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Avatar f tn i was told in a routine exam by ENT dr that i have a deviated septum(left nostril blocked-air comes out but not in!!) and that i have to have surgery to correct it. i can't say i have major issues with it. i sleep fine(hubby says i don't snore) and not with my mouth open like i've heard from other people. i have problems when i have a cold though and when i close my right nostril and try to breath in from my left i can't .
189372 tn?1219836958 Hi SparkyIreland, I too have the same symptoms and my doctor suggested surgery to correct deviated septum. Did you have Deviated septum surgery?....If yes, how do you feel now. I mean did all your sysmptoms cleared.
Avatar f tn Does long term deviated septum cause any chronic low oxygen in body how to manage it and low oxygen results in hypoxia which may cause low oxygen supply to body parts experts can clarify thank you
Avatar f tn Deviated septum cause low oxygen in the body and it may leads to digits clubbing due to low oxygen in the body are this both related deviated septum and low oxygen
Avatar n tn Hi Everyone, In Aug 2008 I had a Deviated Septum Nasal Surgery, I had all the common reaction with tons of bleeding for 1 - 2 weeks till my nose healed. I always felt even after surgery my nose felt stuff or swollen & I found myself having trouble breathing. Well this continues for a few months. On Sept 29th 2008 I spayed Afrin up my nose for the 1st time for 2 spays each & felt really high for a few seconds.
Avatar n tn The doctor kinda acted like a ***** and said the damage isn't done from someone hitting you, when in actuallity my bone is messed up from getting hit and my septum is deviated.
Avatar f tn I also have allergies so I wake up with a stuffed nose. Can the allergies and deviated septum be causing the low oxygen? Should I just wear a breathe right strip and use a nasal wash before bed? Starting oxygen at night and a sleep study seems like a lot if it is a simple fix. My doctor is on vacation right now. Maybe I don't completely understand oxygen drops. Due to a ton of blood work and several specialists it is not vitamin related, muscle damage, MS, etc....
Avatar m tn I have low oxygen saturation (88-93). So far I have taken pulmonary function test, blood work, Chest CT scan, heart echo and another sleep test. i have heart disease, diabetes, and sleep apnea. I am not sure what is happening. I am short of breath and sleeply all the time. Everybody seems like I should be on oxygen but my doctor is first trying to find out why I have low oxygen saturation. Any ideas what is going on?
Avatar n tn I feel tired all the time, and I can't concentrate and it's very difficult to remember things, I feel irritated and stressed out. Could these be symptoms of deviated septum? Thanks for your help!
Avatar f tn Does deviated septum cause low oxygen In the body and which leads bronchitis and later digits clubbing.
Avatar n tn I have a deviated septum, both sides. a sorta of S shaped septum.
Avatar m tn I have a deviated septum for long as i can remember and due to that i logicaly breath through the mouth most of the times(because of clogged nose).But can the deviated septum alone without any other factors like overweight ,could cause OSA? I often wake up with dry mouth like 6/7 days a week but this could be just because of mouth breatjing and sometimes i feel tired even if i sleep much.
Avatar n tn If you have a deviated septum, then surgery is the answer. Look into deviated septum operation. You'll need to see an ENT specialist. Depending on your insurance, your regular doctor may want to send you for a ct scan before referring you to ENT. I feel your pain, I can only breathe through one nostril myself. It's extremely frustrating and that even is an understatement. And then when you get a cold, the other nostril gets clogged and you can't breathe at all resulting in sleepless nights.
Avatar n tn The 2 most common causes in adolescents and adults are deviation of the nasal septum and nasal polyps, the latter often associated with chronic allergic inflammation of the nose. A deviated nasal septum can be corrected with surgery. Nasal polyps were, in the past, often treated surgically but at this time treatment with an inhaled nasal steroid, such as Flonase® (fluticasone), can effectively shrink the nasal polyps. You should make arrangements to be seen by an ENT specialist.
Avatar m tn It is mild and I manage to sleep, but I'm wondering whether it's related to another problem that I have, which is a deviated septum; I haven't sleep well for YEARS and the oxygen levels in my blood are low. Could this be the cause for this hypnagogia sounds? Thank you very much.
Avatar n tn their doctors suggesting alergies with a solution providing more oxygen, better behavior, mood, grades, etc... could this be a deviated septum, anoids, alergies? is my sons brain starving for oxygen? is this something to outgrow? saline drops and nastal sprays do nothing, either he shoved a few rocks up his nose or its blockage of a non-mucus sort. any ideas appreciated? thank you.
