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354706 tn?1279474395 My mum’s OVCA treatment went so smooth that it is almost unbelievable. Just consider this – stage 4, abdominal filled with cancer spreading to liver, colon, diaphragm and spleen. As there is no hope of optimal debulking, the doctor tried chemo first. After 2 chemo, CA125 dropped from 165 to 15. CT scan revealed that most tumors were gone/shrunk. During operation after 3 chemo, very little signs of chemo and an optimal debulking.
Avatar n tn I finally got to post!! I have been experiencing severe withdrawal/depression the last few days, so much that I have found myself crying on a few occasions, I have been feeling like there is no way out of this awful life style, and if I get close to being clean, I get scared when I think of leading a sober life..... I can't handle it anymore, I lie to everyone, I hurt everyone and I waste all my godamn money on drugs, what the hell is the point?
748543 tn?1463449675 For the past few weeks I have been throwing around ideas as to the best way to respond to this matter. You see a recent article ( Feb.3 , 2009 NY times) titled "Best treatment for TMJ May be Nothing" nearly made me clench my jaw to pieces. While well written, I found that the author, Ms. Brody, relied heavily on out dated and narrow perspective supplied to her by a small group of dentists.
Avatar m tn I believe Xolair is FDA approved as an injectible treatment for asthma. Clinical trials for treatment of chronic idiopathic urticaria are happening in a few medical centres in the United States and Europe. I am surprised that your allergist would not be able to provide you with information on its availability and FDA status.
354706 tn?1279474395 I am MAD! During my mum’s chemo treatment, one of her friends called her and asked for a loan of $30,000 (around US$20,000). My mum was then suffering from the side-effects from chemotherapy and had a depression. Her friend claimed that he needed the money to pay for the credit card bills and the banks were hounding him and his family for default payment. My mum turned the request down.
Avatar n tn If it's a manic episode instead of a panic attack, you may be losing brain cells with each bout. You should seek evaluation, diagnosis and proper treatment to be safe.
599945 tn?1240385954 There's a lot of misinformation out there. The links page mention it as a treatment that is used for treatment refractory depression. They also mention TCMS but doesn't cause these effects and I would think that would be in use more but they are just beginning to understand it although its safe and FDA approved. That involves passing a magnetic current through the brain in targeted areas. Neither is fully understood yet in exactly how they work.
Avatar m tn I have taken great care to read through most of them; however, being a clinically diagnosed OCD/depression/chronic anxiety sufferer, I need to bring to light certain recent events and would love for your analysis on the HIV transmission risk posed. Last Thursday, on the 25th of April, while working with a mechanical pencil, I managed to cut myself slightly on my lower lip. The cut was long (perhaps 2-3 cm) but not deep. At that moment, I checked and it wasn’t bleeding whatsoever.
224049 tn?1204594715 Blood tests of liver function are performed prior to the onset of treatment and periodically during treatment to determine whether naltrexone should be started and whether it should be discontinued if the relatively rare side effect of liver toxicity is taking place. 9. Do I need to get blood tests while I'm on naltrexone? How often? To ensure that naltrexone treatment is safe, blood tests should be obtained prior to initial treatment.
1726783 tn?1326185388 I just saw my pscy two days ago and got a new round of lamotringine for a month. No psycho treatment was given and he just asked me how my moods go. Yes, i still have mood swings at times because I am on 50mg medication rather than the full dosage of 100mg which I will starting tomorrow. With BP1&2 and medication, does any of you still feel low? Somehow I can't get it out of here.
Avatar n tn Tried many empiric treatments and I can say - this disease does react to certain antibiotics but long period treatment is needed. The more I learn the more I understand that this condition is more like leprosy type of reaction, especially taking into the consideration damage of nerve system+ toxicity + skin problems etc etc etc, many people found micobacteria that wouldn't grow on specific micobacteria media and the only micobacteria that doesn't grow like that is micobacteria lepra.
747010 tn?1234239562 can someone help me understand these mri results and tell me possible treatment for this? At L4-L5 there is mild disk desiccation and flattening. There is mild posterior annular tearing and dic protrusion present causing mild central canal narrowing and crowding of the subarticular portions of the bilateral L5 nerve roots. There is mild bilateral forminal narrowing secondary to disk bulging and endplate spurring as well. At L5-S1 there is mild desiccation, flattening and bulging.
