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Avatar m tn My son, 28 years, has deviated septum. He has no problem with breathing in the daytime. When lying down, he may breathe partially through mouth.One ENT doctor says he must undergo surgery. Another one says he may have surgery when he faces problems, say, sinusitis etc. I am confused. How can I take a decision in this? Anybody could help?
Avatar m tn Hello people, I've been under surgery 2 days ago, for my deviated septum. I had some problems with the tampons the day after, they had to remove them and put new ones. Now i'm back home, with some issues.. My nose is dripping, but i guess this is normal at first? Whenever i swallow i feel like my ears are getting clogged up all the time! Is such an annoying and scary feeling.. is this normal? I called my ENT but she wasn't there, so now i have to wait to speak to her..
Avatar m tn Hi. I am 22 years old male with deviated nasal septum. Most of the time, I have nasal congestion at either side of the nose. Sometimes with postnasal drip as well, especially at night. However, I don't usually have facial pain and headache, only two times in my life. I went for check up last year and doctor found that I have deviated nasal septum and prescribed me a nasal spray. However I am not compliant to the treatment and i only take the spray when i remember.
Avatar n tn The doctor kinda acted like a ***** and said the damage isn't done from someone hitting you, when in actuallity my bone is messed up from getting hit and my septum is deviated.
Avatar n tn An anterior open bite is usually due to tongue trusting or airway problems, such as deviated septum, enlarged turbinate bones, tonsils and or adenoids. This situation could be easily corrected non surgically via orthopedic advancement of the lower jaw after the etiology of the open bite has been identified. Sincerely, Dr.
Avatar m tn I am 62 years old. At the age of 24 I had an operation for Deviated Septum and removal of Polyps from my left sinus cavity above and below the eye. Within the past four years I have had severe sinus infections and presently am being treated for Anxiety,Depression and panick attacks. My left sinus cavity swells at times with no fluid discharge but bad pressure. My question being have the Polyps grown back and are causing the anxiety and panick attacks?
1725062 tn?1309813724 I'm turning 16 in about 2 months and I have a deviated septum. I don't know to what side it's deviated towards but it alternates. One day I can breathe with the left nostril and not the right, but other days I could breathe with the right and not t the left. This bothers me sometimes and pisses me off because I have to breathe through my mouth( got no tonsils). I was wondering if I could have a septoplasty at this age.
Avatar m tn ive been having sinus problems for months now i finally got results of my can scan and i dont know exactly what was said by heart..but i have a deviated septum,enlarged turbinates,puse is my left maxillary sinus,and i think she said an air pocket im suppose to get surgery done in april..the 3 listed are septoplasty,endoscopic sinus,and turbinectomy..i have no problem with any of these except what i read about the turbinectomy when it comes to empty nose syndrome..
Avatar n tn i think it is normal last week i hade surgery on my nose for a deviated septum,chornic sinusite,and a polys,my throat afther and my uvila was so big i could not swallow right it was hurting me so much i even had ulcers big ones on my uvila, the doctor told me because when they put tubes in your body for awile you get irritated,what i did is i rince with mouth wash every 2 second and i try to drink tons of water,it went away in like 3 days afther the surgery,i'm not a doctor but it sounds like w
Avatar f tn My doctor made the opening to my maxillary sinuses to be about the size of a quarter. He also fixed my deviated septum and cleared out some polyps. After the surgery I had many complications and was unable to breathe out of my nose for quite some time. The doctor said it was due to my nasal passages being super sensitive (I couldn't even use a saline solution without them swelling up.) Also, my nose creates a mucus that is the consistancy of egg whites.
Avatar n tn o An abnormal growth of tissue in the nose (nasal polyps) or tumors. o Excessive growth of nasal bones. o Misshapen bone (deviated septum) and/or cartilage (rubbery tissue that coats the ends of bones) that divides the nostrils. * Sinus problems, such as: o A severe sinus infection (acute sinusitis). o Complications after sinus surgery. o A tumor or other abnormal growth in a sinus.
Avatar f tn I had a few surgeries done, as the surgeon didn't realize until during the first operation that I had a deviated septum. So that was repaired the second time. I also had a bony shelf, which was cut out, because it caused poor drainage of mucous. The turbinates are a tricky matter. The surgeon has to sparingly cut out the excess, as too much loss of turbinate tissue will result in other problems. Mine were almost all cut out and now I have no moisturizing abilities left in my sinuses.
1203196 tn?1327434613 I keep trying to explain it's just how I deal with things and it's fine but it does get frustrating having to continually explain myself to different staff as you move along the different departments in the hospital before surgery. I've had my deviated septum done twice so I pretty much know what to expect. Anyway I'm hopeful that the incisions won't be too uncomfortable and that I'll be able to sleep in my waterbed without much problem.
Avatar f tn Had sinus sugery 4 days ago (fixed deviated septum, right turbinate reduction, sinus drainage hole enlarged). Gum pain is a lot worse than the sinus surgery pain in nose/sinuses. General anesthesia caused 3 ulcers, the one on gum-line hasn't healed, very painful, seemed to be the trigger. (Some numbing, tingling under top teeth from surgery but can deal with that.
Avatar f tn About 3 weeks ago I had Endo surgery. They repaired a deviated septum, left ethmoidectomy, bilateral reduction of all turbinates, and sphenoidotomy. My doctor said that recovery time (return to work) would be about a week. I'm now 3 days short of 3 weeks and still have huge parts of the day that I'm in pain. The worst part is the weekly debriding. It knock me down to bedridden for at least 48hours.
