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538090 tn?1213811712 So far, I have to say that I am not stuffed as bad as I used to and I hope I don't have to go through the surgery if he can cure the deviated septum (keeping my fingers crossed). The reason why I found him good and qualified is, he cured a patient (whom I spoke to) from cancer and his reputation is well respected. Above all, he is very passionate about his work.
Avatar m tn Having sinus problem most of my life, it’s the last few years that have been the worse. I’m a 28 year old male with acute sinusitis and a deviated septum and my sinus cavities are packed with polyps. When I was younger I had an allergy test done, and I was allergic to a few things, 20 years later, same test I was so allergic to everything they put on me that they had to stop because I swelled up so much.
Avatar n tn What's the recovery time for surgery to remove polyps and repair a deviated septum? How long will I be in misery, and how long before I can work. (I'm a computer tech)? How long before I'll be glad that I had it done instead of sorry?
Avatar n tn ” I went to the doctor and then to an ENT specialist and they said that I have a deviated septum. I was up-front with the doctor about the occasional use of cocaine, but he didn’t seem to think that was the cause of the deviated septum. (I’ve never been hit in the face or had any facial trauma.) But, I’m still convinced that I’ve somehow done some serious damage. What does everyone think? Can someone who’s used cocaine less than 10 times deviate or perforate their septum?
Avatar n tn dont touch it, put neosporin on it both of which i have been doing but, should i get the nasal spray, ocean? is there anything else i should do?
Avatar m tn My friend never wants this happen and so is willing to give up for however long it takes for his nose to recover. Does anyone know how long this may take? Are there are treatments that will make the healing more rapid. Thank you in advance to anyone that can help!
Avatar n tn Hello, My ENT Doctor has recommended Endosopic Sinus Surgery to correct my deviated septum and sinus problems. I have had problems breathing through my nose for years. I have been to 3 ENT Doctors over the last 10 years and they have all told me that I have a deviated septum. They all recommended surgery. One of them also had me try Nasal Sprays. I have not had much luck with Nasal sprays. All of the ENT Doctors have told me that the nasal spray will not help with the deviated septum.
458072 tn?1291418786 I will be having sinus surgery next Thursday, 10-21-10. This is because I have had repeated sinus infections that have not cleared up after 2 rounds of the strongest antibiotic (orally) they could give me. The ENT will go in and clean out everything in there, sounds gross. Due to these sinus problems going along with the hypothyroidism, I am wondering if it will do any good, or if it will just come back. Anyways....
Avatar f tn Granted this is not the same, but it will show u how u handle pain and how long it takes u to recover. Hang in there and follow ur gut...
Avatar f tn I recently had Deviated septum fixed along with two turbinates removed. It has been two weeks since surgery. Seems to be healing fine except now i have a terrible odor coming from nose.I am continueing to use a sinse rinse.Occasionally throughtout the day i am having a green discharge from my nose very little.Does anybody know if a bad smell from nose two weeks after surgery is normal? Also do you know if night sweats are a part of the healing process?
Avatar n tn was there a lot of bleeding or a long time to heal there is someone on this site and they seem to be having difficulty. i am getting surgery and i am afraid of empty nose syndrome to Enoch Choi,MD in your opinion are those signs of empty nose because frazzs cant sleep any advice is greatly appreciated cause i am getting very nervous about this surgery i already cant sleep because my turbs swell and then to find out i cant sleep because of empty nose syndrome.....
216046 tn?1193947004 Hi guys, Just got back from the ENT and I have to have surgery on my sinuses to open up the pathway for better breathing. I have an appt. to meet w/ENT and the antheisiologist to let them know I am on 100mgs of methadone. Does anyone know for sure if I will get any pain relief from morphine? How many mgs would i have to take of it since I'm on 100mgs of methadone? The ENT informed me this surgery has a painful recovery, but well worth it in the end.
Avatar f tn I had sinus surgery on 3/13/13 to remove polyps, trim turbinates, and repair a deviated septum. After about two weeks, I developed a really bad odor in my nose. It was so bad I called it the "death smell." When I saw my surgeon, he attributed it to "crusting". I also have had huge boogers of various colors and thicknesses eject from my nose after showering or some times just blowing my nose. It is disgusting.
219241 tn?1413541365 the CPAP would work for me. The surgeon explained to the sleep guy, surgery is very risky, and he prefers to have his patients on the CPAP for at least 4 weeks. Again, I point out, if I had an obviously deformed external nose, they would have done something about it years ago. But alas! I am a...(and this is according to my male friends) sexy, attractive, intelligent woman.Personally I do not think I am, but I get their point.
Avatar n tn This is one of the air cleaner plants. It just looks spidery because of its long thin leaves and has nothing to do with spiders. Another air freshener plant is a philodendron. Both these plants clean the air around you and are very very easy care plants. Any nursery or garden center in your area will sell them. Good Luck.
