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Avatar m tn Use sunblock. Nothing will bleach the skin particularly, maybe if you mess a little with hydrogen peroxide it might have a temporary effect, but at the cost of making your skin rougher and somewhat beat up. There are facial sunblocks available that come in a non-oily base. It will also have the long-term effect of fewer wrinkles when you are past 50.
Avatar m tn Please help, i give up on the solution now i have no idea. I have almost the whole dermalogica range. My skin gets worse through the day and is actually best when i don't put anything on my face, but then i get alot of spots because of oil production. Please look at pics and help me out. Its been like this for years now. Thank you.
Avatar m tn I had a facial from a salon using Dermalogica products on Friday. I use Dermalogica daily with no side effects which is why I chose that salon. After the facial I was quite pink, then woke up the next day with redness and swelling. I started putting an aloe vera gel on which was quite soothing and did this for a few hours.
Avatar n tn I typically have dry/combination skin and use products designed for this type by Dermalogica. In the last few months I have tried retinol treatments by PCA and a 20% Beta peel by DermaQuest. Nothing seems to be helping. If anything, the blemish is replaced witha scar and another blemish. WHAT is going on with my poor skin????!!!!
2065676 tn?1331422440 My dermatologist recommended several skin care products for me. One that she recommended was Cetaphil. I use Dermalogica. Dermalogica has a sensitive skin line of products that has been helpful to me. I use all of the products in that line. I'm sure there are other sensitive skin products as well.
Avatar n tn I am a 30 year old female who was diagnosed with perioral dermatitis two weeks ago. It has been great to get a diagnosis but it has been frustrating, as I have had the same rash 3 times over the last 4 years and no one knew what it was. After various GP's prescribed steroid creams and antifungal creams the only thing which finally cleared it was an oral tetracycline and for a milder recent outbreak, a topical tetracycline.
Avatar f tn I have not had any first-hand experience with patients who have used the ConceiveEasy TTC Kit, but from review there are some helpful tools included with the package. Per the company's website, the kit includes your choice of: pregnancy or ovulation tests, a basal body thermometer, a basal body thermometer chart, getting started guide, and a ConceiveEasy 2-Month Starter Pack (natural supplements).
Avatar f tn Glytone from eBay for oily skin with the purple lid. It comes with wash day cream and night cream great for acne skin. Also safe to use, remember to change your pillow cased frequently too it helps from reinfecting your face with old oil and dirt :) my glytone kit lasted me 9 months and cleared up my hormonal acne I had in 2 months, at first it was bad but now it's totally gone.
Avatar m tn m 19 years old, I recently went to get a facial and the lady that made it for me told me that i had alot of under the skin pimples and redness but i never noticed i thought my face was supposed look like this .Anyways she told me to use a product to make them come out because leaving them in wouldnt be good she advised me to use this : but can i use this instead :
Avatar f tn I have tan but oily skin. When ever I try a new brand its always gives me more of a pink tone when I really need a golden tan color. Anyone know of a good liquid & powder foundation for oily tan skin that won't make me break out it having oily skin? Also one that will last but I'm young so I don't need a strong cover up because I have no wrinkles.
Avatar f tn Second baby was a boy. Had no greasy hair nor oily skin. My third was a boy and had no greasy hair nor oily skin. Im thinking im having a girl because her hormones and mine are raging. I feel so ugly. Ive never had greasy hair nor oily skin or acne when I was a teenager or pregnant except with my first girl. I dont know what to use. My face is sensitive already so I use minimal product. I also usually have beautiful natural skin so I dont use makeup except a little bronze.
Avatar f tn Mine was totally fine until I started my third it's extremely oily and I have patches of flaky skin that are raw red itchy and very oily....does anyone have some clue as to what causes this and what will make it go away!!??
Avatar n tn I am a male 32, i hve very ioly skin. like you, i tried everything. i finally fond something that worked for me. remember everyone is different. 1. i stopped drinking milk. milk produces hormones in your body thus in somepeople creating a allergic reaction. i know drink almond milk. there are also other non dairy milks like, cocnut and rice milk. if you drink milk this may help you. 2. carry a small towel with you in the summer, wipe awy your face every chance you get. 3.
Avatar f tn i have extremely oily skin and i think its because i use my acne medications such as differin and duac but even though i wash my face 3 times a daii it is still oily and its worse during parties because i cant wash my face then..? wat should i doo..any herbal remedies as well?
Avatar f tn What can i use for oily skin & some.breakouts..
Avatar f tn Does your skin tend towards oily or dry? Black skin is usually more resistant to wrinkles as it ages than white skin, but other than that, the color matters less than the oily/dry question in terms of treatment (except about the elbows, where it is a good idea to exfoliate often if the skin tends to look "ashy" there). If your skin tends towards oily, you can use stronger and more astringent soaps (made for the face) and if it breaks out, some of the vitamin A-based products.
470885 tn?1326329037 yes my skin is changing bad i normally have oily skin but now i have very bad oily skin and i break out bad zits like crazy the many joys of pregnancy
Avatar n tn Hi, I am 15 years old and have normal skin, not dry, not oily. I recently developed(about 4 months ago)full blown acne that stretches across the bottom of my face. This includes my chin, and the sides of my mouth (full of red mountains). My acne consists of mostly whiteheads, red growing pimples, and red pimples that i have popped, combining together to make the red and white mountains of my face.
Avatar m tn Washing does little to seem to stop the oil production and in many cases makes things seem to get even more oily with irritation. Are there medications that can help reduce oily skin?
1273473 tn?1270775840 Oh yeah. My scalp is downright scaly. I have always had oily skin and never even had dandruff before tx. I am down to washing my hair twice a week now. I also use leave-in conditioner. The itchy scalp got better for me over time, even though the dryness got worse.
Avatar f tn I'm having a boy and the same thing happens to me. My cheeks and t zone are dry but my nose is oily. I use the gel lotion from clinique because it's really lightweight or just put lotion on the dry spots. Have you tried a less harsh cleanser?
Avatar m tn t use a soap that is too strong as it will cause your skin to overreact. Try to find a light moisturizer made for people with oily skin. I have read not to eat flour and milk but I do love my carbs. The final option that I found was to take and acne drug but I don't think this is the option for you if the oil issue has not caused acne problems.
6706619 tn?1391316843 its not a home remedy, but I had this same problem and tried so so much everything either made my skin too oily or too dry but I bought clean and clear advantage acne control, took the oily skin away, cleared my acne and made my skin super soft all the time!