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748543 tn?1463449675 For the past few weeks I have been throwing around ideas as to the best way to respond to this matter. You see a recent article ( Feb.3 , 2009 NY times) titled "Best treatment for TMJ May be Nothing" nearly made me clench my jaw to pieces. While well written, I found that the author, Ms. Brody, relied heavily on out dated and narrow perspective supplied to her by a small group of dentists.
Avatar m tn We were worried a lot about his depression so we were preoccupied with his treatment. we could not arrange finance or we could not concentrate properly what he should do further even he could not do it. I couldnot come to a conclusion about his further studies. He says the going to other country was his third option where as his second option was MBA and the first option was going to UK which was not done. We sent him to Canada for higher studies based on his wish only.
Avatar f tn I would not recommend surgery while undergoing treatment for Hep C. Treatment drugs will lower his white count and likely cause some anemia, both of which could make surgery more risky. Also, depending upon the exact stage of his liver damage, a surgeon may or may not be willing to do the surgery. Surgery can cause the liver to decompensate (stop working properly), so usually a surgeon will need a hepatologist to approve the patient for surgery before agreeing to do it.
463897 tn?1468017350 This forum is for those who have taken HCV treatment to discuss any lingering or new health issues that may have been caused by the Hepatitis C virus itself or may be related to treatment for Hepatitis C. Some examples are autoimmune conditions, previous medical conditions exacerbated by the virus or the treatment, liver damage, and inflammation of the joints Looking forward to everyone's posts and participation. No need to be shy ~ I've posted the first post on your new community.
151263 tn?1243377877 Initially I was somewhat underweight as I was during treatment. I started treatment at 185lbs, dropped to about 168lbs during treatment, and then finished off about 175lbs. During that time my body composition changed though, I lost muscle mass and gained body fat around my belly. They call it “intra-abdominal” fat. It’s where fat collects around your organs and trunk and it’s especially unhealthy for you. Well that’s what seemed to happen to me.
Avatar m tn I only recommend this article for those who CAN'T treat with traditional treatment,so don't shoot the messenger. It's just an FYI that I came across. I don't know how reputable this Dr is. I of course believe in traditional treatment 100% but it doesn't work for all & some can't take the side effects...and THEN alternatives ONLY as the last chance or option for hope... It's the Alpha Lipoic Regimen. Here is the link below. http://www.huffingtonpost.
173930 tn?1196341998 Survey seems consistent with what I've seen posted here. Most telling to me is that 40% reported feeling worse after treating than before: 29% reported feeling about the same; and 31% reported feeling better after treatment. What that means is that around 2 out of 3 people felt either worse or no different after treating. This should be a reality check for those who treat primarily because of the so-called extra-hepatatic symptons, i.e. to feel better.
Avatar m tn There are plenty of people out there right now who are riding the fence and trying to build up enough courage to do treatment as it is. We need more people to DO the treatment, not shy away from it.
Avatar m tn Many therapies have been tried in CFS but only cognitive behavioral therapy and graded exercise appear to produce meaningful benefit. It is important to notice that most patients with CFS have an element of depression associated with their physical limitations and this component of the illness should be addressed as well. Regarding medical therapy, a number of medications have been evaluated, but not one has proven to be very successful.
Avatar m tn As of now, your father has several symptoms like irritability, stubbornness, excessively planning ahead, possibly suspicion, a history of depression for 30 years and reluctance to seek appropriate treatment. These symptoms are infrequently seen in depression alone and are possibly suggestive of other co-existing psychiatric issues. I would suggest that you live with him for a few more days or visit him again whenever possible and persuade him to see a psychiatrist.
969466 tn?1247745139 like the other day, i could not remember my own grand daughters name. this was extremely scary to me. there have been other examples of this sort of thing happening to me. i am 47 yr old woman, i do wonder, are there beginning signs of this disease, and if so, if diagnosed early can we do something to help slow it down?
572651 tn?1531002957 He immediately acknowledged that MS fatigue is the most prevalent and limiting symptom and before treatment can begin, the source of the fatigue has to be determined. Here was his list of tips to design an effective program - 1. Identify the type of fatigue . Is it primary fatigue? That is caused by the disease, such as the heat sensitivity so many of us experience, or the heavy all-encompassing lassitude where our bodies just won’t go.
198154 tn?1337790865 Lack of energy, muscle/bone aches, diarrhea, insomnia, depression, anxiety. It can be hell, but you can ease all of these withdrawal symptoms with over-the-counter drugs. I've survived it a few times, and as long as you keep yourself busy it can be made a bit easier.
Avatar m tn The only reason was that my career choice didn’t go according to plan. Wanted a career that I didn’t get and I was pretty sad about it for quite a while. But still, can’t figure out the trigger!
212705 tn?1221624250 My PC is giving me generic paxil at no charge becase I maxed my prescription plan...that isn't helping my well being..going up against (appealing their decision) my ins. co...that's for sure. I'm wondering if the Paxil may not be helping. I don't have much experience with AD's...I haven't even gotten out of my pj's today...brushed my hair..or anything. I cut my hair real short in anticipation of fall-out. 10 (or 11?)weeks later...still the same, but drier. I'm tired of being sick and tired!