Avatar n tn My chronic runny nose began in 2004, about 2 years after surgery for a deviated septum. I think that is what triggered my vasomotor rhinitis, but since it was 2 years after the surgery, I cannot be sure on that. At least I know it is not Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) that sometimes leaks into the sinuses after surgery. I am taking mostly anticholinergic drugs, such as Bentyl and Atrovent, to help it be manageable (dry) when I have to work.
Avatar dr m tn Have you tried various home remedies, over-the-counter medications or even prescription medications with no help? If you answered yes to any of the above, what you will read below will show you how critical it is to breathe well through your nose. Chronic mouth breathing can not only affect your quality of life, but your life, period.
Avatar f tn I got into it heavy and after about 41/2 years of using i did some damage to my nose. I have a deviated septum now, or maybe it's called perferated and did make a hole on the inside. The first month i quit, it was so painful and every morning i blew out artistic things as you call them, lol. Yes over time it heals, but if you do have that hole, that part wont' heal without surgery, but it does not bother me now unless i get a cold or allergies and i can notice the damage.
1405544 tn?1331922301 I know I have been harping on the hole, but that hole is so symbolic of my addiction and blatant denial for so long that it's really hard for me to ignore. It just all keeps going back to it and reminds me of how stupid I have been, just not living in reality at all. I'm guessing this won't be the last time a chunk that looks like my brain ends up swirling down my bathroom sink after a sinus rinse, so I might as well desensitize myself to the thought of it now.
Avatar n tn mdmystery exactly how long have you been cured i would like to talk to you more this is ma email fili_solja5***@**** else feel free to contact me
Avatar f tn More importantly, I'll probably have to have surgery on my foot; the 2nd toe is migrating toward the first 1. Surgery is the only treatment, & the longer it's delayed, the more difficult it is to correct. I have 5 female first cousins--that I know of--plus my daughter, who all have foot deformities. Why this is happening to me now is a mystery. It certainly came on rather suddenly, shortly before the Chiari surgery.
Avatar f tn my deviated septum was the least of my problems. cocaine does the most damage to the heart and to the mind. it took a while for my nose to heal and yes, the hole will always be there, but it has improved so much. do you really want to quit???
Avatar n tn how much time it takes to recover from turbinater reduction surgery? I had my surgery done on 11 nov 2010 its been around 2 months n I was able to breathr freely only for 2-3 days in between now both nostrils still release some hard mucous... how much time it will take more to recover fully??
Avatar n tn I never had one in my life, so I didn't know that was what was going on, I just thought it was 'fall-out' from the surgery, as I had been told it could take 6 months to a year to feel fully better (my surgery had been to repair a deviated septum, but up until the summer after the surgery, I had never had a sinus infection in my life).
Avatar n tn Your post is so encouraging to me. I had tubes put in 1 week ago and I was so discourage; wanted them out immediately. Thank for sharing your experiece.m, I will besr with it and keep them in.
Avatar m tn Surgical repair (septoplasty) If you experience especially bothersome symptoms — such as significant airway obstruction, chronic sinusitis or frequent nosebleeds — you may consider surgery to correct a deviated septum. "Septoplasty is the only way to repair a deviated septum. During septoplasty, your nasal septum is repositioned in the center of your nose. This may require your surgeon to cut and remove parts of your septum before reinserting it in the proper position.
Avatar f tn Aside from infection, it can be caused by nasal polyps, or anatomical deformities, such as a deviated septum. Antibiotics, decongestants, and surgical drainage may be done to provide relief. Check with your ENT doctor for proper evaluation. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn I hate having to wait so long as it worries me.. but I'll do what I can and get the surgery (is it septoplasty?) if I do indeed need to have it. Thanks. Oh also, about the boil. I do suppose that's a possibility. I never thought of that. If they do form in the nose and inward like a crater. Just ***** having so many possibilities, but no answers! You've given me a lot of help so far, though. I'll keep you all updated, and let me know if that miracle cure ever comes , ha..
Avatar m tn Foreign body in nose, deviated nasal septum, nasal polyps should all be looked for. Wearing a mask, especially designed for people with dust and pollen allergy will help filter a lot of allergens. This will help reduce your allergies a lot. I am providing you with a few links that may help you. Cleaning comes second. First is to avoid anything that collects dust and is not easy to clean. http://www.peoples-health.
847512 tn?1272570662 I do not have POTS- deviated septum-gum recession-droopy eyelids-palate is fine-no Z foot-had a repair to my right knee;torn miniscus-mitral valve and tricuspid valve regurgitation -mild pulmonary hypertension -Long,tortuous colon, with diverticulosis rectocele -Eagle Syndrome- I do have bladder issues not quite the same as urs...I have nodules on my thyroid and was told it is Hashimoto's thyroiditis.I also have cervical spinal stinosis.I was also told the raynauds was from the EDS.