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651457 tn?1276503338 Hi, Im 18 and Ive been battling with my eating disorder for around 5 years now (also Depression). Ive been hospitalised 11 times, but only for treatment on Depression, never for my eating disorder. I purge at least once a day, sometimes it can reach a max of 7 times. Im even at the stage now where i throw up fruit. I restrict through the day and if i eat anything at all or go on a binge, it has to come back up again.
Avatar m tn he started with the worst situation for interferon, such high hbvdna and hbsag have no hope on interferon mono anyway addition of alinia reversed anything i think that as shown on hcv trials alinia is able to restore interferon response and improve it, this is something we do need on hbv treatments because hbv can stop both our body natural interferon and the injected interferon and make it totally useless
Avatar n tn This relationship was filled with verbal abuse and constant mood swings from my very unstable EX-girlfriend (no wonder I self-medicaed with pot).. Currently my symptoms include anxiety/depression, irritability, irrational thoughts, and the occasional headache. The ups and downs have really begun to wear on me and I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever return to my normal self before the pot and the emotional roller coaster of a relationship.
Avatar n tn I have completed #19 of a 24-week treatment for Genotype 3. My side efffects have thankfully been manageable, and a week 12 test showed I am responding. As I round the corner, I would be grateful if anyone can share information or knows of studies on whether treating beyond 24-weeks helps to maximise chances for a SVR and prevent a relapse? Does doing an extra 4 more weeks help? Thank you, and with best wishes to everyone.
Avatar n tn Dear doctors & users seems this company shows promising stem cell treatment for high myopia, Stargardt’s disease (juvenile macular degeneration), age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and other degenerative diseases of the retina. the company is currently doing clinical trials stage 1/2, & have some reported promising results & they have been doing it for the last 8 years or so. however, is it likely we will get the treatment soon for the general public ?
Avatar n tn How is depression after treatment? I can bear it another 12 weeks, what about after the interferon is out of my body? Will I still have emotional problems?
8793709 tn?1409597660 Also it might be a comfort to know this is not a deep depression, I know it feels like it is. You're grieving a loss. You'll get through this and I hope you know that too. Just think about the new baby joy you'll have soon and how many things you have to look forward to. Treasure it.
Avatar n tn Regarding the Social Security..... You mean like filing for disability benifits? Yes, people with treatment resistant depression can be approved for dissability and collect benifits. Only problem with that is the amount. Your looking at maybe $700 per month and that's about it. It hard to live on only that much money. Have you gotten, 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th opinions from different Psychiatrists about your condition?
Avatar m tn it was said depression. But whatever this is mental illness. My brother had also depression. His treatment happened in nepal. Only just me only just me why unnecessary pulled and made poet and made nonsense love is my question. I was happy before after i became poet i started to imagine a lot and depress a lot in love. Now if anybody tell me to wrtie poems also i cant write. Before i love i used to hate the poems. I am made so much crazy.
Avatar m tn I am 39 years of age and have been a Police Officer for 20 years. . I was first diagnosed with depression in 1991, 1994, 2001, 2003 and with Bi Polar II rapid cycling in 2007. . I was put on various medications which made me very ill and lost faith in my doctor. . I since have seen a new doctor who states that I suffer from chronic dysphoria and show signs of boderline personality disorder. .
7544575 tn?1391829106 I typed into Bing "born without a thyroid gland" pretty much on a lark. I had not fathomed I would see so many responses. I was born in 1976 without a thyroid gland. Back then, that was pretty much unheard of. When I tell a select few now of my condition, they have a hard time believing me. What I'm truly wondering about is how this came to happen.
Avatar f tn I am beyond depressed. My sweet little Kia, died in my hands, on February 28th, at 6:22 a.m. Her death was sudden, and unecessary. She was fine, until Wednesday, 2/27. That morning, she refused her breakfast. Since she only weighed 4#s, I gave her Nutri-Cal, and her nose seemed stuffed up, so I gave her 1/2 t. of CVS Children's dye-free, alcohol-free, allergy med. (Less than half the amount my Vet always said to give her.) I had an appt. with my MS Specialist at 11:00 that Wednesday.
607502 tn?1288251140 Well her mother and her aunts and grandmother have cut Keryns Sister off - one of her aunts and I get on well, she suffers from OCD and unipolar depression so we have a common mindset and some common experiences and she lives in Sydney where Sister lives and they have seen a lot of each other - She has cut off sis completely now and told her unless she gets treatment she won't speak to her - I have been watching her and I am convinced she has a personality disorder - she fits the DSM-IV Criteri
673343 tn?1237808400 Honey, please try to be happy with the five children that you have. What can they be thinking, that you are mourning for a new child when they are all right there? Without health insurance, you are already risking financial problems from such things as accidents or other health surprises -- even a simple appendix removal costs a ton! I would focus on getting your health insurance issue put together before you even think at all about trying to take whatever steps to have another child.
Avatar f tn Great Question I am going to bump it back to the top.
