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Avatar f tn when I went to Ent specialist my test results came normal for hearing....but doctor said I have heavy nasal septum deviation in left nose and also tonsils..he said due to septum deviation,tinnitus may occur....but never heard that nasal septum deviation can cause tinnitus....but important thing left side nose is deviated,,my voice is hitting left ear,, and ringing in ear is also left only.
Avatar m tn It keeps clogging from time to time and I start hearing echo in my voice when I speak and even I can hear my own breathing. The strange thing is that if I bend my head down, the ear goes back to normal, but if I raise my head up , it gets clogged again. I went to an ENT Doctor and made a test for my ear and there was no problem in my ear then he saw my nose and told me that I need to make a surgery for my nose cartilage to solve the ear clogging problem.
Avatar m tn i began to worry about my health i started researching about my problem in the internet and found out that i have deviated septum. but still not 100% sure about it so i also consulted an ENT. it took me almost half of my life to determine the problem in my nose that had altered my life. I had my deviated septum fix but didnt fix it 100% as they informed me that it may take 2 operation to entirely fix it as it was completely deviated to the left and its all crooked up to the back of my nose.
Avatar m tn Ok so I got a CT scan done and the otorhinolaryngologist head doctor found a very big cyst in one of my sinus cavities, and commented on my deviated septum and how it is very crooked (genetic) also the cartilage is structurally messed up and both nostrils have a lot of nose basically ***** at doing its job. They're going to have surgery to fix it so that I can breathe properly through my nose.
Avatar m tn I've been diagnost with a deviated septum and excercised induced astma and was wondering if any one had septum fixed? Would it help with sinus infections and breathing for asthma? Any deviated septum repair stories out there?
Avatar m tn I got whacked in the nose with an elbow playing basketball about 20 years ago. It bled like you wouldn't believe and since then I've had sort of a "Roman nose" effect on the bridge of my nose. This was when I was living in southern California where I grew up. I moved to the Seattle area 10 years ago and about a year after I got here I came down with what turned out to be a BAD sinus infection. It lasted about 6 months, chronic coughing, pressure in my face, etc.
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Avatar f tn Everyone here has deviated septum and had sudden profound hearing loss? Yes?
Avatar m tn For temporary relief, since your septum is deviated to the left, you can lie in bed on your right side and if you notice after 5 min your septum will fall towards the right giving you more breathing room on the left. The question on whether or not you will need to go through the operation would be best suited for your doctor to advise you on.
Avatar m tn My dietary advice still stands, but there is nothing about the diet that can fix a deviated septum. If the deviated septum is preventing you from breathing properly during sleep, then I think you should do what you need to do to get it fixed. Then you can ALSO address systemic inflammation, if you are still having symptoms. Again, best of luck.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have a severely deviated septum on the left side and was getting a Covid swab by an overzealous nurse. She poked me all the way up the left side where my septum was deviated, felt resistance and kept going. I felt a sudden bout of pain and she finally retracted the swab. Two days later I wake up with clear salty liquid dripping down my throat. I also have a massive daily headache, eye pressure and sensitivity to light.
Avatar m tn The most common cause for nasal obstruction is Deviated nasal septum (DNS). This condition leads to obstruction and breathing difficulty. This can lead to recurrent sinus infection, ear infection and headaches. Other possibilities are laryngeal web, asthma, any structural abnormalities in the nasal passage such as nasal polyps, hypertrophied turbinates etc. You need to undergo detailed examination of nose and radiography of the sinuses to rule out existing sinusitis.
Avatar m tn I have a deviated septum. I've been searching on google for a while now and I think my case is one of the most deviated septum ever seen :| And I would like to know if that would be easy to fix it and what would it cost in Canada! And I just uploaded pics on my profile! Thanks!
Avatar f tn Postnasal drip may indeed be due to a variety of issues such as colds, allergies, Sinus infection or sinusitis, certain medications, deviated septum, changing weather fronts/ cold temperatures/or excess dryness in the air, certain foods, fumes from chemicalsand other irritants as well as possible gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD.
Avatar m tn It sounded completely different from what my voice sounds like when I hear myself talk. Almost like I have a deviated septum. Also it did sound extremely gay, not because of my, how do I put this, because of my diction, just because of the way my voice sounds. Well lets just say its beginning to become extremely annoying at school, all the rumors, especially since its not true.
Avatar f tn Deviated septum cause low oxygen in the body and it may leads to digits clubbing due to low oxygen in the body are this both related deviated septum and low oxygen
Avatar f tn Hello, I wanted to know the risksof having a deviated septum fixed. I had this problem for over 10 years and it seems to keep coming back. I had it fix twice before. I am noticing that the cartilage in my nose seems less so I am concerned. I don't want to have to keep getting surgery to correct my deviated septum. Is there any other options (besides nose sprays)?
Avatar m tn I have noticed that the sit of my nose where my deviated septum had been seems to still be significantly inflamed and that the generalized area around where the maxillary sinus would be hurts as well. Perhaps the most annoying, is the fact that my upper left molars kill. is this likely just residual inflammation from the surgery itself? i do know there was a good amount of infection in the left maxillary prior to my surgery, so wondering if this is just aggravated by the surgery.
Avatar f tn I moved to a small country town in 2005. Had septoplasty to repair deviated septum. had allergy testing done and allergy shots. It was 6 months before I had a sinus infection after surgery. I have used NeilMed saline rinse for 6 years, and it truly cleanses the nostrils. I am a faithful uses, morning and evening. I have daily headaches, I sleep elevated. I take Zyrtec at night. Sudafed, alavert, and benadryl for a severe allergy due to grass, trees etc.
538090 tn?1213808112 I was diagnosed with a deviated septum and was told by my ENT specialist that i need a surgery ( September 8th, 2008) along with turbinate reduction. I was doing alright until I had a bout of flu four weeks ago and this made my life miserable. Then came along bronchitis which made my breathing through the mouth impossible. I am still having a little wheezing on my left chest and took an x-ray yesterday. I will have an answer within two days to see what the actual diagnosis will be.
Avatar f tn The headaches were also on the left side due to pressure from the clogged nostril. He told me I had a deviated septum. I scheduled surgery that day because he said he could fix my problem and make it easier to breathe. Well he did make it easier to breathe out of the clogged side, but he moved the septum too far and now I cannot breathe out of what was my "good" side. My headaches are worse than they were before the surgery.
Avatar n tn So I went to the ENT today and had them stick that scope up my nose and apparently I have a pretty bad deviated septum ... he gave me a script for a nasal spray and an antibiotic but I'm not sure what the antibiotic is for, I don't like taking antibiotics if I don't have to so I'm hesitant to take that. He mentioned surgery but for the possible future ... I'm hoping the nasal spray will help the allergies and the post nasal drip ...
Avatar f tn I'm a 40 year and have a deviated septum since the age of 13 years of age. Over the years I just dought with it and giving it much thought. But for the last 5 year I've had noticed symptoms of headache,anxiety,virtigo, stomach problems such as gas,belching and as well as tightening of my throat when a CT scan and was told theirs inflammations and development A frontal ethmoid ,sphenoid & maxillary sinuses.
Avatar m tn I have been having chronic problems with post nasal drip and pressure on the bridge of my nose. It's not terribly bothersome, rather annoying. Let me explain what I mean by post nasal drip. I feel like there is constantly mucus stuck in the back of my nose. It isn't really dripping down my throat, rather just sitting in the back of my nose. It feels thick and I often have to snort in order to get it out. It is not discolored, just clear/milky white.