Deviated septum and sinus infections

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Avatar n tn I looked up the symptoms and I have all except the nose bleeds. Chronic sinus infections, sore throats, drainage down the back of my throat which makes me nauseated and on and on. I also feel tired most of the time. To me this is the worst feeling of all. Is this common with deviated aeptum symptoms? Can surgery help?
Avatar n tn So I went to the ENT today and had them stick that scope up my nose and apparently I have a pretty bad deviated septum ... he gave me a script for a nasal spray and an antibiotic but I'm not sure what the antibiotic is for, I don't like taking antibiotics if I don't have to so I'm hesitant to take that. He mentioned surgery but for the possible future ... I'm hoping the nasal spray will help the allergies and the post nasal drip ...
Avatar f tn Hello, I wanted to know the risksof having a deviated septum fixed. I had this problem for over 10 years and it seems to keep coming back. I had it fix twice before. I am noticing that the cartilage in my nose seems less so I am concerned. I don't want to have to keep getting surgery to correct my deviated septum. Is there any other options (besides nose sprays)?
Avatar f tn I got in to see the ENT dr a week ahead of schedule. I have chronic sinusitis, scars on both ears from past infections, and "fairly severe deviated septum,". He had trouble getting the scope up my nose, had to go to a smaller one. He put me on a "push" of prednisone, antibiotics, and Nasonex. Also scheduled a CT scan of sinus's in a month to see if infection is gone. Then he said we would decide what to do. My sx were a constant drippy nose, pressure in ears, headaches.
538090 tn?1213811712 My sister had sinus surgery and a deviated septum fixed for constant sinus infections but it did nothing for her. How did your surgery effect you if I could ask? Hope things improve with you.
Avatar m tn I've been diagnost with a deviated septum and excercised induced astma and was wondering if any one had septum fixed? Would it help with sinus infections and breathing for asthma? Any deviated septum repair stories out there?
Avatar m tn When I started the Sinus Flush journal a few years back, I saw it as the last resort for sinus infections after surgery. It has moved up a notch, and sinus surgery is now the last resort, for chronic infection, for most people. I'd recommend the septoplasty, as a deviated septum can cause drainage problems as well as breathing problems, and a sinus flush would get more risky as you get older.
Avatar m tn I’m a 28 year old male with acute sinusitis and a deviated septum and my sinus cavities are packed with polyps. When I was younger I had an allergy test done, and I was allergic to a few things, 20 years later, same test I was so allergic to everything they put on me that they had to stop because I swelled up so much. I don’t understand how that could happen that I could be so allergic to so many things in a few years.
Avatar n tn I have a minor deviated septum and have an obstruction with the airways of my sinuses (not sure what it is called- on each side of the nose). I have had frequent sinus infections all year; however, I don't have headaches, I just feel sick like having a cold but it never ends and I have continous colored nasal discharge. I also have constant congestion and always sound congested with this colored nasal discharge. Antibiotics usually clear it up for about two weeks.
Avatar n tn Now the inside of my nose has been eaten away. I have been told by my ENT that I have a deviated septum now and acute chronic sinunitus. He gave me a great receipe for a nasal solution that helps but not enough. In the mornings, my nose is so dry and stopped up that it hurts. When I try to blow all the muscus out, it is dry and hard so it hurts terribly. I have used tweesers to help pull some out but it is getting annoying. It seems to be so far up my nose that I can't get to it easily.
Avatar n tn Ever since I was a little girl, I've suffered a SEVERE itchy throat and ears. And for the past several years, I've suffered chronic sinus infections. And more recently, I've been persistently ill for the past five months with the following sypmtoms: headaches, congestion, pressure under my eyes and above my eyebrows, nasea in the morning, and every morning ample flem stuck in the back of my nose in which I have to spend about the first hour of being awake spitting out.
Avatar f tn My ENT also wanted ME to get surgery done for a deviated septum becuase I had chronic sinus infections...but I was able to get things under control with XLear (a saline nasal spray with xylitol, which is a natural antibacterial). Doc gave me this as a LAST resort after all steroid sprays were ineffective and caused headaches. Wish he would have given it to me first and I'm sure glad I didn't have surgery! I'm not a Dr. but my advice would be to look for other answers.
Avatar n tn My old doctor would just call in an antibiotic each time. I recently moved and got a new dr. Sinus infections are miserable especially the post nasal drip and the hacking up mucus. My lungs feel so heavy and hurt. Is there anything else I can do to prevent getting sinus infections? I am wondering if I should have this dr refer me to a sinus specialist. What can they do to help? Thank you!!