Avatar m tn But even if I eat, sometimes the headache stays. I do have a deviated septum, which according to the doctor causes me to have low oxygen levels in my body. Could this be the reason? Soon I'll have a surgery to correct this. I have had my blood tested and it seems there is no diabetes. Somehow, I suspect this strange feeling has to do with that. I have big dark circles under my eyes. Any comment on this would be very helpful. Thank you!
Avatar m tn taking symbacort and using a inhaler. I also had a deviated septum and was diagnose with no allergy sinusitis about 10 years ago. have always had phlegm . Since I had the bronchitis last summer my breathing has been off Any suggestions on what to do. I have taken allegra .
Avatar m tn I saw my ENT doctor this morning and she showed the result of CT scan. Indeed I have Deviated Septum and she suggests me to be operated. This Deviated Septum explains excessive mucus in my throat. However, I am still wandering if it causes some bloody mucus in my throat in the morning. For that I worry about my lungs.
Avatar f tn Cough is practically gone and only blood/bit of wheezing occasionally in morning now. Also saw ENT Dr and he said everything seems ok other than deviated septum and a bit of blood in nose, which may be causing blood. I'm 8 month pregnant and I'm just getting really worried that symptoms are not going away, even after 4 courses of antibiotics. My main concern is lung cancer, would the tests I've had done show this?
Avatar dr m tn By definition everyone has a slightly crooked (deviated) nasal septum. There are various reasons for having a deviated septum, including trauma, but the most common reason is no reason at all. It’s just the way your nose developed. What’s more important than how deviated your septum is is what’s happening in front of an around your septum. Wings in Your Nose Turbinates are wing-like structures that attach to the sidewalls of the nasal cavity, opposite the midline nasal septum.
Avatar f tn Do you have allergies, a deviated septum, or enlarged turbinates? These are issues that your your doctor can address. Dr. Mehregan's comment is also right on the mark. Most people who are chronic mouth breathers have jaw structures that aggravates tongue collapse, especially when you're on your back, and especially if you're in deep sleep, due to muscle relaxation.
961168 tn?1247983365 Middle of July I noticed my left nostril was not getting enough air through it-I went to the walk in and he said I was blocked quite high up-he gave a nasal spray-it worked right away-but the following week I noticed my nose would go numb-I looked inside my nose and noticed that the blockage was right at the opening-of course I thought the wrose-tumor-I was in a different province visiting my family so I went to the walk in-he sent me to an eNT-he said I clearly had a diviated septum-I have neve
Avatar m tn Hello and hope you are doing well. The nasal injury could have caused a deviated nasal septum and this could further cause difficulty breathing through the nose. Also, the dry mouth indicates breathing through the mouth. The condition needs evaluation and therapy. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn I also have issue with breathing through my nose due to allergies, and probably having my nose busted from sports, I've been told that I have a deviated septum. So I use a full face mask with my Cpap, which seems to work pretty well. Originally I was given a Bipap machine, but the pressure was so high I couldn't stand it. Since then I've lost weight and got in better shape so the second time I went for a study I was given a Cpap machine which seems to work better.
Avatar f tn at first i thought it was just my sinuses b/c i had my sinuses checked in october 2010 and they found polyps and a deviated septum so they did surgery in nov 2010 but i still feel the same as i did prior to surgery. so im going to go to the doctor soon to rule out anything else but im learning it could also be migraine headaches too, just another level of them. like the aura before the migraine.
Avatar n tn There are people who have really bad sinuses and maybe even a deviated septum that makes using a nasal style mask a problem, so need to be given a full face mask. Some may have an inset jaw that obstructs their airway, so the cpap may not solve their problem. But otherwise, there are solutions to almost every problem if we persevere.
Avatar m tn Hi there I am 38 year old male ,exercise 3 times a week generaly healty,with diagnosed hiatal hernia ,GERD under treatment,and operated from deviated septum last year. For last 2 years almoast every other night I have big problems falling asleep. The very same moment I am falling asleep I start gasping for air my heart pounding like crazy and confusion for 15 seconds not knowing where I am this wakes me up violently and turn me in the state of panick.
Avatar n tn Their are little vessels that branch from your bigger, oxygen carrying arteries in your brain. These littler vessels are being starved of oxygen. Do you have issues with high bad cholesterol and or triglycerides (things that can cause plaque formation and clogging of these small blood vessels)? Do you have high blood pressure? This kind of thing can also occur in people who suffer from chronic migraines and as a person ages.