Avatar m tn ZORAL 200(Acyclovir 200mg), ZORAL cream and WANMYCIN( Doxycycline(as HCI) BP 100mg) I have been reading a lot about genitals herpes and its scares me, I feel guilty, total depression, spoiled my life and ruin my family even I thought to kill myself. I can’t wait to know the results what if it’s Positive!!!! I’m in direction to get marriage, my family members are looking forward that how I’m going to manage this issue I had dream having beautiful family but I don’t think can do this.
Avatar n tn As far as your lab results, ask the lab for copies of them, past and future because they are obliged by law to provide them and helps you see how treatment is going and helps you research about things. Thanks for your reply about the joints, myself, SandyAnn, Christine01 & ShannieK have all reported this problem. The cruncy, popping has a medical name, "crepitus". I'm age-42 male, never would have believed I would ever get thyroid disease! Thanks again for your reply!
Avatar f tn My doctor feels very strongly about me starting the Lupron and has recommended no other treatment. Basically this is the last resort before a hysterectomy, according to him. He's essentially just buying me a couple of years before the hysterectomy. He made no mention of cutting out the endo, or referring me to someone who can. Just Lupron, then hysterectomy.
Avatar m tn 300 i tried three clinic two clink blood test show my tsh still high and one clinic mention my tsh is normal this blood test is fourth now in singapore the other test were in uae
181575 tn?1250202386 I am reposting articles / summaries on the treatment management of chronic HepB. "cajim" located these articles which are quite informative. I thought about putting them on a seaprate Health Page but didn't think it was appropriate since we didn't write them. Let's make this a sort of "Unofficial Research Thread" or "URT" for this type of information. Let's keep this URT free of comments.
Avatar f tn when i found it yesterday feeling ko gusto na rin lang mamatay kac wala na. nag apply ako for singapore may deduction un 4 five months na wala kang sahod pero sinunggaban ko na kac alam ko after that kikita din ako.
Avatar m tn Depression can lead to substance abuse and vice versa! If you develop a depression once you are sober then there is treatment available for that. But let’s not get into that right now. Remember, count every single day and feel proud. You'll be able to do it, trust me! Not because I am saying so but because I am 9 months clean now :) And please make a post on the forum and ask if whether its safe to quit DXM cold turkey. Cold Turkey means quitting the habit at once.
440193 tn?1293814117 It makes the hair follicles weak that it don't have enough strength to hold the hair. I found this treatment centre in singapore that have hair detox treatment that cleanse the scalp to promote natural hair growth. I was so happy that I was able to solve my hair loss problem and right now I am growing more hair naturally.
Avatar n tn Also I have red the best treatment for this is no treatment at all is this also correct? Has anyone had any luck working with a psychologist in relieving these symptoms ?
Avatar f tn elow po basa ko msg mo...ask ko lang kung ano work mo sa singapore?,....balak ko kc magwork rin sa singapore...ok lang ba sa singapore kahit may hepa b...?...pls reply po...nagkaron ako ng pag-asa yung nabanggit mo na sa singapore ka nagwowork ngaun...
Avatar m tn // resiquimod Imiquimod and resiquimod as novel immunomodulators
Avatar n tn this lessen our worry and depression. One more question if you don't mind. after this medication, will the result makes chronic to non-chronic? will he be able to fit for work again? is there a possibility that this will make d result lessen after 3mos. so that he can go back to work again. there is another prescription but we can't read the doctor's handwriting. this is kinda protection like silimarine. is taking essentiale forte help?
Avatar m tn It is THE freest, most open, advanced democratic country in Asia. Sure, most countries in ASEAN want to be like Singapore, but that's mostly because Taiwan seems too far ahead. "In any case they cheat because they are best pals with the 7th fleet, and if we had that kind of respect we'd go for it, too". At least that's how I remember it when I lived over there. I think it was five different countries in SE Asia by the time I was done. One is still my second home.
Avatar f tn My only worry is that it is just the beginning of more serious things to come (eg. lupus). My rheumatologist here in Singapore has been good with the diagnosis. It'd be great if you could share your experience? I really hope you're feeling better. Being at uni alone is tough enough let alone being sick. Hope to hear from you soon.