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Avatar f tn About 5 or 6 years ago I had a surgery to correct my deviated septum because I kept a sinus infection and headache. Now it is all happening again and I went and had a CT scan done again. My doctor says that my septum is deviated. My question is: Is it possible that my septum can deviate again without ever having any trauma or anything done to it or did the doctor that preformed my surgery before just not fix it?
Avatar f tn Hi, a deviated nasal septum can cause an obstruction to breathing and correction will ensure that your symptoms will improve. But this may not help correct the post nasal drip. Post nasal drip could be due to a sinus infection, a cold or a chronic allergy. These can lead to a post nasal drip and lead to an irritation in the throat. It could be sinusitis, if it is accompanied by nasal stuffiness and facial pain or pressure. Post nasal drip could also be due to allergens.
Avatar n tn So I went to the ENT today and had them stick that scope up my nose and apparently I have a pretty bad deviated septum ... he gave me a script for a nasal spray and an antibiotic but I'm not sure what the antibiotic is for, I don't like taking antibiotics if I don't have to so I'm hesitant to take that. He mentioned surgery but for the possible future ... I'm hoping the nasal spray will help the allergies and the post nasal drip ...
Avatar f tn Hello, I wanted to know the risksof having a deviated septum fixed. I had this problem for over 10 years and it seems to keep coming back. I had it fix twice before. I am noticing that the cartilage in my nose seems less so I am concerned. I don't want to have to keep getting surgery to correct my deviated septum. Is there any other options (besides nose sprays)?
Avatar f tn The general sx's of sinus infection. But it souns like the severe deviated septum is the cause of this, not primarily bacterial. Will this probably mean surgery? Websites make it sound simple, out-pt treatment. Would like to have the real scoop from real people who have had this done. I'm not looking to beautify my nose, just be able to breath thru it, not snore, and not constantly blowing it. I would appreciate any input. Thank you for your help.
Avatar n tn Don't worry. The majority of all noses are slightly assymetrical and deviated. In fact, even surgery to correct severe deviations usually leave a bit of crookedness. A perfectly straight septum is rare. Deviation is not necessary the result of trauma. It just is what it is. The majority of noses develop screwy one way or another. You won't necessarily have problems down the road. As I said, this is so common it may never effect your breathing.
189372 tn?1219836958 Hi SparkyIreland, I too have the same symptoms and my doctor suggested surgery to correct deviated septum. Did you have Deviated septum surgery?....If yes, how do you feel now. I mean did all your sysmptoms cleared.
Avatar m tn I'm sort of leaning towards going for surgery, because the CT scan also showed that I have a deviated nasal septum that has been giving me a lot of breathing problems for a lot of my life (it was misdiagnosed as hay fever), that I would like to have fixed with another surgery - and the ENT specialist said that I can have the 2 surgeries together, which will save me some time and trouble.
Avatar m tn often, but this is usually pre/post a cold, so I'm not sure if thats really the issue. I did go to a doctor and he said I have a deviated Septum, and this may be whats causing the odor. However I hardly ever have trouble breathing, again unless I'm sick, i do snore but it does not keep me up at night. My questions are: Is this true? Could a deviated septum be the cause of this odor? Will corrective surgery help? Is it the only option?
Avatar n tn I am having a minor sinus surgery to unblock the airways and clear out some tissue. I have a minor deviated septum (very minor). One surgeon wanted to fix this but I did not think it was necessary because it is so minor. However, I do have constant postnasal drip and I'm wondering if this is the cause. I am also wondering if my problem is the blocked airways, although I don't exactly have headaches-it's just feeling very sick and congested, with the other symptoms I mentioned earlier.
Avatar m tn Having sinus problem most of my life, it’s the last few years that have been the worse. I’m a 28 year old male with acute sinusitis and a deviated septum and my sinus cavities are packed with polyps. When I was younger I had an allergy test done, and I was allergic to a few things, 20 years later, same test I was so allergic to everything they put on me that they had to stop because I swelled up so much.
Avatar n tn I'd like to know a little more about the symptoms of a deviated septum. I've been suffering from several symptoms for years, and it seems hard to believe all of them come from a deviated septum. My symptoms are: swollen nose when sleeping (inside part of nostrils, which tends to desappear once I wake up), strong headaches when I wake up and at other times of the day, bleeding nose, rings under the eyes, "dried" irrited eyes.
Avatar n tn ” I went to the doctor and then to an ENT specialist and they said that I have a deviated septum. I was up-front with the doctor about the occasional use of cocaine, but he didn’t seem to think that was the cause of the deviated septum. (I’ve never been hit in the face or had any facial trauma.) But, I’m still convinced that I’ve somehow done some serious damage. What does everyone think? Can someone who’s used cocaine less than 10 times deviate or perforate their septum?
Avatar m tn i was diagnosed year 2007 with severe deviated septum prior to this i have been experiencing some weird feelings about my health throughout my childhood , teenage and adolescent years. Let me share you my experiences about my health so you could enlighten me if those weird feelings are related to sinusitis/deviated septum as what i am thinking of or you might have experience the same thing.