Avatar f tn He is part time Expert on Medhelp and the top expert in the world on Pathogenic Mycoplasma infections and Co-infections, underlying a number of serious chronic diseases, with apparently NO CAUSES and NO TREATMENT, according to conventional medicine! He's the founder and president of the Institute of Molecular Medicine. Just do a search under his name here.
3926262 tn?1350442936 However, if Plan A is working and going to grad. school, it is also a good idea to have a Plan B and a Plan C. Can you take time off from work if necessary (vacation, sick time, leave time, shorter hours, fewer hours, desk job). I know you work part time, but you are also in grad. school. Many people do continue working, but many cannot work due to side effects. Plus, you will probably be very tired, if for no other reason than you will be up eating and taking pills every 8 hours.
Avatar f tn I was new to medical stuff, had been told I had brain lesions- which if you haven't been told that before, imagine how scary that can be, and thought there was a treatment plan to fix it. I still am unsure though and need your thoughts... I have always felt this stuff had to be connected. I am confident the fatigue is very related to the constants headaches, and so on, but nothing seems to explain everything (including the weird things- abnormal spinal tap, hematuria, metabolic panel, etc).
Avatar n tn I don't know, but it's not unusual to feel slightly worse (good days and bad days) on starting meds until the hormones all stabilize again. Thyroid meds don't have instant results. You have to stick with a treatment plan until hormones stabilize. What is your doctor suggesting you do at this point?
16308986 tn?1446878347 You would need to see a psychologist in order to get a proper diagnosis and a treatment plan put in place. Perhaps even medication would help you. I'm sure a lot of this has become a habit for you but the good news is that habits can be broken.
356518 tn?1322267242 The real symptoms of Parkinson's are anxiety, depression, sweating, erectile dysfunction and bladder problems. “I refer to them as invisible symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Those are the worst symptoms for patients, and they're often overlooked by family members and physicians because you can't see them,” Melissa Nirenberg, M.D., Ph.D., from New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell College, said.
1253246 tn?1332076910 The point I'm trying to make is that, unlike Boc, TMC435 does not seem to cause more anemia, nor is it thus far associated with a rash like Telaprevir. Possibly it will prove better than these two. My husband was treatment-naive, so he couldn't compare his sx to SOC, but the only thing he had which seemed maybe not due to the peg & riba was some minor gastric upset. Overall he lucked out and had light to moderate sides. Fatigue was the worse, as for many.
Avatar f tn I would get to go to AA(which never hurt anyone), go to NA, go thru chemo therapy, loose a loved one so I could have empathy for the pt that was grieving, I would hate to have diabetes and have to give up sugar just to understand how difficult that is, depression without treatment would be hard enough but to have find the right med to work and learn to live with the side affects and social judgements attached would be impossible,and then there is the patient that looses a limb or use of one .
Avatar n tn Please, please rally those you love and have them watch you for depression, it was the deepest depression I've experienced and I wish I would have had understanding and support around me. My sister's RAI (all three courses) were right after her cancer and now she doesn't have to worry and can just enjoy life with her beautiful, little family. Linda B, if I could do it all over again I would have had the RAI right after surgery.
Avatar m tn Division of Gastroenterology, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-0362, USA. ***@**** Treatment of chronic hepatitis C with pegylated interferon (peginterferon) and ribavirin can cause or exacerbate depression but its effects on cognitive function are largely unknown. The aim of this study was to determine whether treatment with peginterferon and ribavirin adversely impacts cognitive function in patients with chronic hepatitis C.
Avatar m tn You should be taking an antidepressant before starting hepatitis C treatment since you were depressed previously. Having depression on top of the other side effects will only make it more difficult to do treatment. Antidepressants can take 4-8 weeks to have their full affect. Good luck with treatment.
Avatar f tn 1. Basics: -- Genotype -- Liver condition at beginning of treatment -- Treatment details: e.g. Pegintron Combination Therapy, week 7/48, dose details -- Age -- Male/Female -- Any other basic information you consider important 2. When did you first start to experience Brain Fog? 3. Did the level of Brain Fog stay the same throughout treatment? If it varied, how much and when?
Avatar f tn AIDS, Alzheimer’s, heart failure and cancer are obvious examples of serious diseases. However, diseases such as epilepsy, depression and diabetes are also considered to be serious diseases. Filling an unmet medical need is defined as providing a therapy where none exists or providing a therapy which may be potentially superior to existing therapy. Any drug being developed to treat or prevent a disease with no current therapy obviously is directed at an unmet need.
Avatar n tn All of the testing as well as treatment is free. I was very leary about the tx which is interferon and ribvarin. Because this is a study i will be given a blind dose of at least the standard amount or possibly more. i wont know until after the year is over.
Avatar m tn Relative cost-benefit and efficacy studies comparing drug treatment to therapy are abundant. Pharmaceutical treatment is still the only option that provides quick and inexpensive care for problems like BPD with complex etiologies. 5.3 One of the typical responses to my ‘coming out’ as a person with BPD in recent years is an urging that I seek out some alternative medicine milieux.