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401095 tn?1351395370 Treatment of Fibromyalgia Alternative Medicine 5-HTP Combination Therapy for Fibromyalgia 5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) is a supplement that is manufactured from the seeds of an African plant (Griffonia simplicifolia). 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) is converted to the important neurotransmitter serotonin. 5- HTP is believed to raise the levels of serotonin. Serotonin plays a key role in insomnia and depression.
572651 tn?1531002957 It should help many of us here who struggle with getting treatment for depression to look at these numbers and see this large percentage of people also dealing with the same problem. Thanks everyone for sharing their thoughts.
Avatar f tn Treating Vitamin D Deficiency May Improve Depression June 25, 2012 — Women with moderate to severe depression had substantial improvement in their symptoms of depression after they received treatment for their vitamin D deficiency, a new study finds.
Avatar f tn Week 6 on tx for my husband. He might as well be a million miles away. I can take him being sick, but the shut down to those he says he loves. Does it get better? And please don't recomend a anti depressant. HE WILL NOT TAKE ANOTHER PILL. Especially one that he feels labels him "crazy" in his eyes. Do you all ever move past this in treatment? I need support before I leave him. But don't get me wrong at this point I'll take the the pills!
Avatar n tn I won't comment on what it is like to be in the end stages of liver disease - too many folks here can supply first-hand knowledge and there is nothing I can add to that. They will post info for you. Natural treatment? Almost 100 percent of the "natural" treatments are quak medicine. Some treatments seem to help reduce liver inflammation which is generally held as a good thing.
Avatar n tn The studies seem to concentrate on alcohol usage without treatment. Is there anything out there that defines moderate use during treatment? I'm 2b on week 9 of 24, 800 mg Rebetol, and .05 of Per-intron weekly. My enzyme levels are coming down nicely, Bilirubin down to 1.2, viral load to be checked next month. I have a few drinks on the weekends, and if thats going to kill me, then I won't be posting here after that.
919881 tn?1243660771 I am 46, weigh 215lbs, @ 5ft 3inches fat as you can see. I started treatment for my Hep C Genotype 1A with a plan of going 48 weeks 1200 Riba/day and Interferon 1x/wk. Viral load started at approx. 700,000 oh by the way my cirohsis (I can never spell that) is stage 4 of 4 - that ***** right? OK - onward...At 4 wks my viral load went down to 3,600 and I am now at week 12 and it is still detectable at 99.
748543 tn?1463449675 For the past few weeks I have been throwing around ideas as to the best way to respond to this matter. You see a recent article ( Feb.3 , 2009 NY times) titled "Best treatment for TMJ May be Nothing" nearly made me clench my jaw to pieces. While well written, I found that the author, Ms. Brody, relied heavily on out dated and narrow perspective supplied to her by a small group of dentists.
Avatar f tn I am not working because of the depression, I have a husband, who is supportive of whatever I decide, and no kids, so I could do the treatment now. Part of me hopes if treatment is successful, it might help with the depression and enable me to get back to work. A bigger part of me is terrified of doing permanent damage and worsening the depression beyond the point of treatment.
695000 tn?1316139648 Hello everyone. I came here a while ago and asked what made you choose MS treatments. You were all very kind and gave me your thoughts about MS treatments and meds. I must say, I was leaning towards MS treatments after reading everyone's posts. Since last week I am experiencing a mild attack (right leg hurting and all tightened up plus skin pain & dizziness). On Thursday I saw my doctor for my annual check up. He did the normal checks, walking on a line and touching this and that...
Avatar n tn Thanks for answer and reply. I am on the medications for arryhthmias that are more serious than PVC and PAC's. I was formerly diagnosed with "only PAC's or PVC's. NOW My diagnosis is dysrrhythmia....and during my hospitalization of 6 days in August, they monitored me in the telemetry unit the whole time and prior to release, the cardiologist prescribed the amiodarone.
Avatar n tn smoking. I know it's killing me, but it returned back my quality of life. I DON'T recommend it to anybody and really, i'm desperate. I already have asthma because of my smoking, but i continue to smoke cause i want to function as normal human being and not to spend all my day in the bathroom. Just wanted to share. Good luck.
Avatar f tn I was just wondering if anyone has been on birth control pills and have suffered from anxiety or depression issues? I have been on the pill for 11yrs now and cant take how I am feeling anymore. I went on the pill for irregular periods, but since then I have been feeling blah, libido has decreased severely, I have sinus problems- I found out I have no allergies- so I think it is related to axiety, I worry constantly about everything; I get so nervous I get light headed sometimes.
1740498 tn?1328966185 I am 100% sure based on my detailed notes that vast majority of the improvement occurred starting the day of the injections and/or HBO treatment, because each day got better and better. But once I hit a certain point the improvements slowed down.
Avatar n tn My question is about how I should be feeling at this stage. I have extreme fatigue almost all the time. My depression is worse than ever even though I take 2 different anti-depressants. I have pain that makes my quality of life intolerable. I told my doctor if I had the choice again I would choose not to do the therapy. My doctor is sympathetic, but doesn't know what is wrong with me. I have lost all zest for life and have to push myself to do anything. Will this ever end?
747988 tn?1396540478 Meanwhile, there is increasing evidence that HCV infection can affect brain function with symptoms of cognitive dysfunction, disabling fatigue, and quality of life reduction.3 The current treatment of chronic hepatitis C patients is interferon and ribavirin combination therapy, which is associated with numerous neuropsychiatric side effects, the most common of which are fatigue, depression, cognitive dysfunction, and anxiety.
