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Avatar f tn Hi, a deviated nasal septum can cause an obstruction to breathing and correction will ensure that your symptoms will improve. But this may not help correct the post nasal drip. Post nasal drip could be due to a sinus infection, a cold or a chronic allergy. These can lead to a post nasal drip and lead to an irritation in the throat. It could be sinusitis, if it is accompanied by nasal stuffiness and facial pain or pressure. Post nasal drip could also be due to allergens.
3072999 tn?1356418332 I remember that someone had posted that thu had surgery for a deviated septum. My DH is scheduled for this surgery in Monday, 10/1, and I am wondering what to expect as far as recovery. I've heard up to a week of not doing anything then I have heard within a day r two u r fine. My ex husband had this surgery done but also had more stuff done (his sinuses were punctured and drained because they were so filled) and I was thinking he was back to work (he was a truck driver) in like 3 days...
Avatar f tn The headaches were also on the left side due to pressure from the clogged nostril. He told me I had a deviated septum. I scheduled surgery that day because he said he could fix my problem and make it easier to breathe. Well he did make it easier to breathe out of the clogged side, but he moved the septum too far and now I cannot breathe out of what was my "good" side. My headaches are worse than they were before the surgery.
538090 tn?1213811712 I haven't experienced much relief yet, but it's only been 8 days so far. They only way to fix a deviated septum is surgery. Without the surgery it can cause a lot of sleep problems, sleep apnea, disturbed sleep patterns, dry mouth. Lots of complicated problems. I'm still swollen up at this point. I use the Nasal Rinse 6 times a day. am taking antibiotics, steroids, which are awful, and steroid nose drops, as well as Vicodin for pain.
Avatar n tn I can't even go to the store without sweating and getting dizzy with horrible horrible sinus pain! Is it a deviated septum? One nostril is larger then the other and my nose is crooked towards the left. Never have felt this bad from a sinus infection Please can someone help?
Avatar f tn Deviated septum surgery should not require more than a few days of pain control. Good luck.
Avatar m tn I'm sort of leaning towards going for surgery, because the CT scan also showed that I have a deviated nasal septum that has been giving me a lot of breathing problems for a lot of my life (it was misdiagnosed as hay fever), that I would like to have fixed with another surgery - and the ENT specialist said that I can have the 2 surgeries together, which will save me some time and trouble.
Avatar n tn , morning headaches, anxiety, heart palpitations, uncoordinated food swallow (randomly gasp for air for no reason), constant front head pain/pressure for 3 years,, i have a deviated septum and the ENT also said my nasal mucosa looked inflammed and red, it has always been like this since my head pain started, my nose feels constantly blocked and very DRY not runny.
189372 tn?1219836958 Hi SparkyIreland, I too have the same symptoms and my doctor suggested surgery to correct deviated septum. Did you have Deviated septum surgery?....If yes, how do you feel now. I mean did all your sysmptoms cleared.
1051479 tn?1256534145 I could go for a Percocet, I know theyre highly addictive, but this pain is like unbearable. Does this mean I MAY need surgery for a "deviated septum" since I get these sinus infections almost every 2 to 3 months or so???
Avatar n tn I know surgery is an option for the deviated septum. But will my nose ever not hurt again??? It also causes so much pressure in my ears that it has aggravated my TMJ. Sure wish I knew then what I know now...
Avatar f tn Septoplasty for deviated septum and coblation of the turbinates My teenage son had this as outpatient surgery two days ago. Day one was pretty rough, so keep current on those painkillers. His doctor's advice; use bags of frozen peas instead of ice packs - they mold to the face better. The cold really helps. He also told me to get an over the counter spray called "simply saline" to spray right in the nose to keep it moist.
Avatar f tn My husband had deviated septum surgery several years ago to help aleviate his severe headaches which are connected to his sinuses. It didn't help AT ALL. He still suffers terrible headaches and sinus pressure. We paid a lot of money only for him to be in a lot of pain for a few days and he also had a nasal hemmorage afterward which was pretty scary.
Avatar n tn I have recently been diagnosed as having a deviated septum. The deviated septum is the result of having had my nose broke twice. I've had sinus problems for years including the headaches, congestion, and sore throats. I also have problems in the morning, such as mucus in my mouth when I wake up. I have to spit several times to clean out my mouth. I also have nausea for the early part of the day. Could a deviated septum cause all of those problems?
Avatar m tn He said it was the worst case of polyps he has ever seen, no wonder I was having so much pain. So once again I scheduled a surgery. The surgery is in 2 days and the last 2 days I have done no but read on the internet about the surgery and reading of other people that have had it done. Let me tell u I haven’t read one positive thing yet.