1378381 tn?1444869615 I've already had to go back to the surgeon several times for the sinus infections and a deviated septum, which is sorting itself and will be checked on in march) Thanks in advance. PS I've been taking 30mg - 60mg codeine when it gets particularly bad which is nearly every day atleast once, though I try to keep away from it as much as possible. Worst when trying to sleep.
Avatar m tn Hi ! I've a deviated nasal septum . For last few months , it remain blocked . At times I face real problems in breathing .( specially when I get up in the morning ) . Doctors are advising me operation for this . But I am not sure whether an operation is a permanent solution . I've also taken Homeopathy and doing some Yoga . Also I am facing very peculiar problem of my ears going red and feeling of cill when I goes to office . Since in office Air conditioning is always on .
Avatar f tn Dr Antony This is becoming very interesting With the scan in 1998 it said I had a deviated septum as well as blocked sinuses. The scan last week 2009 showed septum central. I went back to the CT scan radiologist and said does that mean septum is straight as I cant have a deviated septum in 1998 and a central (straight ) septum in 2009. I was told the top Dr at the radiologist (In Australia) will look at the scan and advise me. So does central mean straight?
Avatar dr m tn if they have a deviated septum and if allergy treatment doesn’t work, then we can offer a septoplasty. There is also surgery to reduce the turbinates, which are these wing-like structures on the side of the nose that swell when you have a cold or allergy and there’s one other condition called nasal valve collapse that is frequently undiagnosed. This is a condition where the sidewall nostrils of your nose tend to collapse due to just natural weakening or due to previous surgery.
Avatar n tn Hello, I could not get through on the ENT forum and hoped you could maybe help. I moved into the upstairs (attic conversion) of a large house 6 years ago and shortly after my nose became constantly swollen and dry (not running), and the inside nasal tissue looks quite red. Also, I began having a tremendous pressure headache 24/7, deep behind my forehead (feels like the inside of my head is asleep), and symptoms of BPPV that come and go.
Avatar n tn I have been to 3 ENT Doctors over the last 10 years and they have all told me that I have a deviated septum. They all recommended surgery. One of them also had me try Nasal Sprays. I have not had much luck with Nasal sprays. All of the ENT Doctors have told me that the nasal spray will not help with the deviated septum. I would like to get peoples opinions about having this type of surgery, specifically did it help them over the long term.
Avatar dr m tn If your nose is stuffy for whatever reason—allergies, polyps, deviated septum, or anything else—that’s the first thing that I address, whether medically or surgically. This is because if you don’t breathe well through your nose, then everything else downstream is more prone to collapse. So once the nose is taken care of and if you still have sleep apnea, then you can try going back to the CPAP.
Avatar m tn my symptoms are bad headche almost like a dizzy feeling but it might be just the headache im feeling,and i feel short of breath alot of the times it feels like a pressure in my throat like right under my chin like if i bend my head i feel it but sometimes i feel like its coming from the chest but more often i feel the throat pressure, i have no nasal symptoms when this first started i pressure and fullness in my ears thats no longer happening,and one thing i did notice is like where my eyebrow
Avatar f tn Hello All, I had surgery for deviated septum on December 26th 2013. The nurse placed the IV in my left hand. She had numbed the area before inserting the IV so I could not feel if she was"fishing" for the vein or not. Surgery went well and was home within a couple hours. The next day I noticed my hand was warm and the vein slightly swollen and getting hard. I ignored it for about a week and a half thinking it would go away but it continually has gotten worse.
Avatar m tn the septum of my nose has deviated, and i get sort of a dull pain in my septum, which radiates up into my right eye. i'm wondering if this could be any sort of complication cause by the extra tooth, if this could be sign of any other medical condition i that may lie there tumors, lesions or anything. does anyone with a dental background know of anything that could possibly be going wrong here? have people encountered complications in cases of extra teeth like this?
Avatar m tn I understand your concern, but as you most likely know a deviated septum has very few risk factors or complications, really only the risk of chronic sinus infections. Would your life have been any different if you knew or would it have caused additional and unnecessary anxiety? Was it read by your doctor or a radiologist that missed it? I'm certainly not saying it is right, just thinking out loud........
Avatar n tn I finally saw an ENT that recommended the procedures mentioned above because over a very deviated septum and a enlarged turbinate. I had the same sentiments as brokenbytears a few days after the procedure. The third and fourth days after the surgery were pretty rough. The I had a Lortab prescription for the pain that did the trick for me. The sore throat from the breathing tube put me on a diet of Slim Fast and room temperature chicken broth.
Avatar n tn Your initial symptoms that you described -- the congestion that would alternate from side to side -- wouldn't have anything to do with a deviated septum or sinus disease. Assuming there was basically nothing else beyond that (you didn't really say much other than that main complaint), I can't see how anyone could justify all of those surgeries you went through. People with deviated septums have trouble breathing through one or both sides of their nose. All the time.
Avatar m tn I am 25 year old male with no habit of smoking or drinking and also had no history of any health complications before all this started.I also used to be a gym freak and would hardly miss a workout.From more than 3 months i have been suffering from strange problems for often which i have been misdiagnosed. It all started in the month of feb when i was doing a job which required me to stay at a hilly area covered with snow for almost 15 days.