint. The medical practitioner will examine how the muscles of your foot function.
Avatar f tn Since the surgery he has had little to no feeling in his last three toes and the ball of his foot his very painful. The doctor says that he may have moved a nerve but that the feeling will come back. It is now November and still no sign of any feeling. He says he feels like he has a club foot. What do you suggest.
Avatar n tn The only lingering problem is a drop foot and numb right big toe. About 6 months ago I began having trouble with maintaining erections. The two urologist I've seen told me that the hormonal screening turned out normal and I don't have cholesterol, hyper tension or diabetes. Both suggested it was all in my head. I have been able to enjoy intercourse with the help of Viagra and Cialis but I still have trouble maintaining an erections at times. Recently, this problem has gotten worse.
Avatar n tn An injury to the cervical spine, unless it's pushing on the spinal cord, should not cause the nerves from your neck to radiate down to the foot. This is because the nerves that radiate down to the foot come from the lumbar spine. You can look at an anatomy picture of how the nerves come out from the spine and where they go. I have foot pain, it comes from lower back problems.
Avatar m tn Generally diabetes is a predisposing factor. PRODOPHYLIN RESIN is generally used for warts. The warts on foot are generally on the plantar side. Salicylic acid is another option you can try. Otherwise you can go for cryosurgery. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar n tn Please get yourself tested for Diabetes, and also recollect you had any injury recently? Take care and visit a Physician if it does not resolve in couple of days.
Avatar n tn I went to several doctors and specialists and one really good specialist told me it was from injury and the foot never went back into relief mode. Basically my brain never told my foot that the pain is gone so my foot is still swollen. She said I can use steroids and sometimes it goes away or if that doesnt work then cymbalta which is an anti depressant and it does the job but I dont want to take any heavy duty meds like that for a swollen foot!
Avatar m tn If the symptopms persist then pls consult an orthopedician as an x-ray or CT may be needed to rule out any fracture(even if hair line) and surrounding soft tissue injury. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar m tn Within the last two months, I have been experiencing burning and pain in my right foot (including toes). I am taking oxcarbazepine, is this a side affect or does it mean I need to increase the dose.
Avatar n tn They are so many different things that can cause swelling. I'm not a doctor, but it could be related to heat, diabetes, an injury, etc. The only way to know for sure is to go see your doctor about it. It could be something serious or it could be nothing.