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Avatar n tn I live in the St. Louis area, and I just recently went to see a new doctor. I my self messed around with my primary care physician and an endocrinologist in St. Louis for months. I was feeling worse than ever. Both doctors insisted on synthroid, I have Hashimoto's (hypothyroid). It was recomended to me to try Dr Wessling. He is Creve Couer, I believe. He is an md and and homeopathic dr.
Avatar n tn Depression is often seen in familes.. chemical imbalances and learned behaviors often contribute to the symptoms. The teenage year are the hardest to navigate when you have depression beating you up... I see that you have a head start already. You have taken action to learn about the problem and have decidec you will not let it take over your life. But, often just having the WILL to overcome the state will not make it go away.
Avatar n tn frommoon, I know of a guy who flies every month from St Louis to Chicago to get a prescription of methadone from a doctor. He is not a heroin addict, not a pain pill addict, he suffers from depression. The methadone is what keeps him from killing himself. I take it for addiction, and I have suffered many years from depression as well.
Avatar f tn Lyme messes with your whole hormonal system, which can easily feel like depression and despair. After treatment, when you are well again, the positive feelings will come back. I used to go around muttering, "It's not me ... it's the bugz", over and over and over, to remind myself that it wasn't my fault somehow. And guess what -- I was right! It wasn't me: it was my illness. Getting rid of Lyme and feeling totally fine again is doable, and definitely worth doing. YOU GO!!!
Avatar m tn Then about three months into her school year she had to quit both sports because on the attacks. We took her to St. Louis Children's hospital and after $18,000.00 worth of treatment we know it is not Turrets, Wilson,s disease, and supposedly any neourological problem. We have checked for allergies, hormones, and tumors and have no answers yet. She is seeing another Psychiatrist who has put her on Celexa and it seems to help more than anything else.
Avatar n tn org or Even with the correct diagnosis, finding a knowledgeable doctor was hard. We live in St Louis and travel to Cleveland for treatment.
1697706 tn?1306999892 They also have the means of helping you get a copy of your dd214. The personnel center is in St Louis. That is where I get the last information I needed. Please write back.
Avatar n tn I go to a very high profile neurologist in St Louis who has been associated with Washington University/Barnes (one of the top hospitals in the country). He says that none of his patients who tried this got significant relief. His daughter is an OB/GYN in New York, she had the same response. My ob/gyn told me the same thing. I have horrible estrogen/menstrual migraines along with other headaches. BUT - your daughter needs help and pat yourself on the back for reaching out to find it.
Avatar n tn Seizure activity is daily and beginning 12/02 my 7 y/o began having partial seizures. We are being eval. at St. Louis pediatric and adult epilepsy centers. I have received volumes of no avail. Still no clear cut answers as to what is going on. I'm currently seeing a rheumy, internist, epitologist. Numerous neurological symptoms run same between my father and me. He is diabetic, pernicious anemia, cardiac problems. Me and son have chronic EBV.
387056 tn?1200447377 I was given amitryptaline to sleep at night, and Lexapro to help me with depression. Immiediately starting the treatment, my legs became numb when I walked up stairs. I thought I had buldged a disc so my pain doc sent me to physical therapy. I started having muscle twitching, mood disturbances, gi disturbances, weakness when climbing stairs, and mild balance issues- doc said I had pain syndrome and was becoming overly fixated on sensations.
471113 tn?1245112420 Christian Stone, MD, Division of Gastroenterology, Washington University in St. Louis, School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO. Review provided by VeriMed Healthcare Network. Also reviewed by David Zieve, MD, MHA, Medical Director, A.D.A.M., Inc. A.D.A.M., Inc. is accredited by URAC, also known as the American Accreditation HealthCare Commission ( URAC's accreditation program is an independent audit to verify that A.D.A.M. follows rigorous standards of quality and accountability. A.D.
29837 tn?1414538248 on Saturday, March 28, 1998 ST. LOUIS (AP) -- Naomi Judd is singing the praises of the St. Louis doctor who she believes cured her liver disease. Ms. Judd's blood tests currently show no signs of the Hepatitis C virus that ended her singing career and threatened to take her life, Dr. Bruce R. Bacon said Friday. ''This is my new duet partner,'' Ms.
Avatar n tn mine are rather scattered, having my prelim work all done in St 2002, tried to give blood after 9.11.....that is how I found out. Have probably had for over 25 years. Then transfered to Florida.....not lucky with Doctors, they haven't helped me much to understand or how to deal with everything going on. The biopsy 2002 then was minimal activity hepatitis, microvewsicular steatosis and focal bridging fibrosis, stage III fibrosis. Which is the viral load? Is that HCV RNA H ?
476246 tn?1418874514 Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Saint Louis University School of Medicine, St Louis, MO 63110, USA. ***@**** Patients infected with hepatitis C virus (HCV) genotype 1 and with serum HCV RNA concentrations over 800 000 IU/mL have relatively low rates of virologic response to pegylated interferons. The 2 forms of pegylated interferon have different pharmacokinetic profiles, and pilot studies comparing them have yielded varying results.