Avatar f tn Sheila, have you considered treatment for your depression? It sounds very serious from what you are describing, and as hard as it may be to imagine especially missing your little pup so badly, there are treatments that can make you feel better about things than you are now. Such severe depression for this long is a very real concern, despite your neuro's flippant remark might suggest. Would you consider talking to your primary doc about it?
Avatar n tn I recently was told by my psychologist that there is a very strong possibility I have bipolar.I exhibit a lot of the signs and symptoms.I have yet to have my date with the psychologist but I also beleave I have this.I am worried about the medications,like what are they,are there a large variety of them to choose from,and which is most commonly used??I am an adult by the way.How will they make me feel and make a difference in my life??
Avatar n tn His gf says he is like a zombie. He is depressed, and says he is using it to try to combat depression. He stays in a room for HOURS, no music, no tv, no books, just him, and his drugs. What kind of drug does this sound like? Thank you very much!
Avatar m tn Whether you want to wait six weeks depends on just how bad you feel. Is six weeks going to make or break your treatment? No. On the other hand, why be miserable for six weeks when you can be getting started on the road to recovery. I think you'd feel better on meds. I'd get a second opinion as there's a considerable amount of disagreement in the medical community about when to start treatment for Hashi's.
Avatar m tn While she is seeing a specialist here in Sydney (who is prescribing this treatment), as this disease seems to be quite rare we would very much like to get another opinion on treatment and as a result I am trying to locate a specialist who has experience treating this condition. Can you help me identify someone with experience in treating this disease?
Avatar n tn I hope that the visit to the specialist is productive and your partner gets all of the treatment he deserves. If he is apneic, he will probably either have CPAP or BiPAP prescribed for him. It isn't too bad to get used to, once he does, he will feel much better in the mornings and throughout the day. As I said before, he shouldn't have too much difficulty getting home O2. I wish the both of you luck...I am also glad that he quit smoking, that is a huge step towards better lung health.
Avatar m tn My name is Hamed Khatiz and I am a sixteen year old student, writer, drummer and many more from Sydney. When you have your concerns for someone, how do you address that and tell them there is help available? I have concerns for my friend. What happened was, a few weeks ago, she took what some would consider "The Morning After Tablet" or emergency contraception. Last week she felt the effect.
Avatar m tn 2 My account also provides a statement of my most recent experiences in the last two years, 2007-2009, with manic-depression(MD) or BPD as it has come to be called in recent years. Some prospective analysis of my illness is also included with the view to assessing potential long-term strategies, appropriate lifestyle choices and activities in which to engage in the years ahead.
Avatar f tn I think that battle tank ultimately was assigned to the campaigns in the fetid reaches of the municple sewage treatment facility and ultimately found rest in a landfill beneath the local golf course, where several centuries from now it will gain the attention of archaelogists who will conlude that at one time a very small species of home sapiens sapiens fought for possession of a most unusual landscape. But that is in the future, and this is NOW -where we still need to mix and match sometimes.
Avatar n tn I'm worried if i tell him that i feel like im changing and i have less mental tolerance toward my kids that he may withdraw me from my treatment. I may dummy spit at them (curse at them) but i do soon get over it though, but this may be the beggining of becoming a monster to their eyes or anyones eyes. does anyone out there have such feeling, and perhaps have an opinion? Do i just go with the flow until i have no other chice but to whisper this to the system?
4822967 tn?1367660296 Hypothyroidism is one cause of treatment resistant depression but more recently i read that inflammatory biomarkers are associated with treatment resistant depression. Tumor necrosis factor (TNF - one of the inflammatory cytokines) is particularly mentioned but also C-reactive protein (CRP).
Avatar n tn Having been there at the beginning since I was a little girl and witnessing every stage of their illness, we have learnt to cope with the stigmas that society has thrown at us, what the illness means and feels like to my 2 brothers through their eyes and how difficult it can be. We have not stopped searching for alternative treatment and there are studies and alternatives out there that has helped many people although its still new.
Avatar n tn Get a secon opinion from another Eye MD. Find one at JCH III MD This is from a previous post on Dry eyes: General Information on Dry Eyes a Schirmer test of zero indicates that you have severe dry eyes. I'm assuming from your posting that you have tried both preserved and unpreserved artifical tears, gels or lubricating ointments at bedtime, environmental modification, etc. Don't discount eye drops.
579125 tn?1251579865 In this exploratory qualitative study, data from semi-structured interviews with 20 people undergoing hepatitis C treatment and six healthcare workers at three hepatitis C treatment clinics in Sydney, Australia were explored for the presence of unrealistic optimism and also the impact that this had on patients' processing of information pre-treatment and management of side-effects during treatment.
Avatar f tn there are threads about many TX related post treatment side effects; auto-immune disorders, IBS, CFS, dental issues, metabolic issues, depression, persistent pain which follows TX. I am not trying to be critical of SOC but I am saying that it is not without it's inherent problems. I am excited that a drug compound is soon to be available which could at the minimum halve our exposure to interferon and ribaviren.