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Avatar f tn I don't want to have to keep getting surgery to correct my deviated septum. Is there any other options (besides nose sprays)?
538090 tn?1213811712 Tony, You sure need to be careful about getting a deviated septum fixed along with turbinate reduction. I had a deviated septum fixed along with my sinuses opened back in 2004 . Its been a nightmare for me. I'd gladly take what I had back before surgery. My turbinates were not touched. Please take a look at the following site before getting any kind of nasal surgery, especially turb reduction. Not telling you what to do, and I'm not a doctor.
Avatar n tn I know surgery is an option for the deviated septum. But will my nose ever not hurt again??? It also causes so much pressure in my ears that it has aggravated my TMJ. Sure wish I knew then what I know now...
Avatar n tn my main complaint is brain fog, occasional dizziness ( feels like motion sickness - not vertigo ) and sinus pressure/headache. in the AM i will have a little solid white discharge when i blow my nose but its nothing major. i went to an ENT. had a ct scan done of my sinuses. DR said i had a deviated septum with a bone spur. i am scheduled for all kinds of allergy testing and a VNG ( for possible ear issues ) but after talking w/insurance and billing, i can not afford all the testing.
Avatar n tn Is it possible to get a deviated septum after only 2 months of cocaine use? When i blow my nose, it hurts and then a piece of skin will come out. What should i do about this? (Yes, i realize stop doing cocaine is the best thing. Spare me those comments.
Avatar m tn I’m a 28 year old male with acute sinusitis and a deviated septum and my sinus cavities are packed with polyps. When I was younger I had an allergy test done, and I was allergic to a few things, 20 years later, same test I was so allergic to everything they put on me that they had to stop because I swelled up so much. I don’t understand how that could happen that I could be so allergic to so many things in a few years.
Avatar f tn I had surgery to correct my deviated septum about 3 years ago. Everything was going great until today. I woke up with laryngitis and a bad cold. When I try to blow my nose I get this strange flapping sensation inside my nose. Pardon me if this gets a little gross but, when I try to blow my nose I can hear and feel the congestion inside my sinuses but nothing or very little comes out. I have tried using the saline spray with added Alcolol with it.
Avatar n tn I often feel like there is pressure on my nose and I cannot breathe out of one side at a time, and although that nostril is dry inside I feel that there is a lot of mucus trying to push into my nose, but it can't get in. I also can hear this when I try to blow my nose, but nothing will come out of the clogged side! My question is this: What is the cause of these symptoms and is the nose causing the ear problems?
Avatar n tn No fluid coming out of my nose. I don't dare blow my nose because then it makes everything tight and sore on the inside. Is this something the body can recover from on it's own? What kind of time frame are we looking at? One doctor in the e.r. said that since I smoked it takes 2 months for the cilia in the mucouse membrane to grow back and recover.
Avatar n tn I felt something big in my nose and i blow it up once i blow it out it was a pe shape then this smell come along and it smelled like butt please help me
Avatar f tn constant running rose on one side, bloody nose every time I blow my nose, headaches, snoring, and also when i breath deep into my nose one nostril closes. Is it possible that something could have happened and I might need to have my nose looked at again? Or possible surgery again?
Avatar n tn believe me when i tell you that if you continue the use of coke you will have much more to worry about than your nose. I dont have a deviated septum but i do have one hole that goes directly to my sinus cavity and another that goes srtraight to the back of my throat. in the last 7 yrs of use i would do a minimum of a ball or 3 to 4g's. daily about some point maybe 5 yrs ago my nose stopped being able to drain at all.
Avatar m tn It will be necessary for you have your nose examined, ideally by the physician who repaired the deviated septum but, if he/she is not available, examined by your primary care physician. Whatever is causing the blockage should be correctable.
Avatar m tn org/posts/Ear--Nose--Throat/Deviated-Septum-from-occasional-Coke-use/show/265488 __________________________________________________________ I hope your friend gets this worked out.
Avatar f tn When I try to blow my nose I get this strange flapping sensation inside my nose. Pardon me if this gets a little gross but, when I try to blow my nose I can hear and feel the congestion inside my sinuses but nothing or very little comes out. I have tried using the saline spray with added Alcolol with it. That seemed to let me get a little more productive discharge. When I breathe in I feel somewhat of a blockage (also can feel that flapping sensation).