Avatar f tn //, 224 S. Woods Mill Road, Suite 730, St. Louis, Missouri 63017, USA T: (314) 576-1400 *Dr. Silber is included on the map for his surgery for the treatment of adenomyosis. He is one of the only surgeons worldwide to offer the Osada Procedure, an alternative to hysterectomy in women with adenomyosis who wish to preserve their fertility. Specialisation: FERT Bowl/urinary tract surgery: Does own urinary tract work. Dr. Charles Koh & Dr.
Avatar f tn I too had my galbladder removed last year at "world class" hospital in St. Louis. I have been suffering ever since from severe pain under my right rib cage that wraps from my front to my back. I have been through 3 GI drs who all seem to think I am crazy. The first suggested the initial ERCP due to my hida-scan numbers last year, which lead to my gallblader being removed. She told me I needed a therapist, that there was no pain.
Avatar n tn Well you are an integral part of my decision to start tx. Thanks for the push I needed. I called St. Louis Univ. to try to get into a fibroscan trial and the person that answered the phone started telling me I should judt treat and forget about the trial. I called the Dr.s office and then the nurse tried to talkme into waiting until after the holidays but I have decided to 'just do it' and my start date is 12/8. I'm curious st to what you mean by low basal temp and skin condition prior to tx.
1530566 tn?1316216807 the meds have not been working and we were then sent to physical therapy and then to st louis to the movement disorder center after seeing a neuro psychologist here that said its not psychological. The neurologist there said he thinks its psychological because her tests have been fine even tho the jerking has not stopped but discovered that she has an IT Band. We are doing therapy twice a week and now the therapist is saying that there is muscle weakening in her lower back and down her leg.
547181 tn?1255150106 Di Bisceglie, professor of internal medicine and co-director of the liver center at St. Louis University School of Medicine. The maintenance therapy failed despite the fact that it was effective at lowering the amount of virus in patients’ blood and reducing conventional signs of liver damage, Dr. Di Bisceglie said. The report appears in Thursday’s issue of The New England Journal of Medicine.
18453104 tn?1464996067 I notice you are within driving distance of Washington University in St. Louis and that is one of the most famous and capable eye centers in the world. If your treatment and diagnoses continue to be difficult it may be worthwhile to have them see in for opinions. What is the cause of your uveitis? Lead a healthy lifestyle. Stay away from nicotine and cannabis, exercise and watch your weight.
220090 tn?1379170787 I arrived in NY this morning so that I can be at Mt Sinai tomorrow morning for my post 12 week blood draw. My end of treatment visit was on St Paddy's day and I watched the parade. I arrived today and low and behold - the Puerto day parade! There was a great contrast between the two parades that exemplified the diversity of NY and all of its wonderful people. Instead of the haunting sustained notes of a bagpipe, today's parade had the visceral beat of bongos and salsa.
Avatar m tn After returning home and resting for a week my girlfriend an I decided to drive out to Vegas, from St. louis for a week. i must say the trip was not the vacation we thought it would be it was very stressful, we fought, didnt get any sleep and basically the night before we left drink way to much and didnt sleep or prepare for the 24 hour drive the next day.
Avatar n tn I was in a car accident and ever since the car accident I've been having these attacks and I just get scared to drive in a car or go somewhere. I used to drive from st. louis to chicago like every couple of months. Now I feel like there is no way in hell I could do it. I have trouble going 20 miles. Anyway, I have a lawyer, could I have the person that hit me pay for my counseling and shrink? Thanks.
Avatar f tn I guess I will call my family practioner since my endochronologist refuses (as well as several others in the St. Louis region) to prescribe me natural thryroid supplements. Now does Armour only have T4 in it or does it also have other Ts or do you still need to take cytomel w/ this drug? Im wondering how much Armour I should take in replacement of my levoxyl? Did any of you under go thyroid surgery also? Thanks I wish endo's around here would prescribe natural thyroid supplements.
Avatar f tn 5 St. Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri, USA; 6 Alamo Medical Research, San Antonio, Texas, USA; 7 Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, Mchigan, USA; 8 Duke University Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina, USA; 9 The Liver Institute at Methodist Dallas, Dallas, Texas, USA; 10 A.P.H.
Avatar m tn For 13 yrs, I, too, traveled for my job. I covered a 5 state area and St Louis was one of the many cities I traveled to. One of the things I loved about my job was that my car was my office (most of the time) and in between sales calls I could listen to and feed my mind and heart ANYTHING I wanted to. You have a golden opportunity to listen to recovery CD's of ALL kinds, music that will lift you up and encourage you, books on CD, etc. One of my favorite addiction guys is Dr.
1415565 tn?1282056499 I have heard alot about U of M Columbia but I don't know anything about how I would get in there for help. I live on the outskirts of St. Louis so if I couldn't be inpatient there, I don't know how I'd do it. I have heard a lot of great things about the place!
6680297 tn?1384294108 I used to travel from Alabama to St Louis to see Bacon. He is a great doctor & very kind man. You can't go wrong listening to him...