Avatar f tn There isn't one cure for depression, I think of being better as more of getting a good balance in my life. Take hi quality vitamins if possible. (One-a-day is not high quality.) Zinc and selenium are great for hypothyroid patients. Vitamins Bs, especially B12 in particular, help with depression. Watch out for food allergens, wheat and milk intolerances are very common. You might want to try a rotation diet to eliminate any foods that might be causing brain fog or depression.
583625 tn?1221086929 He said he had all the same symptoms during treatment and obviously, during treatment he wasn't decompensated. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been on treatment since decompensation is a contraindication for treatment. "You need 3 BM's a day and low protein diet whenever you have liver disease." That is NOT TRUE! Protein is ONLY restricted on people who are decompensated. Let me show you something......
Avatar n tn When I started treatment they warned me of the side effects, flu like symptoms, depression, headaches and all that good stuff, but the treatment wasn't too bad, they started me on an anti-depressant and medication for my headaches. But for the last yr or more I have been having the flu like symptoms, major body aches mostly in my upper torso, back problems and I have had every test imaginable done to figure out why I am in so much pain everyday. Some days are better than others.
Avatar m tn I would like to know how you all are being treated and what has seemed to work for you? I would love to hear of treatment that is not mainstream PHARMA if there are any, BUT any and all information would be so appreciated. I really feel like I need to start taking this into my own hands since he is getting worse quite fast and I don't want to see my best friend go down in flames without me fighting for him. If you need more information, I would be happy to try to get it for you.
Avatar f tn I did not miss any work but could not tell anyone at work about my treatment. I still suffer depression (ie; suicide thoughts)at times and fight emotional negativity (life circumstances) so I do not know if the negativity can be blamed on the long term drug side effects?. I am usually a very positive person so being negative does not sit well with me. My energy is coming back because I walk two miles a day to deal with the stress. Also, I pray, alot!
139792 tn?1498589250 Belief in a Caring God Improves Response to Medical Treatment for Depression, Study Finds ScienceDaily (Feb. 24, 2010) — Research suggests that religious belief can help protect against symptoms of depression, but a study at Rush University Medical Center goes one step further. ________________________________________ In patients diagnosed with clinical depression, belief in a concerned God can improve response to medical treatment, according to a paper in the Journal of Clinical Psychology.
Avatar f tn 0) I've been suffering for YEARS with all symptoms (chronic Depression, always cold, irregular period spotting, irritability, fatigue, no sex drive..) but doctors never blinked an eye or did anything. i hear that "Optimal level" for TSH is 1-2.0, so would TSH of 4.5-6.0 be MILD case of Hypothyroid? I am new to all of this. How high is considered clinically "Serious" or "Dangerous" if you are close to the top range TSH 4.5 ?
Avatar n tn What are the uncommon side effects of interferon treatment? Severe bacterial infections. Thyroid disease Seizures Depression Problems with back of the eye (retina) Hearing Loss Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) What are the side effects of ribavirin? Anemia Fatigue and irritability Itching Skin Rash Nasal Stuffness Sinusitis and cough Angina pectoris Myocardial infarcation and stroke (very rare) If left untreated, how might hepatitis C affect the body?
Avatar f tn I have tried to be brave and have educated myself on Benzo withdrawel but at this point I am getting desperate. Fighting depression (probably partly from extreme sleep deficit-) and am very scared this WONT end. Which I would not be able to handle. I really need to hear from people out there who have been through this or are currently going through it..........I am praying someone hears me..........Not sure how to join in live discussions, so am trying posting this to catch someone's attention.
253566 tn?1219683299 Mine was normal both before and during treatment, but dropped and remained low normal for over a year post treatment. My symptons aren't as bad as yours, so haven't supplemented the testosterone, but you might consider at least trying it, even if you're in the low or perhaps even mid-normal range. You also mention your lab results are out of whack. What tests specifically aren't right?
Avatar f tn One thing that I haven't seen brought up much is the spiritual aspects of yourself while treating. It's so strange, but whenever I'm on treatment, I find myself feeling like my connection and relationship with God is so affected. Off of treatment, I don't have this problem. It's really very disconcerting. Just when you feel like you'd need God more than ever (or your higher power), I feel so disconnected from my faith and everything.
151263 tn?1243377877 Initially I was somewhat underweight as I was during treatment. I started treatment at 185lbs, dropped to about 168lbs during treatment, and then finished off about 175lbs. During that time my body composition changed though, I lost muscle mass and gained body fat around my belly. They call it “intra-abdominal” fat. It’s where fat collects around your organs and trunk and it’s especially unhealthy for you. Well that’s what seemed to happen to me.
463897 tn?1468017350 About This Community: This forum is for those who have taken HCV treatment to discuss any lingering or new health issues that may have been caused by the Hepatitis C virus itself or may be related to treatment for Hepatitis C. Some examples are autoimmune conditions, previous medical conditions exacerbated by the virus or the treatment, liver damage, and inflammation of the joints Looking forward to everyone's posts and participation.
173930 tn?1196341998 And yes, there was a modest improvement 1 year post, which is encouraging. Hopefully those of us who experience post treatment symptons from the interferon will start to feel better gradually. Still a huge chunk out of ones life. Our 'survey': http://www.medhelp.