Avatar n tn Any trauma to nose or any direct blow to nose? If not, then probably you might have Deviated nasal septum which also gives the appearance of deformed nose. I think you should consult a ENT specialist and discuss regarding further management. Keep me informed if you have any queries. Bye.
Avatar f tn ( Its so bad that I keep getting a bloody nose when I blow it! Any tricks or home remedies that have help any of you with a stuffy/ runny nose while prego would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
Avatar f tn please help l am worried in case l have a tumour as bone round th eeye extremely tender and painful and l get dizzy.
Avatar f tn it was around my 4th year of use, i began to have bad problems with my nose, and the 5th year i finally deviated my septum. everytime you use, coke keeps eating away and that hole will never ever heal,but the cartilage and pain will. although keeping it moist helps for pain and the scabs, (yuck) it does not repair any damagae done to your nose. my advice to you is quit and get some help.
Avatar n tn i tell some short things on me, i have sinusitis because of this i frequently blow my nose or sniff. i also have nose problem,. i mean the tissue of my nose inside got lowered (because of blowing and sniffing). i went to ENT and he saw the septum in the exterior part of the nose inside that should be in the interior part of then nose. i also felt that the air coming in the one hole of my nose is also passing through the other side of my nose.
Avatar n tn You can't stop fighting. I'm hoping to have sinus surgery for a deviated septum before the end of this year. It's the only thing that I haven't tried yet. This is my last resort. I've tried more than 3 antibiotics. It seems other people are suffering from this too so it's not just you. If I find any solutions I'll try to remember to update you. I've found it easier to adjust my life accordingly until I can fix this problem. Don't pretend its not there. It's there and don't stop fighting it.
Avatar f tn Further evaluation may be done to rule out infection, nasal polyps, anatomical deformities, such as a deviated septum. Antibiotics, decongestants, or surgical drainage may help provide relief. An evaluation by a neurologist may also help. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn i have sinusitis because of this i frequently sniff or blow my nose but im having this problem because of my nose. 1.having or feeling the pressure on my nose, its like something is pinched inside my nose. because of this one hole of my nose is blocked. then i sniff on that hole of my nose and it will be clear. the problem is the other hole of my nose is the hole that get blocked. 2.feeling numb in some parts of the body 3. feeling pain in some parts of the body 4.
Avatar f tn Then I started feeling some congestion behind my nose (not in the nose) but I can't blow it out. So not sure what it is. I do spit out phlegm sometimes when I cough. Has anyone experienced this before? Thanks....
Avatar m tn T specialist ,finally after the long *** waiting list, whom concluded that I had a deviated septum, (nose cartilage), which allowed more air in so I secreated more flem, more air flowing in meant drier nasal wall which meant bleeding, so the option is to have septoplasty, which is surgery to correct the septum, therefore stopping the symptoms and allowing me to live like a real 18 year old.
Avatar n tn It is possible that the deviated septum is changing the blood flow of a vein or artery such that when you blow your nose, you can see the blood vessel. Other than that, it is hard to see a possible relationship between these things.
Avatar n tn I had to go to the hospital a couple of months for something else and they needed to stick a tube thru my nose to get to my stomach but they couldn't get to go up my nose like there was an obstruction in the way. Sometimes it hurts to blow my nose. I have a hard time sleeping sometimes because of this issue so I would love to know how to fix it.
Avatar m tn will said cartlidge grow back if i go easy on my nose from now on? (I thought it took more use to damage one's septum...) will my nose heal and correct itself in time, or is it destined to become more and more crooked? are surgeries for fixing these problems sometimes covered by one's insurance, or are they generally very costly procedure? Let's say I am full of regret, I want to fix the problem and leave this part of my life behind.
Avatar f tn Hello, I have heard of a perforated septum and deviated septum- Can these things lead to a feeling of your eye starting to sink in (it totally is not noticable to look at) its just a slight feeling. What is that all about? AND from there can it cause more damage to your ear drums? Like having a popping or clicking sound when blowing by nose. I would appreciate any advise- insurance issues, surgerys, natural healing, but please dont say to me to stop doing cocaine.
Avatar n tn Since the surgery it has gotten worse and in the last week sometimes my nose will whistle for hours (its only the right side that whistles) Today when I woke up my nose felt extremely odd and when i went to go blow it I had typical mucus but with blood. I never get nosebleeds or ever have any presence of blood in my nose. Thought it was odd but continued with my day and went to Knott's Berry Farm with my bf.