Avatar m tn Your symptoms could be a combination of deviated nasal septum and uncontrolled GERD. You could be having persistent post nasal drip and sinusitis and thus headache due to congestion caused by a laryngo-tracheal reflux of gastric contents. Treatment of GERD is a combination of drugs to reduce the acid and lifestyle changes.
1619590 tn?1302319212 the dizziness & numb face is most likely all from the sinus trouble-deviated septum & trapped infection. will have surgery & will see if that alleviates the dizziness & numbness.
Avatar n tn I just had surgery for a polyp and a deviated septum. I have had infections ever since. I too am on my 4th round of antibiotics. My surgery was Feb 16. I did bleed for about 3 days, called my physician and he just told me I had to get through it. I was feeling a bit better after the 'stints' were removed. I went in for my 2 week follow up and was feeing not so bad. He examined me and then sprayed some fluid/stuff up into each nostril.
Avatar n tn The doctor kinda acted like a ***** and said the damage isn't done from someone hitting you, when in actuallity my bone is messed up from getting hit and my septum is deviated.
Avatar m tn How much of the septum has to be removed before it won't heal and surgery is needed? At what point do you loose the entire septum and only have one nostril? My friend never wants this happen and so is willing to give up for however long it takes for his nose to recover. Does anyone know how long this may take? Are there are treatments that will make the healing more rapid. Thank you in advance to anyone that can help!
Avatar f tn Nasal stuffiness from deviated septum I have also. ENT DR. SAID..most people after a certain age get a deviated septum...I'm mid 70' isn't the time I want a deviated septum, really. My best results come from using a neti pot., IT REALLY HELPS. ..that will drain the fluid out of the sinus and help with headache/pressure/BREATHING.Migraine can ask your doctor for gabapentin which is for neuralgia of face..could help with head pain.
Avatar n tn I had surgery 12yrs ago to repair a deviated septum. It was a success but it resulted in a small hole in the septum. It has gotten larger over the years due to picking, working in a dusty environment, etc. It is almost the size of a dime and I wondered if I can get a bone or brain infection by this. It looks like I can see bone when I shine a flshlight up there.
Avatar m tn Hi, Did you ever find out what was causing your eye problem? I have the exact same thing and have been through a battery of tests with no answer. My eye looks normal in the morning and gets bigger and bigger throughout the day. Nothing helps at all! Thanks!
Avatar m tn I had a bad cold and after two weeks the cold began to go away but the left nostril now has a deviated septum. The nostrils are dry and i get a pain in the nose that I can feel in my front teeth. It feels like a small tooth ache. Went to the dentist and endontist and it is not tooth related.
Avatar n tn And it's not good to be on antibiotics all the time. Twelve years ago I had sinus surgery to clean out my sinuses and fix the deviated septum, and I was good for a while, but now I get sinus infections again. I may have to have it again, I don't know. I have to make an appointment with the specialist. Has your wife been to a specialist? I assume she has. Did they suggest surgery?
Avatar n tn I have had chronic paranasal sinus pressure for 3 months for the first time in my life (age 44) after a very bad cold. A sinus CT shows a badly deviated septum, which is the result of breaking my nose at the age of 2. A brain MRI with contrast was also done and shows nothing wrong. Still, I have left ear pain and sinus pressure that gets worse during the day, gone at night when lying down. My ENT says surgery to fix the septum will alleviate the symptoms.
1452978 tn?1285113862 Has anyone had the sinus surgery and it helped the dizziness, off balance, and lightheaded feeling. I am have a deviated septum that is being correct. I am nervous I have never had surgery before but I am praying this takes care of the issues. Could someone please share their experiences with me, my surgery is Thursday. Thanks so much!
1329703 tn?1275161681 I have a deviated septum that was found when my allergy shots started working but I still couldn't breathe through my nose. I also have mild sinus issues with them clogging and a mild infection (normally my immune system gets it under control within a week or so). I have the surgery in a couple of weeks so I can't comment on the long term affects yet but I'm hopeful it will help!
Avatar f tn It was done with a lazer to clean out the sinuses through the nose. I also had a deviated septum fixed. It helped a lot to clear my stuffy nose and prevent the sinus infections. I think I might need it again, however, because every winter I get a sinus infection. The surgery itself was not bad. It was done on an outpatient basis. I was home that night. My nose hurt, felt like it was broken for about a week.
Avatar n tn Ibuprofen and paracetamol dont do much for the headaches. An in-office endoscopy showed a deviated septum to the right (its usually my right eye where I feel the pressure during the headaches). Recent CT report is as follows: Nasal bony septum deviated to the right. Ostiomeatal complex is patent on both sides. Minor mucosal thickening involves floor of left maxillary sinus due to chronic sinus disease. There is no air fluid level. Remaining sinuses are clear. No evidence of acute sinusitis.
Avatar n tn It has been recommended to me also that I have turbinate surgery as my middle ones are 3x their normal size and I have a deviated septum. I have terrible headaches and breathe through my nose. I have never had a surgery before so I am very wary of having something done especially on such sensitive tissue. Thank you so much for the information and comments.