Avatar n tn But I also do not have the typical symptoms of a deviated septum such as nose bleeding, or sinus infections. Can someone please help me because I have been having panic attacks lately due to the feeling of not being able to breath through my nose and the severe post nasal drip. Thank you.
Avatar m tn Hello, I am constantly getting sore throats and thus sinus infections. Every couple of months, esp when the weather changes. I have seen a doctor who told me that I have a deviated septum but haven't yet got a second opinion. I realize that the deviated septum will cause some of this but it can't be my main or root cause issue. I don't want to have the surgery done therefore what can I do?
Avatar m tn So what I have been reading is that the packing is the worse part and many people seem to get sinus infections easier now? My surgery is in 2 days (dec, 13/07) and I am going on vaction Jan. 1/08. Does anyone have any advice on if it is really worth the trouble and is it safe to remove the packine nt day. I was thinking about asking the doctor to take it out.
Avatar n tn I've been suffering from several symptoms for years, and it seems hard to believe all of them come from a deviated septum. My symptoms are: swollen nose when sleeping (inside part of nostrils, which tends to desappear once I wake up), strong headaches when I wake up and at other times of the day, bleeding nose, rings under the eyes, "dried" irrited eyes. Most of all, I've been suffering from tiredness all these years.
Avatar f tn I need a doctor to help me figure out what's causing my sinus infections and how to prevent them. Can you offer me any advice or recommend a good ENT in the Austin area. Thanks.
Avatar n tn ” I went to the doctor and then to an ENT specialist and they said that I have a deviated septum. I was up-front with the doctor about the occasional use of cocaine, but he didn’t seem to think that was the cause of the deviated septum. (I’ve never been hit in the face or had any facial trauma.) But, I’m still convinced that I’ve somehow done some serious damage. What does everyone think? Can someone who’s used cocaine less than 10 times deviate or perforate their septum?
Avatar n tn The CT revealed I had a partially deviated septum which could have been causing so many infections. Now it is July and I still have neck and head pain, again, a dull sensation of pain, and dizziness centered in my forhead, my cheekbones, and forehead. The only way I feel better is by laying down. Some parts of my forehead hurt to touch like they are bruised under the skin. I have had on and off allergy problems due to my seasonal allergies and I take Claritin for it.
Avatar f tn What are the advantages of seeing an allergist -pulmonogist - ent to determine the reason for the frequent trigger of airway symptoms? Between October and April, I constantly get sinus infections and viruses which quikly trigger couging and wheezing. Over the past five or 6 years, about 1/2 to 3/4 of the spirometry tests have shown reduced airflow when I am experiencing symptoms. I just went through another virus-airway cycle.
Avatar f tn In the past couple of years I have had 5 sinus infections and 3 ear infections. I have had horrible ear-aches the past couple of years and recently in the past two months the pain has made me actually get sick a couple of times. No pain medicine makes the ear-ache go completely away. The past couple of weeks I have had severe pressure in my cheeks and nose. This may sound weird, but it felt like my nose was twitching. I have always had problems with blowing by nose.
Avatar m tn I am sure it hasn't been near as bad as some people's that I have seen but thank goodness to a great friend that led me to a solution to my delema that might help others out. I have had a turbinate reduction and deviated septum in my sinuses fixed over 5 years ago... then recently in the past 2 years I have been getting reoccurring sinus infections over and over to no avail. I was on every antibiotic and steroid they put out.
2058275 tn?1330709749 Do you get many sinus infections?
Avatar n tn Long story short it is now a year since my scan and it is to the point that I have to sit up in a recliner chair to sleep comfortably. I constantly feel sick and have sinus infections. When I told my doctor about this he looked in my nose (as he's done so many times before) and this time he said it appeared that my septum was deviated, obstructing my left nostril, and there was a nasal spur on the right side obstructing that side. Is this a probably cause?
Avatar n tn It is important that the underlying cause such as infection, nasal polyps, anatomical deformities such as a deviated septum, be managed. Antibiotic treatment, decongestants, and even surgical drainage may be indicated. If it persists, have this checked by your doctor for proper management. Rake care and regards.
Avatar f tn Hi there, I've gotten much relief in last two years for a deviated septum by daily protocol of sinus rinse, 1 sudafed and 1 mucinex. It has kept the sinus infections to a minimum! However, this summer I seemed to be producing larger amounts of mucus than usual and sometimes woke in the morning with unexected headache, not sinus headache, and feeling like I'd slept at all. A nutritionist friend asked about my dairy intake.