Avatar n tn He knows what he's talking about. I got the cyst out and deviated septum fixed. Only the deviated septum should have been fixed. He's got me so open now I can't hardly sleep , have dry irritated throat and nasal passages. Basically ENS type symptoms. ENS stands for empty nose syndrome. Please, please, just left them fix the deviated septum only. Don't let them touch your maxillary sinuses or turbinates at all.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed as having chronic sinusitus, nasal polyps and a deviated septum. I am tired all the time, get shaky, sore throat, ear pain, can often hear my heartbeat very loudly in my ear, feel really slow and dumb, confused, pressure behind the eye, vision changes, my eyes hurt all the time, dry, gritty feeling and almost feel like I'm staring. I feel like my voice changes (which nobody can tell).
Avatar m tn I was told to go back for a CT scan and yesterday I was shocked to be told that I have a deviated septum (S shape), either a nasal cyst or polyp, and one turbinate significantly larger than the other. The ENT specialist has recommended an "all in one" surgery to remove my polyp/cist, reduce my turbinate and straighten my septum. He figures the reason for my total lack of smell is due to my nose being so blocked that nothing can get to my smelling glands/receptors.
Avatar n tn Is it possible to get a deviated septum after only 2 months of cocaine use? When i blow my nose, it hurts and then a piece of skin will come out. What should i do about this? (Yes, i realize stop doing cocaine is the best thing. Spare me those comments.
Avatar n tn so, do deviated septums always need surgery? anyone?
Avatar n tn He made me undergo a CT Scan and results showed that all my sinuses are normal except that I have enlarged turbinates and deviated septum that cause my chronic stuffy nose. He prescribed me another nasal spray and anti allergy pill that he said might work. Surgery too, he said might be a solution. I want to know if surgery is the best solution for me or if possible can surgery still wait until december of this year because I'm planning to do it on December when I return to Philippines.
Avatar n tn I'd like to know a little more about the symptoms of a deviated septum. I've been suffering from several symptoms for years, and it seems hard to believe all of them come from a deviated septum. My symptoms are: swollen nose when sleeping (inside part of nostrils, which tends to desappear once I wake up), strong headaches when I wake up and at other times of the day, bleeding nose, rings under the eyes, "dried" irrited eyes.
Avatar n tn ” I went to the doctor and then to an ENT specialist and they said that I have a deviated septum. I was up-front with the doctor about the occasional use of cocaine, but he didn’t seem to think that was the cause of the deviated septum. (I’ve never been hit in the face or had any facial trauma.) But, I’m still convinced that I’ve somehow done some serious damage. What does everyone think? Can someone who’s used cocaine less than 10 times deviate or perforate their septum?
Avatar f tn ENT only told me I had a deviated septum and that he didn't beleive in surgery.. I can't stand this anymore, nothing I do improves anything.. have tried allergy pills, nose sprays, neti pot.. and nothing.. also had a ct scan and that didn't show anything.. also my neck is so stiff and the pain goes down to my shoulders.. starting to really wonder if I have a more serious illness that just no one is able to detect.. All i know is that I can't live like this any longer..
Avatar m tn i have been resting last couple days being lazy i have noticed now a lot dry crusty blood in nose now do you have this names r taken well i got my inferior and middle turbs cut now i am worried about empty nose syndrome oh please i hope i dont have that i am trying not to jump to conclusions but i am still healing so i dont know if i have that or not and if i do then i am out of luck which all i have is bad luck anyway because i know people say dont get your turbs cut but you should see my pi
Avatar m tn I have had a deviated septum for about 7 months, and decided against surgery. I have seen a really good ENT, and he told me that the pain I would go through for 2 -3 months is not worth the limited help the surgery would give me. The ENT told me that he has a deviated septum, worse than mine, and he won't get surgery done on his. He did advise me to use a Sinus Rinse, especially after being outdoors during pollen season, or high allergy seasons, or smoggy days.
Avatar f tn ( i am waiting for surgery to correct the septum but have to wait until january due to my fainting.
Avatar n tn After a visit from an Otolaryngologist today I was told I have a deviated nasal septum and the next course of treatment would be the "process of elimination". Surgery to correct this problem would be the last resort so I am off to see a Neurologist. My problem has to do with pressure and pain in my ears.
Avatar n tn After a visit from an Otolaryngologist today I was told I have a deviated nasal septum and the next course of treatment would be the "process of elimination". Surgery to correct this problem would be the last resort so I am off to see a Neurologist. My problem has to do with pressure and pain in my ears.